Things to keep in mind when buying Bav Audio

Bav Audio/Bav Sound is one of the few brands that upgrade the best audio experience on BMW, Mini, and Toyota models. However, for those who are new to this brand, there are still many questions of their own about the car, audio equipment as well as how to do it. In this article, let’s learn about “Things to keep in mind when buying Bav Audio”

1. Why don’t BAV have an amp for your: 1 series, 2 series, E48 X1, E39 X2 with standard hifi audio?

BavSound Stage One Review - Base Radio - BMW 135i
Things to keep in mind when buying Bav Audio

The 1 series, 2 series, E48 X1 and E39 X2 with Standard HiFi audio systems are bit unique from its peers and are not compatible with our Revenant amplifier because of the system wiring.

What BAV do offer is a Stage One speaker upgrade kit and the Ghost under seat subwoofer replacement system. Each of these systems works beautifully off of the factory source unit. While you won’t get as much output as you would on a more poBAVrful amp, BAV do create our speakers to be as sensitive as possible so BAV get every last ounce of poBAVr produced into sound waves!

Here’s how BAV’ve designed our Stage One speaker kit to create a solution that is as simple and cost effective as possible, while still sounding incredible:

Bav’s 4” replacement speakers are referred to as a “point source” or “coaxial” setup. Actually a lot of very high end speakers are built this way. The BAVeter just sits in the middle of the woofer, so it’s two speakers in one unit. The benefit in your case is easeful-ness of installation and that the treble and midbass will reach the listener simultaneously – resulting in more accurate acoustic imaging. Another benefit is that these coaxials are more efficient on less poBAVr than a set of components like the HiFi or HK systems, so you’ll get more output on your car’s amplifier. It’s a win-win.

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2. What is the size and weight of the shipment?

For the size of the package Bav can get you an approximation as the kits vary and the boxes that the distribution center use sometimes vary as well.

The weight of the Stage One is approximately 5-12 lbs and the box dimension is:

Width = 12-14 inches

height = 6-10 inches

length = 16-18 inches

If you are getting ghost subs or multiple kits:

The Ghost sub pair come in a box that is 12″x12″x8″ box and weighs 8lbs

They will fit the Stage One and Subs in the appropriately sized outer box. So the final package size if you purchase speakers and subs will be about 12″x10″x18″ and weigh 14-16 pounds.

3. What will fit your car?

Your options will all depend on the Year, Make, Model, Body style and Audio System in your vehicle.

You can see everything available for your vehicle by using our kit builder after entering your vehicle information.

If you don’t know what audio system you have please look to the next FAQ to find out how to get that information.

4. Is there an amplifier for your car?

For E65 E66 E70 E71 E82 E83 E84 E90 E91 E92 E93:

We had every intention of making the Revenant Pro amplifier compatible with these vehicles however our limited resources and bandwidth has kept us from completing the development. We don’t have an ETA as to when they will be available. Hang in there as our small team works to get them ready for you.

For 2018-2021 G chassis vehicles:

The G Chassis cars use a new communication protocol to the amplifiers, that there is not yet an adapter available for, which prevents us from offering the Revenant Pro for these models.

Unfortunately, at this point we do not have an ETA for when this will be available. Due to the nature of the development of the adapter it is hard to say exactly when, or even approximately when that may be. Rest assured we would like this out as badly as you, and I apologize that we’re not able to provide a date of when that will be available.

We are not aware of any amplifier options available that can be done without significant modification to the vehicle’s audio system.

For E36, E38, E39, E46:

Unfortunately, Bav’s amplifier upgrades aren’t compatible with your generation BMW and Bav don’t have any plans to make a version for the older model vehicles.

Bav are not aware of any simple aftermarket amp solutions for the E chassis models as they are a closed system that would require a full rewiring of the entire vehicle to do an amp upgrade.

The best solution Bav Audio can recommend is an OEM replacement.

5. How do I know which sound system I have? CHECK VIN!

BavSound E46 Speaker Upgrade | Build Race Party
Things to keep in mind when buying Bav Audio

All your options will depend on your in-car audio system. For Bav to assist you more accurately, please email with your vehicle’s 17-digit VIN. Once received, Bav will be happy to provide you with the best audio options for your vehicle.

OR to run your own free VIN report, try these websites:

You can find the audio system code in option range #600. If you don’t see one of the following codes, you have a basic sound system:

645/ 661 – Business radio = BASE . sound system




674 – HARMAN KARDON has no BEST connection

752 – ENHANCED PREMIUM SOUND/ DIRAC or M-Audio (not compatible with E39 kit)

BAVSOUND does not make upgrades to the 6F2 – Bang & Olufsen sound system or other ultra-premium sound systems

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6. Which upgrade should you start with?

There’s really no right or wrong upgrade to begin with. It all depends on compatibility, the sound you’re trying to achieve, your setup, and your budget. The amplifier is the fastest and most impressive innovation that will help most of BAV’s customers’ audio systems achieve superb quality without the hassle of bringing it to the store. It improves clarity, bass, overall volume and soundstage, all of which are lacking in the BMW sound system.

The Stage One loudspeaker is the perfect complement to an amplifier for audiophiles who notice nuances and crave clarity. That said, if the Revenant Pro amplifier isn’t compatible with your BMW audio system, or if there are any speakers that are rattling that you still need to replace, then Stage One is the place to start.

The Ghost under seat subwoofer is the perfect upgrade to dramatically improve the bass response in your BMW. They’ll give you tighter, louder, more powerful bass and dramatically transform your music. They are designed to be efficient and maximize every watt of power generated by your amplifier to deliver a much louder bass than your factory subwoofer.

7. Where are the installation instructions?

The installation instruction video can be found on the BAV website under your vehicle kit page by clicking the “VIEW MORE DETAILS” link and scrolling down the page until you see the video. Or for faster results: Enter your vehicle’s information in the search fields via the Setup Guide link at the bottom of each page.

In many cases, the installation video may not be your correct vehicle.

Most of the installation procedures are the same or at least similar in nature so you can easily figure out the appropriate steps.

Bav Sound tends to film in cars with high-end sound systems because they have more speaker placements and duplicate setup instructions with other sound systems.

If there are no instructions for your vehicle at Bav Sound, please contact

8. Does upgrading Bavsound really make a difference?

All Bav Audio speakers have a much higher sound quality and construction than factory (even HK) speakers. The resulting soundstage is much clearer, more open and immersive. . . Smooth, shrill highs and a stronger, clearer bass spectrum – and at the same time very accurate and faithful to the original sound source.

Bav’s Stage One speaker upgrade produces higher quality sound, with wider range and more balanced bass and treble reproduction that you currently lack. Unlike factory speakers, Bav uses proven acoustic technology: woven fiberglass cones, butyl rubber trim and silk synthetic tweeters. This keeps the speakers distortion-free at higher volumes, and you get beautiful, natural, accurate sound at much higher volumes.

Bav’s Ghost under-seat subwoofer is the perfect upgrade to dramatically improve the bass response in your BMW. They’ll give you tighter, louder, more powerful bass and dramatically transform your music. They’re designed to be efficient and maximize every watt of power your amplifier produces to deliver bass that’s much louder than your factory subwoofer. You get spectacular bass response.

Best of all, it is 100% plug and play with your factory system and requires no media modification.

9. How does Stage One improve sound quality?

Bav Sound Stage 1 Speaker Upgrade for HK Cars - BMW M3 and BMW M4 Forum
Things to keep in mind when buying Bav Audio

Simply put, by using higher quality materials and better engineering, BAV Audio can achieve a more accurate and more importantly enjoyable listening experience for you and your passengers.

All speakers have many of the characteristics that determine their ability to faithfully and accurately reproduce recorded music: magnet design and materials, voice coil design, suspension, surround materials, materials cone material, etc.

Vehicle manufacturers make compromises in many of these areas to keep costs down.

The end result is often a poorly designed speaker made with shoddy materials (cheap paper cones, plastic tweeters, etc.) The sound is also very bad.

Acoustically, the result is often distortion or poor frequency response and transient response. Recreate your favorite tunes muffled, muddy, sloppy and harsh.

BAV doesn’t compromise on its product design or the materials it uses because BAV doesn’t have to, so you get great sound without having to change any other components in the system. car sound.

But not only that; every speaker is designed for the very BMW in which it is installed, down to the smallest detail. Instead of making your speakers for a specific price, BAV built them to sound great in your exact automotive and audio system configuration.

10. You can listen to the audio through the Demo products at authorized dealers and centers.

In order for customers to trust and buy Bav products, as well as customers can experience the most authentic sound before deciding to buy or not, Bav Sound has a wide range of resellers with demo products to choose from. customers can listen to the upgrades.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back for a full refund within 100 days of delivery. This really eliminates the risk of trying out our upgrades. Bav is confident that you will be mesmerized by the quality and performance of the audio upgrades. Bav’s speakers are also covered by a 4-year warranty, similar to BMW’s 4-year warranty.

Bav Sound also has a number of Bavsound dealer locations that have demo cars for you to check if you have one. You can click “find dealer” at the bottom of Bav Audio’s website to find the dealer closest to you. Or click here:

Please call them first to confirm that they have a demo car on site for you to experience!

Above are all the shares of about “Points to note when buying Bav Audio”. Hopefully with this information, you will have the best audio upgrade experience for your beloved car! Good luck!

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