How to Fix Find My iPhone Not Working (iOS 14 Supported)

Find My iPhone is decidedly an excellent and significant affair of io devices as it helps locate lost or stolen io devices. And when Find My iPhone is not working, it can be a traumatic position if you happen to lose your device. however, if the people reading this article find themselves in the same position, they will discover some solutions to get Find My iPhone not working problem resolved. Before we start, we would like to introduce this helpful function of io devices ( io 14 and iPhone 12 included ) .
Find My iPhone


About Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a revolutionary direction through which users can keep a track of their miss io devices even if their device has been lost or may have been stolen. Find my iPhone empowers the users to protect all the personal information if the device gets stolen. They are required just login into the iCloud report or the Find My iPhone app and simply lock device with the help of the “ Lock Mode ” and track it on a map to see its location. If it is impossible to get the device back, you can precisely choose to erase your iPhone to prevent leaking out the personal information on your iPhone.Let ‘s catch to know how one can set it up and use it on their io devices .

1.1. How to Set up Find My iPhone on iOS Device

Setting up Find My iPhone is not unmanageable ; anyone can well set up their Find My iPhone in their io device by following the steps below.

1.Head to “ Settings ” and then :

  • If your iOS device version is 10.2 or earlier, tap on “iCloud”
  • If your iOS device version is higher than 10.2, hit on “your name” and then tap on “iCloud”.

2. Navigate to “ Find My iPhone ” .
3. now you need to slide on to “ Find My iPhone ” and “ Send last localization ” to turn them on .
4. You may be asked to sign in to your Apple ID, sign in into it .
Plus, if you ‘re besides using Apple watch or AirPods, they ‘ll besides be set up automatically .
set up Find My iPhone

1.2. How to Find My iPhone

once you ‘ve set up Find My iPhone, you can then use any computer of yours to utilize the facilities of Find My iPhone to locate, lock your device or even erase all your information from it to protect your data from falling into improper hands. When using computer, sojourn, or if you do not own a computer you can simply download the free Find My iPhone app on an io device .
Find My iPhone besides protects io devices of your family members, be it Apple Watch ( build version – watchOS 3 or above ), Mac Computer ( build adaptation – OS X v10.10 or above ) or iPhone or iPad ( build – io interpretation 8 or above ), if you ‘re a region of a Family Sharing Group. But remember family members must set up their device to contribution their devices location with other class members. On circus tent of that, Activation Lock is automatically gets activated and locks your device making it harder to use or sell your io device if it gets stolen or lost .


How to Fix Find My iPhone Not Working (iOS 14 and iPhone 12 Supported)

2.1. Make Sure Date & Time Are Set Properly

Find my iPhone not working trouble occurs when the date and clock time settings stored on the device ( that you want to locate ) is incorrect .
repair : Get into “ Settings ”, hit on “ General ” and then tap on “ Date & Time ” and check if it is faulty and decline it.

2.2. Check Network Connection: Wi-Fi + Cellular Data

If you ‘re facing the find oneself my iPhone not working problem then it could besides be because the Cellular Data or Wi-Fi connection has been lost or turned off. Or besides, if your Data connection is faint it may, in plow, solution in the same trouble .
fix : Either try to switch to data connection if you are using Wi-Fi on the device that you want to locate ( if it is with you ), or try rebooting it if your data connection is not working properly .

2.3. Turn on Location Services

Causes for the discovery my iPhone not working trouble besides includes if your GPS connection is either not turned on or you ‘re having weak network association .
repair : Get into “ Settings ”, hit on “ Privacy ” and then tap on “ Location Services ”. now check if they are enabled or not .
Turn on Location Services

2.4. Disable  “Don’t Allow Changes”

besides, disable the Do n’t Allow Changes choice in the settings of the device so that it can provide real time localization .
fix : Get into “ Settings ”, hit on “ General ” and then tap on “ Restrictions ”. now go to “ Privacy ”, then select “ Location Services ” and uncheck the “ Do n’t Allow Changes ” option. You ‘ll besides be required to supply the restrictions password .
Disable 'Don't Allow Changes'

2.5. Fetch New Data or Enable Push

Fetching raw data every 15-30 minutes is vital, if ever your phone gets lost or stolen, a latest update on placement will be more helpful.

cook : Get into “ Settings ”, hit on Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then tap on “ Fetch New Data ”. nowadays enable “ Push ” or besides set Fetch new data to every 15 to 30 minutes. Setting the Fetch feature to manual function may finally result in Find My iPhone not working problem .


Tip: Selectively Back up Important Data On iOS Devices

This is truly deplorable when the iPhone is lost and there ‘s no direction to get the data back because it ‘s all in the device. therefore, one should be prepared and backup the data to leave a luck to get it back. Of course you can use iTunes to back up your iPhone. however, if you good need back some authoritative data, iMyFone D-Port would be a perfect option. It possesses variety of features and gives cocksure outputs which make it an advisable product .
iMyFone D-Por

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