How to use “obfuscate” in a sentence

How to use obfuscate in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word obfuscate? Here are some examples.

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How might we devise a system that offers students a second chance but that doesn’t obfuscate reality or entice students to drop out?
The serpentine syntax of legal language is often used to obfuscate meaning and confuse those outside the law.
To further obfuscate matters, he hiccups, barks, yaps, and swallows his rhymes.
Analogies can obfuscate, but in their own way they can distill a matter to its essence.
In that context, Marine’s directorial flourishes obfuscate more than they enlighten.
Bishops obfuscate, cardinals equivocate and Church spokesmen prevaricate as the tide of media condemnation surges around them.
When it comes to password integrity, the key is to obfuscate words as much as possible.
In a wonderful theatrical performance Jones succeeded in making an even bigger tool of himself by attempting to obfuscate the unobfuscatible.
This is something that those who wish to obfuscate the origins of our current conflicts with extremists tend to gloss over or ignore.
A technology that was designed to enhance our already communication-heavy lives now serves to obfuscate it.
It amazes me how they can obfuscate or even lie and believe people won’t see through them.
Obscure academics will trundle out to obfuscate the finer points of constitutional and ecclesiastical propriety.
You say that because of American actions the EU will again obfuscate and delay to avoid complying with the WTO over beef.
They continue to delay, to confuse, to obfuscate, and to live in a land of make-believe.
The Liberals can obfuscate and disenfranchise as much as they want, but the reality is the new plan is better.
But taxes are bad, and voters don’t like bad things. This, I think, is why politicians waffle and obfuscate so much about energy policy.
When billions of hadrons are smashed they create heaps of extraneous particles which obfuscate the picture.
Leaders who deny, obfuscate and attack are being irresponsible and are not transparent.
Last but not least, this law is a disgrace, but even more so would be an attempt to obfuscate, trivialise and, in effect, justify it.
Public reassurances by federal officials were meant to obfuscate the reality behind the changes.
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Too many people obfuscate it to avoid painting the pilot, but the result is usually a disaster.
Even after Mr. Arar was removed, they continued to obfuscate until Mr. Arar had arrived in Syria.
Put another way, the prospectus or term sheet should inform, not obfuscate.
It is important that we not obfuscate the issues in a way in which I believe they are moving.
Of course, there are those who seek not to enlighten, but to habitually and purposefully obfuscate in order to baffle a client or weary public into submission.
To the degree that those words are used to obfuscate realities that are otherwise painful to utter, our monuments will be correspondingly fragile.
A top-notch lawyer is able to spin, twist, and obfuscate complicated issues in such a manner that the judge thinks he has an unbiased understanding of the issue.
Is it time to obfuscate obscurantism, so to speak, even to oneself?
As we noted several months ago, orotund, abstract language can obfuscate accountability, truth-telling, and as we’re now seeing most clearly, the simple facing of reality.
In fact, in my experience, the more palatable art tends to obfuscate truth to an even greater degree than art that reflects some of humanity’s fallen state.
Across the board, the mixes manage to obfuscate the content by either sampling to the point of irrelevance, cutting lyrics, or just submerging them deep within the mix.
Over time, KYC has evolved as the most efficient means of complying with the aims that we all seek to achieve, that of not having our systems abused by those who wish to obfuscate the origins of their wealth.
They remain silent on their reasoning and they obfuscate on nothing more than ideological grounds, not based on social policy, on research, but on cementing an us versus them approach to Canadian politics.
This type of presumption could serve to penalize employers who fail to keep adequate records, or deliberately try to obfuscate proceedings by refusing to produce them.
That, if Barber wants to establish journalistic credibility, he should lie or obfuscate.
In fact, procedural mechanisms were used in an attempt to delay and obfuscate the committee from dealing with the bill and reporting it through to the House.
Interrupted continually by TVs, radios, computers, and each other, Radiance’s characters jargonize and obfuscate with absolute authenticity.
The explainers steer mercifully clear of analogies, which often serve to obfuscate rather than illuminate the unintuitive world of quantum physics.
Artificial or unnecessary complexity and absurd oversimplifications are two techniques that fraudsters use to obfuscate the fundamentals of the transaction, which, typically, make no economic sense.
Is the member not at all concerned that, or he certainly did not express his concern, that if we allow him to obfuscate for too long and he gets his hands on a weapon of this nature, it will then be too late to stop him?
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The implication was that children are direct and open, have not yet learned to obfuscate or become fatalistic about the possibility of redress or change.
Rather than apologize or retract, he stayed silent and tried to obfuscate.
Canadian bureaucrats require an additional skill: almost half the jobs in the 200,000-strong federal civil service demand someone who can obfuscate in two languages at once.
Mr. Speaker, this afternoon I listened to the President of the Treasury Board equivocate, the Minister of Veterans Affairs regurgitate and the Minister of National Defence obfuscate.
Before leaving the scene, the murderer set a fire to obfuscate any evidence of his or her identity.
This is about a Liberal attempt to obfuscate and deny Canadians the right to have a say in this place about where budget dollars should be allocated.
Rather than just attacking to obfuscate, could the government answer as to whether there were any matters with respect to the Government of Canada discussed at that dinner?
Hence, we proposed a trust based obfuscation mechanism, which designed especially to obfuscate items’ ratings before their submission to these highly reputable peers.
We need to obfuscate these classes before we ship the final release.
Rather than try to obfuscate, Zelko would be better served explaining why Greenpeace had insisted that the harp seal was on the road to extinction.
If you would not obfuscate the medical history of a person who was born without intersex, then you ought not to do so when dealing with a person born intersex.

Examples from authoritative Literature

Whiteman evokes the corporeal nature of plantation authority, since the elided middle term between obfuscate and obfusticate seems to be fustigate.
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