Webull Free Stock – Claim 2 Free Stocks Today

Do you like “ free ? ”
Who does not like detached ?
How about free shares of your favorite stocks?
well, you have come to the correct place…

…because I am here to tell you how to get FREE stock.
And, I promise, there are NO strings attached .
But first, let me tell you a small floor .
Some time ago, companies promising free stock trades cursorily went out of business .
Why ?
Because these patronize commission-free trades meant bankruptcy for these companies .
At the meter, the fee-free business model was not sustainable .
however, in 2020, that is all about to change…
…because Robinhood is showing everyone that free trades are possible.
In fact, Robinhood is enjoying then a lot achiever that fee-free trades are becoming more banal .
As an investor, this is what you deserve!
alternatively of taking your money via trading fees, brokerages can earn gross on things like :

  • Interest on cash balances
  • Transaction volume rebates
  • Premium membership accounts

And now that investment companies are on board with this business model…
…the competition for fee-free trading is increasing exponentially.
so, what does this mean for you ?
When commercialize rival increases, consumers (i.e., you!) benefit.
But we are not hera to talk about Robinhood ( although they offer free stock, adenine well ) .
alternatively, we are here to talk about one of Robinhood ‘s competitors .
That is right — one of the latest competitors to throw their hat into the hoop is a company called Webull Financial.
And you guessed it…
…Webull is going to give you a free stock (or maybe two)!
Continue reading to learn how to get your free stock certificate nowadays .
Are you ready ?

Webull Overview

Have you heard of Webull before today ? Is this company 100 % legit ?
Keep reading — you are about to find out below .
Webull is a brokerage house that operates out of New York City .
The party was established in May 2017, but they are not that “ raw. ”
Webull Financial is a broker-dealer of Hunan Fumi Information Technology Company, a chinese party .
The rear ship’s company was founded bet on in early 2016 .
careless of its roots, Webull is regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ( FINRA ) .
additionally, your funds are Securities Investor Protection Corporation ( SIPC ) insured, up to $ 250,000 .
You can even access an explanatory booklet available upon request or at www.sipc.org .
so, you can rest easy knowing that your money is secure with this company .
Webull besides stays up-to-date on the latest data security to protect your personal data and asset data .
With Webull, you will enjoy tech and enjoy investing.
Webull is a fiscal caller with “ the customer at center, the internet as our foundation, and engineering as our lifeblood. ”
In summary…
…YES, Webull is legit!

Get Free Stock with Webull

Since Webull is so like to Robinhood…
…the company naturally is offering free stock.
You can receive a share of stock valued between $3 – $300.  
so, what determines your free sprout ?
Webull uses an algorithm from the company ’ sulfur Reward Program Inventory of settled shares .
There are two criteria for the stock you receive :

  • The stock you receive will have a minimum market cap of $10 billion
  • The stock you receive is on either the NYSE or NASDAQ

The above points are full because you can sell your stock at any clock .
Of course, the likelihood of you receiving an expensive share is less than the cheaper shares .
here is a breakdown of your chances:

  • $3 to $5 stock | Odds: 1 to 1.02
  • $10 to $50 stock | Odds: 1:55 to 6
  • $50 to $300 stock | Odds: 1:500

so, how do you claim your free stock certificate ? It is quite easy.

  • Step 1: Register for your Webull account.
  • Step 2: Download the Webull mobile app.
  • Step 3: When you open the app, select “Trade” at the bottom of the app, and set up your account.
  • Step 4: Go to the menu and select the “My Free Stock”
  • Step 5: From there, choose the “GET” button at the top of your screen.
  • Step 6: You will receive your free stock within five trading days.

Get MORE Free Stock with Webull

Let ’ s say that you are defeated with your first exempt broth .
Or possibly you precisely want more free stock ( because who does n’t want that ) .
Regardless of your circumstances, I have great news program for you .
You can get an additional free stock via the deposit bonus!
Simply deposit any measure of money within the first base 30 days of opening your account…
…and you will earn another free stock valued between $4 and $1,000!
merely like last time, let me pitch you the odds :

  • $4 to $8 stock | Odds: 1:1.02
  • $8 to $100 stock | Odds: 1:74
  • $100 to $200 stock | Odds: 1:166.7
  • $200 to $1000 stock | Odds: 1:2000

That is right — you can get not one, but TWO free stocks today .

Sign up for Webull

Signing up for Webull is inordinately easy .
Simply use your call count or electronic mail address .
The Webull mobile app is available on io and Android .
From there, you provide the standard brokerage house explanation data .
This information includes things like your diagnose, address, social security total, etc .
You will besides need to provide designation, like a driver ‘s license or passport .
once these steps are complete, you can access your account in minutes.
The best separate about the sign-up procedure is that there is no financial commitment to receive your share of free stock.
That is right – no minimum sediment, no trades, and no trust information .
The only thing you need to do is get your report OPEN .
What do you have to lose in this scenario ?
I will answer for you – nothing !
furthermore, there is never a minimum history balance required for your bill .

Webull as a Brokerage

sol, how does Webull stack up as an investment brokerage house ?
The company faces many of the typical limitations as its competitors .
like to the other “ fee-free ” brokerages, there are required fees .
These fees come from the SEC and FINRA .
Each organization charges Webull a tip which the company passes on to you .
here is a breakdown of these fees :

  • SEC: $23.10 per $1,000,000 of principal on a sale (minimum fee is $0.01)
  • FINRA: $0.000119 per share (minimum fee is $0.01, and the maximum fee is $5.95)

These fees are not excessively concerning but are good to know .
You can trade over 5,000 stock and exchange-traded funds on Webull .
You can access marketplace, limit, stop, and stop-limit orders with exsert hours trading .
Webull customer service is dependable and includes live old world chat and telephone options .

Final Thoughts

As promised, you now know how to get your FREE stock from Webull .
however, is rid banal the only benefit that Webull provides ?
Of course not !
Webull is an excellent choice for all investors .
The platform offers free trades and no account minimum.
Webull is comparable to Robinhood in many ways .
In fact, you can read a full comparison here.
In summation to the above benefits, Webull offers advance trading tools .
These tools include the follow :

  • Up-to-date news to keep you current on the latest events.
  • Real-time market data to give you the most accurate information for decision-making.
  • Analysis tools to allow to make the best possible decision.

Users can besides access a deal simulator to gain know without wasting real money .
now, advanced trade tools may be more utilitarian for more experienced investors .
however, these tools can be great for new investors to learn using .
As a admonisher, there is no fiscal obligation on your function to sign up for Webull .
You simply need to open your free account to collect your free stock .
We hope you take advantage of this propose ( it may not last forever ) !
Speaking of which…

…has anyone tried Webull ?
If not, what are you waiting for ?
Give it a tear, and let us know what free stock you earned with a comment below!

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