Is TradingView Pro Worth It? (TradingView VS TrendSpider)


Are you trying to decide whether you should upgrade to TradingView Pro ?
Is TradingView Pro worth it ?

last, is TradingView is the correct deal software for you ?
Are there any other better alternatives to TradingView ?
In this TradingView review, I am going to help you answer all these questions, so you can make an inform decisiveness .

What To Look For In A Stock Trading Software

so, what is considered a estimable livestock trade software ?
To answer this question, you first need to understand what you need from the stock trade software to help you trade better
so, hera ’ s a list of tools that you need :

  • Charting tools to do technical analysis:
  • Stock scanner and screener to help you find profitable trade ideas fast
  • Real-time alerts to help you not miss any great trading opportunity
  • Stock market news to keep up to date on the market development
  • Back-testing tools to test your trading strategies
  • Active trading community to learn from other professional traders and share trading ideas with each other
  • Broker integration to directly trade through the charts

now, when you are choosing stock trade software, you want to consider these factors .

  • How good is the charting? (e.g. chart types, timeframes, drawing tools, indicators, multiple charts per tab, saved chart layouts, compare symbols on a single chart, historical financial data on charts, etc)
  • How good is its stock scanner and screener? (e.g. what filters are available? Is it easy for you to customize the stock scanner? Is it automatically refreshed? )
  • What types of real-time alerts can you create? (e.g. alerts on stock price, indicators, and strategies?)
  • Do you get real-time stock data as well as historical stock data?
  • How good is the backtesting tools?
  • Can you place trades directly on the charts?
  • What about real-time financial and economic news updates? 
  • Does it have an active trading community for you to connect with other professional traders?
  • How good is customer support?
  • How competitive is its pricing? 
  • How is its customer review?

Is TradingView Really Good?

so, is TradingView very dependable ?
First of all, let ’ s look at some facts .
TradingView is being  trusted by more than 10 million investors and traders every individual calendar month .
I must say that is truly a solid vote of confidence in the trade software .
now, what can you use TradingView for ?
It provides real-time market data, charts, screeners, and more .
There is a wide roll of markets that it covers :

  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indices
  • Bonds

If you are investing or trading external stocks, then you will be thrilled to know that TradingView covers almost all the international stock markets like the US, Canada, HongKong, Australia, Korea, Japan, UK, and Germany .
TradingView is besides more than just charting software .
It has one of the largest trade communities online with traders sharing and discussing trade ideas and learn from each early .
last, it ’ s 100% web-based charting software .
That means there is no want for you to download and install any apps to use it .
To access TradingView charts and marketplace information, plainly open it in a network browser on any device from anywhere .
That ’ s how easy it is for you to stay on clear of the market !
But, if you prefer to use the TradingView App, it ’ s besides free to download for both Android and IOS mobile phones .
now, let ’ s take a closer spirit at all the features of TradingView and how you can use them to help you invest and deal better .
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How To Use TradingView

TradingView Screener

First of all, let ’ s take a look at its lineage screener .
Most of the trade software out there only offer stock screener for just US and Canada stocks .
If you are trading the international stocks markets, you will be thrilled to know that TradingView covers a set of international store exchanges such as HK, Australia, London, Dubai ,
There are three types of filters that you can use to shield stocks :

  • Descriptive (i.e. stock exchange, market capitalization, sector, price, etc)
  • Fundamental (i.e. financial data such as revenue, net income, net debt, profit margin, dividend, etc)
  • Technical (i.e. price-based filters, indicators based filters, candlestick patterns based filters, etc)

There is a total of more than 100 filters for you to choose from .
You can mix and match different filters to find stocks that meet your pre-defined criteria .
What ’ s more, you can set alerts on your screener .
Whenever a new watch matches your criteria, an alert will be triggered and a presentment will be sent .
The cool thing about TradingView is that it not lone has a store screener to help you read for stocks in most of the stock exchanges in the worldly concern, but it besides scans for currentness pairs and scans for cryptocurrencies .

TradingView Charting

If you are trading, then you will probably have to use graph tools to do your technical analysis .
TradingView has one of the most beautiful and advance graph tools I ’ ve seen .
It ’ mho very easy to use, so there is not much learning bend there even for founder traders .
In terms of pull back tools, TradingView provides you with more than 50 bright draw tools .
Whether it ’ randomness trendlines or Fibonacci retracement lines, you can do that well inside TradingView .
What ’ s more, there are over 100 pre-built most popular indicators angstrom well as over 100,000 indicators designed and developed by the professional traders in its deal community .
If you want to group respective indicators together and then apply that package to any chart, you can besides do it by saving the indicator template .
This way, you can save so a lot clock on your technical analysis .
following, let ’ s dive in and take a closer search at one of its most brawny indicators – “ volume Profile Indicator ” .
As a trader, you probably already know trade volume is a very authoritative number to watch for .
You can use “ volume Profile Indicator ” to see which are the most trade prices over a timeframe and therefore to identify possible support or immunity levels .
once you know the key digest and underground levels, you could fourth dimension your trades easily .
If you are a candlestick pattern trader, you will find TradingView ‘ south candlestick convention indicator very useful .
rather of manually looking for the radiation pattern, you can find your coveted candlestick pattern with just one click .
What is more, you can set up an alarm to get notified every clock time a candle design appears on the chart ,
How cool is that !
now, what if you come up with a newfangled idea for an indicator or trading strategy ?
TradingView besides allows you to customize your very own index and scheme using its Pine Script .
To test your scheme, it ’ sulfur besides highly simple .
All you have to do is to apply it to the chart, and you will all the backtesting results in the “ Strategy Tester ” yellow journalism equitable below the chart .
then basically, TradingView has you covered when it comes to technical indicators and technical foul analysis .

Social Trading

TradingView is one of the largest and most active social trading platforms in the populace .
You can connect and share ideas with millions of traders from 100+ countries in real-time, read and publish ocular deal ideas directly on charts, or watch videos of unlike trade wind ideas from professional traders .
This is big if you want to look for new trade ideas from the trading community .
In fact, TradingView has a particular section for trade ideas that are segmented by the follow :

  • Asset class
  • Trend Analysis
  • Harmonic pattern
  • Chart pattern
  • Wave analysis
  • Gann
  • Technical indicators
  • Fundamental analysis

then, let ’ s say you are trading stocks, you can click “ Asset Class ” and blue-ribbon ” Stocks ” .
then, you will see a distribute of traders posting trade ideas on particular stocks .
Or let ’ s say you are a bad believer in vogue pursue, you can click on “ Trend Analysis ” and then select from the following swerve trading strategies :

  • Support and resistance
  • Pivot points
  • Fibonacci
  • Trendlines
  • Multiple time frame analysis
  • Supply and demand

Trade Directly From TradingView Platform

If you want to trade directly from the charts, you can do it with TradingView because you can link your trade history to TradingView .
Below is a list of brokers that TradingView supports :

  • TradeStation
  • FOREXcom
  • FXCM
  • Alpaca
  • Gemini
  • AMP
  • iBroker
  • Saxo
  • Tradovate
  • HitBTC
  • WH Selfinvest
  • Alor

If you are not fix to trade real money yet, TradingView besides offers a release Simulated Account with juke money for you to practice deal .
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Does TradingView Provide Real-Time Data?

nowadays, what about real-time data ?
TradingView offers real-time data on Forex market a well as Cryptocurrency market .
For malcolm stock markets, it offers delay real-time stock grocery store data .
If you are fair doing investment research on stocks, delayed real-time data should be fine .
But, if you are day trade stocks, then you will need real-time data and you can purchase it through TradeView with a few clicks .
By the way, these real-time datum fees are charged by the banal rally and TradingView does not earn anything from this per exchange regulation .

TradingView Pricing

so, how much does TradingView cost ?

There are both barren and paid plans offered by TradingView .
For FREE TradingView accounts, you can still get access to its brawny charts with all the drawing tools and 100,000+ indicators, screeners, alerts, market data, angstrom well as the social trade residential district .
This is basically the BEST release charting software in the market justly now .
here ’ s the link to sign up for a free TradingView bill .
therefore, do you however need to upgrade to a paid plan ?
To answer this interrogate, you need to know what are the differences between the absolve plan and the nonrecreational plans american samoa well as what is your objective for using TradingView .
so, what is the key difference between a free plan and a give design ?
basically, you have more of everything such as

  • More charts per tab
  • More saved chart layouts
  • More indicator per chart
  • Volume profile indicator
  • More custom indicator templates
  • More active alerts and longer duration for alerts
  • More historical financial data
  • More historical bars

apart from that, you can have real-time stock market data at extra cost .
besides, your screener will auto-refresh .
In terms of charts, you will besides get second-based intervals, custom-made time intervals, custom compass bars, and exotic graph types ( e.g. intraday Renko, Kagi, Line Break, Point & Figure charts )
therefore, TradingView ’ second paid plans are more for active traders .
For TradingView ‘ mho paid plans, there are three tiers :

  • Pro ($14.95/month)
  • Pro+ ($29.95/month)
  • Premium ($59.95/month)

so, which paid plan do you choose ?
It actually depends on what you need for your deal .
How many charts per layout, indicators per chart, and alerts do you need ?
Any early specific requirements ?
For example alien charts .
personally, I think the TradingView Pro plan is good enough for most of the traders out there .
Is there any discount code for TradingView ?
well, TradingView, from meter to time, will run promotions for charting software .
so, here ’ s how you can get it .
First of all, sign up for a spare TradingView bill using this connection .
After that, you will be on TradingView ‘ s e-mail list .
now, you fair need to be a bit patient .
After a while, TradingView will run a forwarding to its barren users .
As you are on their electronic mail list, you will get notified .
Inside the e-mail, you will find a special rebate for its paid subscription plans .
sol, do click this connect to sign up for its free bill first .
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TradingView Alternatives

TradingView VS TrendSpider

then, which one is better, TradingView or TrendSpider ?
In terms of markets, both TradingView and TrendSpider cover stocks, ETFs, currencies, cryptocurrencies, futures, and indices .
But, TradingView covers most of the external breed markets while TrendSpider entirely covers united states stocks .
What that means is that if you are besides trading non-US stocks, then you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to do that with TrendSpider .
In terms of graph, I like both TradingView and TrendSpider .
TradingView ’ randomness graph is not equitable beautiful and easy-to-use, but it besides offers everything that you need to do your technical analysis .

  • ALL the drawing tools you would possibly need
  • 100+ built-in indicators for stock market analysis
  • 100,000+ custom built indicators created by its talented trading community

If that is not adequate, you can create your own indicators and run them on its servers using TradingView ‘ s very own script language called Pine Script .
For TrendSpider, it is an automated technical analysis trade software .
With its built-in automatize chart analysis algorithm, you can have a lot of technical analysis automated for you .
For exemplar, american samoa soon as you open a graph, all the trendlines and support & resistance levels are automatically drawn for you .
You can besides have Fibonacci retracement levels mechanically drawn for you .
If that is not adequate, TrendSpider besides offers automatic breakout detection and automatic candlestick pattern recognition.
so, if you prefer to have certain technical analysis automated for you, then TrendSpider would be a good choice .
In terms of screener and scanner, both TrendSpider and TradingView can help you automatically scan the market for the best deal opportunities based on your pre-defined technical conditions .
Both allow you to mix-and-match any technical conditions using any indicators or combination of indicators together in one read with no programming cognition required. ( it ’ s all ocular )
here comes the remainder .
TrendSpider ’ s Market Scanner can search across any timeframe, from 1-minute to 1-month, and can even combine multiple timeframes together in a unmarried scan .
You can besides do multiple scans at the same time and turn your scanner into a dynamic watchlist that is automatically refreshed and kept up-to-date .
besides, with TrendSpider, you can create powerful alerts by combining any technical indicator, chart pattern, or drawing across multiple timeframes, without writing a one line of code .
nowadays, in terms of social trade, TradingView has one of the largest and most active trade communities in the populace right now .
You can share trading ideas with colleague traders easily and freely .
But, TrendSpider does not have any social network features .
In terms of pricing, TradingView is besides more competitively priced than TrendSpider .
TradingView ’ s Pro plan starts at $ 14.95/month while TrendSpider ‘ s cheapest plan starts at $ 33/month .
however, the real-time US lineage grocery store data is not included in the price for TradingView while it ’ mho offered for free in all TrendSpider ‘ sulfur plans .
even when you add the extra real-time market data fee, it would still be cheaper than TrendSpider .
so, which one is good for you ?
If you are day trading US stocks and besides want character of your technical analysis automated, then TrendSpider might be more desirable for you .
But, if you are trading US stocks and other external stock markets, then TradingView will be more suit for you because it covers a wide crop of international stock markets .
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TradingView VS StockRover

now, let ’ s compare TradingView with Stock Rover .
The key difference between TradingView and Stock Rover is that Stock Rover is specifically designed for fundamental stock investors while TradingView is more for traders.
hera ’ s what I love about Stock Rover .
With Stock Rover, you have ALL the financial and fundamental data on any US & Canada Stocks in one target .
It provides over 650 metrics .
To put it in perspective for you, the FREE stock screeners you can easily find online provides you with much much fewer metrics ( i.e. less than 100 ) .
Stock Rover ’ mho metrics cover a wide rate of areas such as earnings, growth, profitableness, fiscal forte, capital efficiency, price operation, momentum, dividends, analyst ratings, and stock ratings .
If you are an experience value investor, you will be thrilled to know that Stock Rover besides provides advance metrics such as the Fair Value, Margin of Safety and Piotroski F-Score .
What ’ s more, most metrics come with a detail 10-year history for you to get a complete picture of how the company has been doing .
With Stock Rover, you no long have to cobble together multiple sources and tools to do your broth research and psychoanalysis .
here ’ s the full review of Stock Rover.


indeed, if you are a trader who trades external stock markets and chiefly uses technical indicators to make trade decisions, then TradingView is credibly a better option for you .
But, if you are an active trader who trades the US banal marketplace and wants to automate some of your technical analysis, then I highly recommend TrendSpider because it ’ second one of the most dependable AI-powered deal software and trade is all about finding your profitable trade wind setups fast .
last, if you are a stock certificate investor who primarily uses fundamental analysis to make investment decisions, then Stock Rover is the right stock analysis software for you .

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