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If iPhone gives you the presentment ‘Unknown Accessory Detected Near You, ‘ is something following you around ? Ken Colburn, of the Data Doctors, explains what to do. Q: What do I do when my iPhone gives me the notification “Unknown Accessory Detected Near You” and it looks like something is following me around?
A : This message is most likely being generated by the “ Find My ” app, which was initially designed to help users locate devices that they may have lost or misplaced. It has since evolved into a warn system for unauthorized or stranger devices ampere well .
The introduction of Apple ’ second AirTag, a small chase device that can be attached to a keychain or backpack, caused a distribute of refer from privacy advocates for its stalk and tracking potential.

To help reassure users that they could detect devices that aren ’ t necessarily associated with their phones, Apple expanded the “ Find My ” network capabilities to include notifications of nameless items near you .

AirTag notifications

The alarm system is designed to notify you about an AirTag near you but separated from its owner, and will specifically use AirTag in the presentment .
To ensure that your iPhone or iPad can alert you to any undesirable traverse devices, you ’ ll need to make sure you are running io 14.5 or subsequently and make sure the pursuit settings are in position :

    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and turn Location Services on.
  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Turn Find My iPhone on.
  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Turn Significant Locations on to be notified when you arrive at a significant location, such as your home.
  • Go to the Find My app, tap the Me tab, and turn Item Safety Alerts on.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in order to detect items.

besides, an AirTag that has been separated from its owner for a menstruation of clock time ( 8 to 24 hours ) is designed to start emitting a sound to help locate it .

Unknown Accessory notifications

This more generic presentment international relations and security network ’ metric ton probable an AirTag and can be caused by any number of popular accessories, such as most newer AirPod models and, since Apple opened up the net to non-Apple devices in April 2021, a number of other products.

Most newer Beats wireless audio products besides work on the “ Find My ” net ( Apple owns Beats ), but other earbuds from companies such as Belkin can besides generate the “ Unknown Accessory Detected Near You ” telling .
Trackers from a company called Chipolo adenine well as e-bikes from VanMoof and soon-to-be-available backpacks from Targus can all be detected on the “ Find My ” network .

Why is it following me?

If the “ Find My ” presentment shows that the stranger device seems to be moving with you, it ’ s most likely because person you are traveling with has one of the items — probably earbuds of some kind — that was detected. The “ First Seen With You ” timestamp may be helpful in determining who might have the device that ’ s being detected .
Depending upon the device, you may be able to tap the “ Learn About This Item ” to figure out what it may be, or tap on “ Instructions to Disable Item ” to keep the token from tracking your localization.

If it turns out to be something that international relations and security network ’ t a campaign for concern, you can pause the safety alerts to stop the notifications .
Ken Colburn is collapse and CEO of Data Doctors Computer Services. Ask any technical school interview on Facebook or Twitter .

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