Chrome sync keeps pausing and asking to sign in [Solved]




  • Google syncing is a great feature for updating your bookmarks by some reported that Chrome sync keeps pausing.
  • If synchronize is paused in Chrome, you wo n’t be able to synchronize your data across your devices.
  • One solution for the C hrome synchronize paused problem is to reset the browser .
  • Another solution is to refresh your browser by clearing cookies. See how to do that below.

fix chrome sync keeps pausing

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Google Chrome ’ s syncing enables its users to sync that browser ’ s check and bookmarks across devices .
however, some users have posted on forums about an issue in which Chrome ’ s syncing keeps pausing. As a consequence, those users need to keep on signing back into Google .
You ’ re wondering why does my google report keep pause ? There may be many reasons for that but we surely have a lot of solutions to fix it .

How can I fix the Google Chrome synchronize pausing problem ?

1. Reset Google Chrome

  1. Click the Customize Google Chrome menu button, which is at the top right of that browser’s window.
  2. Select Settings to open a tab that’s full of options for Chrome.
  3. Scroll down that tab to the Advanced button.
  4. Click the Advanced option to expand Settings.
  5. Click the Restore settings to their original defaults option right at the bottom of the tab.
    The Restore settings option chrome sync keeps pausing
  6. Press the Reset settings button to provide confirmation.

2. Turn off the Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome option

  1. Type chrome://settings in Chrome’s URL bar, and press the Enter key.
  2. Next, click the Site settings button.
    The Site settings button chrome sync keeps pausing
  3. Click Cookies and site data to open the options shown directly below.
    Clear cookies and site data option chrome sync keeps pausing
  4. Then toggle off the Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome option.

Note: Older Chrome versions include a Keep local data only until you quit your browser choice. That ’ s there equivalent of the aforesaid Clear cookies and site data choice you ’ ll want to toggle off .

3. Add a Google account page to allowed sites

  1. Click the Customize Google Chrome button and select Settings.
  2. Click Site settings to open further options.
  3. Then select Cookies and other site data to open cookie options.
  4. Press the Add button for the Sites that can always use cookies option.
    Sites that can always use cookies option chrome sync keeps pausing
  5. Enter in the text box shown directly below.
    Add a site box chrome sync keeps pausing
  6. Then press the Add button.
  7. Thereafter, restart Google Chrome.

4. Enable the Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar setting

  1. Enter chrome://flags in Google Chrome’s URL bar, and press the Return key on your keyboard.
  2. Then enter Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar in the Search flags box.
  3. Click the drop-down menu button for the Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar flag setting.
    The flags tab chrome sync keeps pausing
  4. Select the Disabled option on the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Relaunch Now button.

Note: More late Chrome versions don ’ metric ton include the Identity consistency setting on their flags pages. however, users can hush find that setting in older Chrome versions, such as 73.0.3683.103 .

Those are confirm resolutions for fixing Google Chrome ’ s syncing when it keeps pausing.

One of our readers suggested that it would besides help to remove all the VPN extensions from your browser then brand sure you besides try that in decree to fix this trouble .
As a final fall back, you can besides try reinstalling the browser if the above resolutions don ’ metric ton pay back its synchronize .
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