TradingView App Review: How to use for Analysis, Paper Trading & More

TradingView App is a Stocks, Forex, and Crypto Trading analysis tool available for personal computer, Android, and io. This is one of the most democratic technical psychoanalysis tools for stocks not only in India but all around the earth .

TradingView App Review

TradingView App
TradingView Stock Analysis App not merely offers you Charts, Screens, and Graphs for the Stocks but besides for Forex, Crypto Currency like Bitcoin, Commodity and all of trade related information in one place.

In bare words, if you are unplayful about trade then TradingView is a must-have tool to have in your Stock Analysis toolbox .
here are the features that this app offers you-

  • Advanced Charts, Graphs, and other comprehensive, yet simple to use tools for Trader. Traders can use those tools to Analyze the technical perspective of stocks.
  • All of the world’s major stock market data is available in this app in real-time.
  • Cryptocurrency Data is available the same as Stock market data, where you can compare prices of cryptocurrency from the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • It has sync functionality. For example, you can use the same account on your mobile, tablet, computer devices. If you save some data like Notifications, Charts, Technical analysis, You can access all those information from your other devices as well.
  • Offers you watchlists and alerts feature. This is not only for Stocks but also for Currency, bonds, mutual funds, F&O, Commodity, and cryptocurrencies. All of the Data will be displayed to you in real-time.
  • All of the Advance tools and Screeners are available for you for free. There is also a pro account which is ideal for you if you are a professional trader.

Download TradingView App

Developed by TradingView Inc.
Category FINANCE
Rating 4.5 Stars
Downloads Over 5,000,000+

trade View App for Android and io is available to download on the respective App store .
What you can do is head over to Apple App Store for io or Google Play storehouse for Android to Download this Online Stock Trading App on your mobile call .
The personal computer users are not required to download any standalone software on their Desktop/Laptop to start using it .
You just have to head over Www.Tradingview.Com to start using charts and Graphs .
if you are an amerind user then you have to head over to to start analyzing stocks from indian indices like NIFTY & SENSEX .

How to Use TradingView

The main focus of this App to Track Prices, book, and early technical indicators by Charts and graph .
With the Charts, users are able to use the pull tools to analyze stocks further and set up craft alerts .
Of naturally, to analyze charts you must have a basic understand of the technical perspective of the stock market.

Without that, you can ’ thymine use TradingView .
so if you are precisely a novice in investing and trade you first must learn technical psychoanalysis to understand how charts and graph ferment .
If you know technical psychoanalysis, here is the Video Series by TradePro Academy that will help you learn how to use this Stock analysis tool-

How to do Paper Trading on TradingView App?

paper trade is besides called simulate trade, The key deviation between this and the veridical trade is here we don ’ metric ton use real money .
paper deal is recommended for beginners who don ’ t know much about trading but want to learn trade without losing any substantial money .
This app offers you newspaper trade functionality where you will start with a $ 100,000 account balance for trade wind.

This balance can be reset anytime when you want .
On any Chart Page, you can start paper trade by using Buy or sell button .

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