TradingView provides an low-cost alternate to the assorted desktop-based graph software. with potent tools and features. We like it as an option to more expensive chart software like eSignal .

  • Many features available at no cost
  • Social networking tools
  • Multiple platforms, including a new desktop system
  • Asset and market research tools
  • Simulated and live trading through partnered brokers
  • Excellent charting tools


  • Small list of compatible brokerage firms, especially for trading equities
  • Customer service is lacking
  • Many features are unavailable without a subscription
  • Lack of concentration on ETFs

TradingView international relations and security network ’ t a brokerage firm ( although its platform does integrate with a few brokers to produce trade capability ). alternatively, it offers potent research, chart, and discussion tools .
Among the highlights, I in truth like :

  • Over 100,000 technical indicators from TradingView customers
  • Many other charting tools, including a replay mode
  • Watchlists and screeners
  • Streaming and on-demand videos of trading action from other users
  • News articles
  • Market summaries
  • Community forums on almost any topic
  • Trades can be placed directly from the charting screen

Brief Overview

Founded in 2011, TradingView has grown enormously in one decade. It now has a desktop platform, and the total and choice of other trade tools have besides increased. This is decidedly one trading service worth checking out .

Services Offered

TradingView focuses on social network, asset research, and charting. trade is of secondary concern. It is possible to submit trades via a few brokerage firms that can be linked to a TradingView account .
These brokers include :  

  • Gemini (crypto)
  • Tradovate (futures)
  • OANDA (currencies)
  • TradeStation (stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies)
  • AMP Global (futures)
  • Alpaca (stocks)
  • Optimus Futures (futures) 

Options can not be traded with a TradeStation explanation through TradingView. API software can be used on the TradingView platform .

Desktop Platform

The best trade experience typically won ’ metric ton be found using a network browser. For this rationality, TradingView has rolled out a desktop program. It is faster than the company ’ sulfur browser platform and functions on multiple monitors simultaneously. It is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac .
During my test drive of the desktop system, I was immediately impressed by the absolute number of features. At the top, it ’ s possible to create multiple tab key. This allows for the trailing of many assets at once .
On the left-hand side is a vertical menu of pull tools. On the right-hand side, there many non-charting tools. Ones I found particularly useful include :

  • Hotlists, with many choices, including one that tracks foreign assets
  • Details on the stock in the chart, including earning history, 52-week range, volume, and more
  • News articles on the entered ticker symbol
  • Economic calendar
  • Current chats from other TradingView customers
  • Alerts
  • Ideas Stream, which are illustrated trade ideas from other users
  • Streams, which are videos from other users

Everything from this right-hand upright menu gets populated into a upright window right adjacent to it. It ’ s very comfortable to use the information right next to a chart .

A graph sits in the center of the sieve, and here I found lots of great tools. Some of the highlights include :

  • Right-click menu with trade choices
  • Replay mode with selectable timeframes
  • Very customizable with the ability to save layouts
  • Complete full-screen mode that removes a chart’s borders
  • Snapshot tool to screenshot a graph and export it
  • Ability to set alerts with many available parameters
  • Financial metrics can be added to a graph
  • Comparisons to assets and indices
  • Twelve display styles, including point & figure
  • Publish button to share trading ideas with the TradingView community

On the left-hand side sits TradingView ’ s graph tools. Examples include :

  • Ruler
  • Ghost feed
  • Fixed range volume profile
  • Three drives pattern
  • Elliot double combo wave
  • Time cycles
  • And many more…

Order Submission

To place a barter through the TradingView platform, you foremost need to open an account with a compatible agent. TradeStation offers the most number of tradable assets .
At the bottom of the TradingView platform, you ’ ll see a Trading Panel link. This is where you ’ ll find broke icons with login capability. once logged in, you can place a trade immediately from a chart with a correctly click of the mouse .

Day Trading With a TradeStation Account

If you plan to day trade using a TradeStation account, be aware that you ’ ll motivation to maintain $ 25,000 in account equity. In return, you ’ ll become :

  • 4:1 day-trading leverage
  • 2:1 overnight leverage
  • Maker-taker fees
  • Level II quotes
  • Extended-hours trading
  • Direct access to market venues 

Browser Platform

TradingView ’ second software platform is besides available through a web browser. As mentioned above, this does result in reduce functionality. Nevertheless, the same tools are there. During my examination of the browser chopine, I found it easy to use and plenty brawny .
As with the desktop system, the browser platform has two discolor themes : light and dark. Just click on the menu icon in the upper-left corner to switch between the two.  

Mobile App

Besides its browser and background platforms, TradingView besides delivers a mobile app. compatible with both Android and Apple tablets and phones, the app delivers :

  • News articles from many sources
  • Watchlists
  • Social networking
  • Vertical and horizontal charts with many tools
  • Simulated trading

The independent menu sits at the bottom of the screen. An Ideas check here is where you ’ ll find trending trade possibilities, some of which are in video recording mode. Some videos are from TradingView, while others are from traders. It ’ s possible to like and comment on these posts .


On all three platforms, it ’ s potential to inquiry potential trades. The mobile app unfortunately doesn ’ triiodothyronine have any screeners. The background and browser systems do have screeners for stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. During my quiz, I found them very effective with many search criteria. They include :

  • All Time High
  • 3-Month Low
  • Average Day Range (14)
  • Number of Shareholders
  • Recent Earnings Date
  • And many more

On the browser and desktop platforms, heat maps will be found for both stocks and cryptos. barely attend under the Screeners tab key. The Community tab is where a lot of trending ideas on potential trades are discussed. And of class, the News and Markets tabs are great resources for researching markets and assets .

Social Networking

As I have already mentioned, TradingView is a community of traders. The social network features include the ability to follow early traders and message them. You can like posts, gossip on them, plowshare them, and save them for late. Using the Community pill on the desktop and browser systems, it ’ s possible to search for craft ideas .
There is a public chat room on the TradingView platform that allows traders to connect with each other. The relevant picture is in the right vertical menu. Pro+ and Premium members can create chat rooms. It ’ s possible to link to a specific board and make notifications for a room .


With so many fantastic resources, you didn ’ metric ton think TradingView would be unblock, did you ? Well, some parts are release. These lie in the basic design. Features include charting with one graph per pill and one alarm per asset. If you want more, a subscription will be required. here are the plans :

The Pro plan gets rid of ads that occasionally appear on TradingView ’ s free charts. It besides offers enhance watchlists and allows up to 5 indicators to be placed on a chart. With the Pro+ subscription,

the number of technical studies on a chart increases from 5 to 10 .
The Premium plan permits up to 20,000 bars to be shown on a graph. It besides allows users to publish invite-only indicators. premium customers get alerts that don ’ triiodothyronine run out, and they can use 25 indicators on a unmarried chart.  

Bottom Line

TradingView is a capital topographic point to go for charting and social network. But the lack of a connection to many brokers will be a go off for some traders .

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