Google issues warning for BILLIONS of Chrome users to change their browser settings today

GOOGLE has warned all Chrome browser users over a “ high austereness ” security hole .
now anyone with Google Chrome installed is being urged to install the latest security updates .Update Google Chrome as soon as you can


Update Google Chrome deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you can citation : Google / The Sun
The exit is besides fixed for Microsoft Edge users on Windows PCs with a new update .
Neither Microsoft nor Google have detailed precisely what the trouble is .
This could indicate that it ‘s a significant publish that may already be being exploited in the real world .
security holes allow hackers to potentially take over calculator systems – compromising your devices.

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Google Chrome update makes HUGE change that could fix biggest problem


Google Chrome update makes HUGE change that could fix biggest problem

If a hacker can hijack separate of your calculator, they could potentially wreak havoc on your digital life .
Google and Microsoft regularly release security fixes every four weeks to combat many of these bugs .
But both technical school giants have now issued emergency patches to plug a apparently dangerous hole .
There are an estimate 3.2billion people using Google Chrome around the world – so a major microbe can be devastating. The topic was first flagged on March 23, and requires pressing attention.

deplorably, we do n’t know precisely what will happen if you do n’t update your browser .
But it ‘s clean that the exit is severe enough for Google and Microsoft to rush a sterilize out .
Updating your browser regularly is crucial for security – and one of the best ways to avoid being hacked. however, it ‘s besides an comfortable direction to get newfangled features to improve your on-line experience .
sol consider upgrading your browser often to keep your personal computer or Mac in good health .
The update you ‘re looking for on Google Chrome is version 99.04844.84 or late .
To do this, go to the three dots in the top-right corner, and then choose Help. now go to About Google Chrome and then begin the update .
You should do this regularly to keep your personal computer or Mac protected against the latest chop attacks .
But it ‘s not foolproof : last out argus-eyed on-line and do n’t click unasked links, bridge player over personal information, or download unverified apps .
Open your Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 or Windows 11 .
then go to Settings, and then About Microsoft Edge .
You can besides type edge : //settings/help into the address legal profession and hit Enter .
You ‘ll then be able to install the latest updates .
And it may be worth enabling automatic updates so you do n’t have to check back manually.

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