What ‘s the Meaning of “ Reset Encrypted Data on iPhone ” ? Your iPhone backup will be encrypted if the ‘Encrypt iPhone backup ‘ option on iTunes is checked. iTunes will besides store the password you set into your iPhone. The implication of this is that iTunes will automatically encrypt your data anytime you backup your iPhone. You will have to reset encrypted data on iPhone in ordering to avoid this .

Normal Ways to Reset Encrypted Data on iPhone (Will Lose Data)

When it comes to iPhone reset encrypted data, you will have to use the method acting that is appropriate for the io translation you have .

For iOS 11 and above

With io 11 and above, you can reset the encrypted data by resetting all settings from your iPhone. To achieve that, the pursuit steps are necessity :
Step 1: Go to Setting > General > Reset

Step 2: Tap ‘Reset All Setting ‘ and enter your io passcode .
Step 3: Follow the steps to reset your settings. Your code accompaniment password will be removed and display brightness, home screen layout and similar settings will besides be reset .
then connect your device again to iTunes and create a raw encrypted backup .

For iOS 10 and below

With io 10 and lower versions, the only feasible option you have to create a modern accompaniment when you do n’t remember your encoding password is to erase all your contents and settings. To achieve that, the follow steps are necessity :
Step 1 : Go to Setting > General > Reset .
Step 2 : Tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings ‘ and enter your io passcode .
It will remove all the contented and settings from your iPhone, including the code backup password .

How to Reset Encrypted Data on iPhone Without Losing Data

What happens when I reset encrypted data on my iPhone?
When you reset encrypted data on your iPhone, you will lose all your data. Those code files in the stand-in get completely erased, and you can no long access them. .
As intelligibly stated below each of the methods suggested above, you will lose the content or settings or your iPhone when you use them. It is potential, however, to reset encrypted data on iPhone without data .
iMyFone KeyGenius is one brilliant cock that can help you achieve that. An excellent software by all standards, this is the perfect tool to reset encrypted data without losing data and find your forget iTunes backing password.

iMyFone KeyGenius has a count of incredible features that make using it easy and fun. here are the major matter to features :
iMyFone KeyGenius
1,000,000+ Downloads
Key Features

  • Remove Backup Encryption: KeyGenius can be used to reset encrypted data on iPhone without losing data.
  • Unlock iTunes Backup: This software has the latest decryption technology to decrypt iTunes backup password without hassles.
  • 3 Attack Options: There are three different attack options to choose from including Dictionary Attack, Brute Force with Mask Attack, and Brute Force Attack.
  • 100% Save: This tool will let you reset encrypted data on iPhone without damaging the data and your device in any way.
  • Robust Compatibility: iMyFone KeyGenius is compatible with all versions of iOS and iTunes, including iOS 12 and iTunes 12.9.  

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Steps for iPhone Encrypted Encrypted Data Reset

With the software, you ‘ll be able to reset encrypted data without losing your data. here is how you can achieve that :
Step 1: Download and establish iMyFone KeyGenius on your calculator and snap on the ‘Remove Backup Encryption Settings ‘ option .
remove iphone backup encryption settings
Step 2: Connect your iPhone, then choose the ‘Remove without Password ‘ option .
select removing method
Step 3: Click on ‘Start ‘ release to reset encrypted data on your iPhone. then wait for respective seconds, the encrypted data will be removed .
remove backup encryption settings successfully
When there is need to reset encrypted data on iPhone, you have very few options to consider. american samoa farseeing as you do n’t have your encrypted stand-in password, you will lose your data once you take the options of resetting all settings or erasing all content and settings. To avoid data passing, you will have to use iMyFone KeyGenius .
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About Encrypted Data on iPhone

What is encrypted data on an iPhone?
iPhones can protect some data on your telephone, preventing them from getting into the wrong hands. This set up of information is what the iPhone stores as ‘ encrypted data. ’ As an iPhone exploiter, you benefit significantly from encoding without even realizing it. It shields your device passwords, social media information, Wi-Fi keys, finance data, and every early sensitive information that you may have accessed using the iPhone .
Encrypted data is stored when you perform a stand-in on your iPhone. Backing up with iTunes, the device locks all this crucial datum as encrypted data. Encrypting the datum must have been done manually by activating the encoding before the stand-in was performed. The solution to this is to reset encrypted data .

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