TC2000 Review 2022: Is This Trading Tool Worth the Price?

TC2000 Review

This TC2000 Review will show you how to use TC2000 as a cost-efficient trade tool. I will explain the TC2000 graph analysis software in detail, provide helpful tips and insights for this deal platform .
TC2000 Review
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About TC2000

The TC2000 platform is available as a downloadable analysis tool, runs as an app on mobile devices and can be used via browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

The trade name new award-winning TC2000 interpretation 20 by Worden Brothers Inc. introduced raw features like historical condition testing, raw read timeframes, and synched charts in addition to the comprehensive software features .
TC2000 is one of the most popular chart platforms and analysis tools for stocks and options. The EasyScan screener scans thousands of stocks in seconds on low reaction time servers. Beginners can use TC2000 for unlimited rehearse at no risk by using the in full running trade simulator .
Another standout feature is the integrate journaling functionality. finally, Worden Brothers TC2000 has been voted as a top trading platform by versatile sites like the Stocks Commodities Magazine and Warrior Trading .

TC2000 Review: Features and Highlights
🚀 Features Charting platform, stock screener, trading simulator
💻 Technology Browser-based application, mobile app, desktop application,
💰 Subscription Monthly, annually, bi-annually
💰 Price details $9.99-$89.98/mo
👛 Coupons, discounts $25 Off
🎮 Trial 30-day money back guarantee
📆 Founded 1998
🏢 HQ United States


now let ’ s get started with the TC2000 review by looking at the claim features the software provides .

TC2000 User Interface

The Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities magazine asked their readers to vote for their “ favored standalone analytic software for $ 500 and less ” during the 2019 Readers ’ Choice Awards. TC2000 won again in this class. One of the independent benefits is the excellent and easy-to-understand UI .
The software comes with a familiar exploiter interface. You can arrange every available segment, such as :

  • Charts
  • Watchlists
  • Market Scanners
  • Notes and News
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Real Time Data (incl. Options Chains)
  • Trade Executions (live & simulated trading) via TC2000 Trading Platform

just choose the segment of your choice :
TC2000 Navigation
now hit the traverse symbol in the exceed correctly corner. For example, when you open a new chart :
TC2000 Chart Management
now choose where the modern element should be placed. This can be above, below or beside an existing element. thus, you can efficaciously use the software for day trade and swing trade .
TC 2000 Drag and Drop

Organize Elements Using Tabs

One of the most hardheaded features is the hypothesis to work with tabs, precisely like in a regular internet browser. furthermore, these tabs can be fed with wholly different markets, such as one yellow journalism showing stocks, another for options, or for unlike prison term frames, or watchlist only scans, etc .
TC2000 Tabs
This gives a accurate overview of different markets without producing an overload of charts on one screen .
When it comes to overviewing markets on a single filmdom, many software programs and many traders struggle to keep the interface clean. Different pill for sorting all necessity data is a bang-up theme and has become commercialize standard for a good reason .
For founder traders, an appropriate startle indicate is to use one of the default templates, which can then be customized step by step .

TC2000 Review: Charts

TC2000 guides users through the different steps of setting up the charts as needed. It lone requires a bit of time until all the features are distinctly understand. TC2000 has done their homework here, building up the software absolutely logically .
TC2000 charts include the basic charting types such as OLHC Bars, CandleSticks and Line Charts, HLC Bars, Bar Charts, Area charts, and even Heiken-Ashi graph. Make use of the Chart Properties / Plot Style options to change it accordingly .
TC2000 Chart Types
You can edit plots, set different colors, adjust the scaling, choose the time frame and much more by plainly following the sub-menus within the settings windowpane .
TC2000 Time Frame Settings
You can besides journal your trades by writing personal notes attached to your charts. Charts are automatically saved together with your notes for a quick citation in the future .

What Drawing Tools Are Available At tc2000 Gold?

Besides the standard draw tools ( Fibonacci, VWAP, Gann ), other draw tools are available within TC2000 gold. No useless features, no advanced and flashy distractions. Every drawing joyride you would need for accomplishing a technical analysis is available .
TC2000 Drawing Tools

The TC2000 Watch Lists

Sorting the fiscal markets of your option is easy with TC2000 software. Use one of the most normally exploited watchlists from the Quick Lists or one of the pre-configured lookout lists. Of course, you can add favorable instruments like stocks to a vigil list, or you can create watch lists from scratch .
TC2000 Watchlists

once you have set up your watchlist, you can add a overplus of different columns to sort and reorganize the TC2000 watchlist. Columns can be your own convention or existing variables like technical indicators, formulas, P & L track, options and much more. now, let ’ s continue with the TC2000 follow-up by having a closer search at the integrated stock screener called EasyScan .

TC2000 EasyScan Dashboard

As the name suggests, EasyScan® is a stock screener / broth scanner where you can scan the market with one of the pre-configured scans like “ Gap up with momentum, ” “ Bounce after pullback, ” or RSI crossing up through 30. alternatively, custom scans can be created. To do so, follow the instructions :
TC2000 Easyscan
TC2000 Conditions
From here, you can write your own formula, practice fundamentals, indicators or condition sets, entirely or in combination .
TC2000 Conditions List
Please be mindful that using the EasyScan Dashboard requires a more intimate understand of the fiscal markets. Writing a formula is not that easy. That ’ second why for day trading beginners, the pre-configured EasyScan® windows are a great start target .

Notes, News, Reports, Alerts, and the Library

Besides the charts, the watchlist, and EasyScan malcolm stock screening, there are other outstanding features available. just give it a try on yourself. They are self-explanatory, from TC2000 notes, news, reports, and alerts to the library and the craft management windows .

Real Time Data Feeds

Stock exchanges require clients to pay for real number time market data. Some brokerage house firms cover such costs for their active traders but subscribe to charting platforms and trade software tools have to pay those data feeds on the own most much. This is similar to TC2000 and the real clock market data costs :

  • Realtime U.S. Stock Data: $14.99 per month
  • Real-time U.S. Options: $9.99 per month
  • Realtime U.S. Index Data: $9.99 per month

To trade stocks, it normally is sufficient to subscribe to the real time stock data only. It provides the data points and real substantial prison term prices needed to trade efficiently .

TC2000 Trading Platform

TC2000 besides acts as an introduce brokerage fast, is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a agent dealer and penis of SIPC and FINRA. trade stocks cost $ 4.95 per trade and options $ 2.95 per trade wind plus $ 0.65 per contract. The brokerage house services are handled in cooperation with synergistic Brokers. however, you do not have to open an bill to use the TC2000 software. Opening an bill with TC2000 is wholly optional .
however, while paper deal is possible without an active TC2000 brokerage house report, LIVE trade with the TC2000 inner order instruments requires an active agent TC2000 brokerage account. consequently, only this combination enables you to trade with the integrated alive deal faculty .
This might sound disappointing at first, but this is an industry-standard and not a real downside. lone a few tools on the market let trading in combination with external brokerage accounts and then most times combined with higher fees than TC2000 has. But again, you do not need a exist deal account from the begin. Practice first base, then move further step by mistreat .
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Plans | Costs | Pricing

presently, there are three different pricing options available. The Silver subscription provides access to the customizable layouts of charts, watchlists, and notes and is priced at $ 9.99 a calendar month. The Gold version costs $ 29.99 per month and provides access to all all-important features, while the Platinum version grants access to all functionalities, including historical test and up to 1,000 tracked alerts .
Since there is a considerable difference in pricing between the Platinum, Silver, and Gold versions, users should look at all the features before subscribing. however, for all those who don ’ thyroxine consider trade at least a half-time business, the Gold version should do nicely .
here are the costs per calendar month depending on the bill cycle :

Billing Cylcle Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly $9.99 $29.99 $89.98
Annually $8.32 $24.99 $74.98
Bi-Annually $7.49 $22.49 $67.49

Free Trial | Promo Code

Users who sign up to TC2000 using our links receive a $ 25 rebate on their first TC2000 subscription .

What Platform to use?

The TC2000 software can be used as a desktop platform, app and browser-based translation. day deal makes merely sense when using the most static translation, the desktop platform, while a swing trader or less frequently trading stock trader can use the browser and app-based translation excessively. The user-friendly composition trading faculty should be used to commit trade .

Alternatives to TC2000

Before we get to the TC2000 recapitulation drumhead, let ’ s lecture about alternatives to the TC2000 software. eSignal and NinjaTrader besides provide trade tools focused on charting with extra stock screen and API modules for order executions .
On the other pass, day traders will enjoy the artificial intelligence based deal scheme evaluation from Trade Ideas A.I. Pro with automated trade and strategy execution. Click here to check the current Trade Ideas A.I. Pro offers and exempt services .

Summary TC2000 Review

Worden Brothers Inc. provides its clients a self-explanatory chart software cock. TC2000 is desirable for day traders and investors with a tight budget having the main stress on a rock-solid chart tool and the intention to trade stocks and options in real clock time .
The graph software comes with an extensive set of functionalities and features. The price is clean, specially with the Silver and Gold plans being cost effective. In addition, TC2000 offers a 30-day money-back undertake .
furthermore, new subscribers get a discount of $ 25 Off on their foremost subscription by using our links, and in addition, annual subscribers get 2 months for free ( 10 months paid + 2 months barren )
The major benefit for beginners is the integrated paper deal report. Investors can practice day in and day out without gamble. Please note that you need a real time market data subscription to make the simulate trade vitamin a realistic as possible. Using the TC2000 Silver box ( $ 9.99/mo. ), along with the minimum data feed subscription ( $ 14.99/mo. ), is an low-cost box worth investing in for beginners .
Another big TC2000 benefit is the integrate trade faculty. With the trading faculty, it is easy to trade right from the charts or with the integrated decree ticket system .
Investors looking for a high performance charting joyride with basic draw tools and a bonny price rag should give TC2000 a try. For any remaining questions, you can contact customer accompaniment via e-mail and phone.


  • Cost efficient pricing structure
  • Fast trading software
  • Browser and application-based tool
  • Free paper trading module
  • Integrated order system (e.g., deal through chart)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Excellent documentation on TC2000 help site


  • Automated trading not possible at the moment
  • Coding knowledge needed to create custom market scans

Best for?

TC2000 an excellent standard screener and charting joyride with real-time commercialize data and herculean functionalities. The chart software is best for technical analysis and customizable market scans. The integrated paper trade score is easy to use and user friendly .
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