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TradingView is a multifunctional trading idea and charting platform with millions of users worldwide. Users often use TradingView to monitor price charts, update news and find trade ideas to improve their deal efficiency. The follow article learns features to use TradingView charts easier .

Popular Features of TradingView

TradingView HTML5 Chart: This feature of speech helps users monitor the grocery store with more than ten different chart types, including Spread chart, Kagi graph, PNF chart, channel break chart, and Renko chart. Traders can open up to 8 other charts to monitor the marketplace from different angles. In accession, with agio accounts, users can use up to dozens of versatile drawing tools and indicators to analyze trading opportunities .
Alert feature: Users can use TradingView ’ s alert feature to receive e-mail and message notifications according to previous settings. With 12 warning conditions on the draw tools and indicators, users can be completely assured of market movements that can take place without constantly viewing charts.

Custom Scripts (Pine): TradingView allows users to access and use in-depth marketplace analysis studies. With a custom handwriting, the exploiter creates his signals and studies .
Trading features : Traders can trade through a virtual explanation to practice their trade skills and try new deal strategies. In addition, users can connect a TradingView report with a agent ’ randomness trading account to open and close orders correct on the platform .
Market feature : Users can track market information such as bulk, price, news, and so forth, updated the fastest from international exchanges .
Trading Social Network (Community) : TradingView allows users to share deal ideas through articles, images, videos, and populate streams. other users in the residential district can comment and share views on these ideas. however, TradingView presently does not have the feature to filter choice trade ideas for users .
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TradingView’s Best Paid Features

Second Based Time Frame: Users can only access the most miniature chart from 1 to 2 minutes with other charting platforms. These timeframes may not be enlightening for high-frequency traders ( HFTs ). With TradingView, users can monitor charts in time frames from 1 second, 5 seconds, 15 seconds, and 30 seconds. Users who sign up for the Premium plan can view the second base chart on TradingView and view astir to 2 weeks of history .
Spread Charts : TradingView allows users to follow a graph that compares the unfold of two different assets or see the price of an investment in another currency. For model, to see the purchase price of Apple breed in Euros, use the Spread chart of the pair APPL/EURUSD.

Stock Screener : TradingView users can filter stocks in real-time with respective conditions. Users can download this tilt of stocks to their computer through the Export Chart Data feature .
Invite Only Indicator : Users can create indicators and trade strategies using the Pine Editor feature. then, the Invite Only Indicator have limits the access of the indicators to only specific people to use. The Invite Only Indicator feature of speech makes it possible for users to create and sell indicators to the ball-shaped community of TradingView users .
Chart Replay Mode allows users to select any time on the chart to review price movements. Users can besides pause or fast fore to check or use this feature for backtesting a manual deal strategy .
Volume Profile: This feature helps users learn advanced charts for a sealed period at a define price based on volume. volume Profile takes the sum volume traded at a especial monetary value over a specified period. It divides the stallion volume into either bargain book or sell, therefore clarifying that information .
Multiple Devices : With a TradingView bounty account, users can access the report from many different devices. This feature helps users contribution a premium account with many other users to save costs .

How to use some little-known features of TradingView chart?

Display multiple time frames : To cursorily move charts in different clock time frames, users can choose many favored timeframes displayed on the chart. Do this by clicking on the submit fourth dimension frame, selecting the time frames you want to show more, and clicking [ Add to favorites ] .
Display multiple time frames
Split chart layout: This feature allows users to choose to display charts of different assets or charts of the like asset. This feature is alone available in the yield version. Click [ Select Layout ] and choose your favored chart rent layout. After selecting the layout, the charts are displayed according to the selected layout. The exploiter can choose different clock time frames for each mini-chart .
Split chart layout How to get commonly used charting tools : TradingView is a platform that provides respective indicators and tools for charting. To display frequently use tools, click on the frequently used indicator and blue-ribbon [ Add to favorites ] in the right corner of the indicator. The selected indicators will be displayed in concert in a toolbar in the graph window.

How to get commonly used charting tools: To view the TradingView chart at a specific time : Click the calendar icon in the lower corner of the chart, enter the time you want to review the chart, and select [ Go to ]. immediately after, the chart shows the correct time chosen .
To view the TradingView chart at a specific time: Above are some early alone features of TradingView. By taking advantage of these features, users can easily do technical foul analysis, consult different trade ideas, and take advantage of shared scripts to improve research and decision-making efficiency trade for yourself .

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