LTE Calls turned off and what to do will be the focal point of this article. If you are like me, you normally crave and settle for the best deals and one of those services is Verizon Phone plans. Verizon offers reliable services at very low-cost prices. But this is not to mean that they don ’ t have their determine of cons. It might not look real for people in most authentic towns but if you live in outback and detached areas, flush managing your calls, internet or SMS can be a problem .
If you are reading this, my think is veracious, you ’ ve received a message from Verizon saying that LTE Calls turned off. If I ’ m justly, then we have some of the best fixate for this trouble .
But before we proceed, we should understand why this trouble occurs.

Why does LTE Call Turn Off?

The reason behind this trouble is simple. The network supplier has decided to turn off the LTE serve on certain devices. This means that your earphone will no longer receive any data through the 4G network .
It might equally mean that there ’ s a problem with your settings or the device. If your phone is out of range, you might besides experience this error message. In sheath it ’ mho one of these, then here are some steps that you need to follow .

Fix 1: Reset Network Settings

This is credibly the easiest direction to fix this return. You just need to reset all the network settings to default. After doing thus, make sure that you restart your telephone .

Fix 2: Clear Data Cache

You can clear the cache by going into the app director and deleting the apps related to the network .

Fix 3: Try Restarting the Phone

sometimes, the problem lies within the telephone itself. In such cases, you can try rebooting the phone. Restarting a telephone can solve a set of problems that can be causing this issue. It is one of the most effective methods of solving issues relating to networks .

Fix 4: Remove the SIM Card and reinsert it back

It may sound wyrd but sometimes, the problem can lie within the SIM card. In such cases, removing the SIM menu and inserting it again can help. Make certain that you have inserted the SIM calling card correctly and the SIM is not dirty or besotted .

Fix 5: Get to a place with better coverage

One of the reasons why the LTE sign gets cut off is because of poor people reception. then, you need to move closer to an sphere where the signal is hard .

Fix 6: Change the Carrier

Another possible solution is changing the carrier. If the carrier doesn ’ triiodothyronine offer better coverage in your area, then consider changing the aircraft carrier.

Fix 7: Check Your Device Settings

Most of the time, the problem lies within your device settings. There could be something improper with your device settings. thus, check them cautiously .

Fix 8: Update Your OS

If none of the above solutions knead, then you can always update your operational organization. sometimes, new versions of Android come with improvements and bug fixes. therefore, updating your operate arrangement can help you resolve this issue .

Fix 9: Reinstall Apps

There could be a hypothesis that the apps installed on your phone are causing this offspring. so, uninstall all the apps and reinstall them .

Fix 10: Use Other Devices

There could be another device that is using the lapp SIM tease as yours. In such cases, trade to another device and use its SIM calling card rather .

Fix 11: Call Customer Care

If none of the above tip has helped, then consider calling customer care. The team will be able to help you with all the problems relating to Network coverage, deactivated SIM Cards and a lot more .

Fix 12: Replace the SIM Card

In lawsuit the SIM card is damaged and it can not work, then you should consider replacing the SIM card .


What causes LTE Calls to turn off?

The main causal agent for this trouble is when the network hustler decides to turn off the LTE net. however, there could be other reasons excessively. For exercise, if your phone is out of coverage, a trouble with the sim card or settings.

Why would I get LTE calls turned off?

When the network operator turns off the LTE network, it means that you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to entree the internet via the 4G network. therefore, you won ’ t receive any data from the internet. As a result, you will merely be able to make voice calls .

Can I still use my mobile phone while LTE calls are turned off?

Yes, you can placid use your mobile telephone even when the LTE calls are turned off. however, you can not use the internet through a mobile call .


hopefully, these tips helped you fix the problem of LTE calls turned off. If you face any other issues, try contacting LTE and customer caution might help you with this topic .

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