How To Resolve ‘Google Search Not Working’ Issue On Android

Restart Phone

Restart Phone

The reason your Google search is glitchy might be a minor one and all it takes to fix it sometimes is to restart your telephone and see if that fix things. Internet connection

Internet connection

Google search needs a static internet joining to work, access Google using Chrome and if it still does n’t work, it probably has something to do with your Wi-Fi. Restarting your modem or switching to your mobile data could besides do the trick. Add the search widget again

Add the search widget again

If you lone face problems when you try to use the search doodad, try re-adding it to get the write out fixed. After holding and then dragging the doodad to remove it. Re-add it by tapping and holding onto an empty space on the home screen and selecting Widgets from the options. Look for Google search bar and drag it to the screen. Restart Google app

Restart Google app

merely removing the app from recents does n’t constantly do the trick, you need to force stop the app in order to close it. Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone and go to Apps/Applications Manager. Step 2: Click on Google, on the adjacent screen, cluck on Force Stop. Step 3: Searching through the Google app or its appliance on the home plate screen will restart the device. Clear Google App cache

Clear Google App cache

Clearing cache from the Google app can be a great way to fix the app. Step 1 : receptive Settings on your Android phone and go to Apps/Applications Manager. Step 2: Click on Google, on the next screen door Step 3: Go to Settings > Apps /Application Manager > Google. then tap on storage followed by clear Cache. If this does n’t work, you should try the option called clear data/Storage. Keep in mind that this will besides get rid of your data. Disable Google App

Disable Google App

The Google App can not be uninstalled as it comes preinstalled with the earphone. But you do have the option to disable all updates and reset your app to its factory version.

Step 1: Open Settings on your Android call and go to Apps/Applications Manager. Step 2: Click on Google, on the following riddle. Step 3: Tap on disable and confirm your decision on the pop up that appears. Step 4: Restart your phone, and follow the steps again and enable the app. Update Google App

Update Google App

Updating the app by going to the Play Store can besides do the trick. Go to Play Store, search for Google and click on update when the app shows up. Boot in Safe Mode

Boot in Safe Mode

If your Google App works by rights in Safe Mode, the trouble lies with a third-party app that you have installed. Uninstalling these apps should be able to fix the issue. Clear Browser Cache

Clear Browser Cache

even if the issue is with the Google app or the research bar, clearing hoard from the default browser could besides fix the return. Open the Chrome browser, water faucet on the three-dot icon and blue-ribbon Settings from the menu. Tap on privacy followed by clean Browsing Data. Check the box next to Cached Images and files and tap on clear Data. Disable Web and App activity

Disable Web and App activity

Disabling the above bodily process can besides make your search functional again.

Step 1: Open the Google app on your call and tap on the profile movie icon at the top. And now tap on Manage your Google Account. Step 2: Under the Data & Personalization check, hit the Web & App Activity. Turn the toggle off future to Web & App Activity.

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