What Happens With Dividends On Webull?

Dividends are a portion of the profits that certain companies pay out to investors.
normally, this is done on a quarterly basis. however, there are some stocks out there that pay dividends every single month .
not all companies pay dividends, but many do. There ‘s no necessity out there that says a company has to issue dividends to shareholders .
It is frequently the larger, well-established companies that pay dividends and have for decades.

Think of companies like Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Procter & Gamble. These companies have been paying their investors dividends for decades .
Some investors choose to invest in these stocks plainly because they believe the dividend is closely guaranteed .
however, keep in mind that a company is not required to pay dividends and it can stop paying them at any time. Though, if a company choose to decrease the size of its dividend or stop paying all in all, many investors would be quite upset and sell.
If you are investing using the Webull app, it ‘s entirely possible that you may earn dividends from a stock or ETF that you hold .
You might be wondering, what exactly happens with those earned dividends on Webull?
In this article, we will be explaining precisely what happens with dividends earned within the Webull app .
If you prefer, we have a video explaining Webull dividends below, or feel free to continue read !

What Can You Do With Earned Dividends?

You basically have two options with what to do with your earned dividends .

  1. You could transfer the cash to your bank account 
  2. Or, you could reinvest the dividend back into the stock market (possibly the issuing stock/ETF itself)

Reinvesting your money allows you to earn compound pastime .
Unless you are planning on retiring and living off the dividends, most people alternatively decide to reinvest them. however, at this clock Webull does not have an automated dividend reinvestment feature.
alternatively, you will have to invest them on your own .

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What Happens When You Earn Dividends On Webull?

Some invest platforms will reinvest your dividends for you mechanically whenever they are received .
This is known as a Dividend Reinvestment Program or DRIP.

Webull does not currently offer automatic reinvestment .
presently, investors who receive dividends on Webull will see a dollar figure arrive in their cash account on the platform. Users must then scrupulously determine how to use this money. They can then either reinvest it or withdraw it, as stated earlier .
however, Webull does support fractional shares. This makes reinvesting dividends easy, as you do n’t need to worry about having adequate to purchase a whole share .

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