The internet can feel like a chilling place. There ’ s so much beneficial there—where else would you find an endless loop of that He-Man meme and a ace review site called—but it ’ s besides the like internet that brought you Youtube comments, retaliation pornography, and the bombard of election misinformation that clogged everyone ’ randomness Facebooks last year. Ugh .
Throughout 2016, one of the things that brought me coherent joy on-line was actually—surprisingly—an extension for Google Chrome called Tabby Cat. The reference populates each modern pill you open with an trope of a cat, generating a farcical name and little props to go along with it. It wasn ’ t a productivity aid, it was merely something pathetic that lifted my spirits.

so here, beloved reviewer, is a tilt of Chrome apps that largely won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate help you answer emails, take screenshots, or form good habits. They exist strictly in service of making your on-line experience just a piece more pleasant. Let them serve as a admonisher in these dark times that going on the internet is much like interacting with a tabby cat—sure, the claws are sharp, but at the end of the day, you get to look at a cute kitty .

1. Tabby Cat

Tabby Cats credit : Tabby Cats
As mentioned above, Tabby Cat fills your newly-opened tab with images of cats. Mouse over them to make them purr, unlock newly props over clock, and occasionally trip across bantam kittens or cats that spin approximately on a starry background .

2. nCage

nCage credit : nCage
Love him or hate him, there ’ s one truth in this world that we must all hold close to our hearts : there can never be excessively a lot Nicolas Cage. That ’ sulfur why nCage is ideal—the Chrome extension replaces all the photos in your browser with photos of one Mr. Cage. Talk about a National gem !

3. Netflix Party

Netflix Party credit : Netflix Party

Netflix is absolutely convenient—but its public toilet makes me faineant. In fact, Netflix inspires such laziness in me that once I pull it up on my calculator, there ’ s very little casual I ’ ll be leaving my apartment anytime soon .
That ’ s all well and good, but sometimes I want to watch Netflix with my friends—and that ’ sulfur intemperate to do when we ’ re all glued lazily to our break couches. That ’ s where Netflix Party comes in handy. The propagation lets you watch Netflix remotely with your friends, synchronizing playback and adding in a group chat. It ’ mho not equally good as watching together in person, but it ’ south perfect for those times when you ’ d like to connect over a show or movie from the consolation of your own solitary confinement home .

4. Remove All Politics From Facebook

Remove All Politics From Facebook credit : Remove All Politics From Facebook
Inauguration Day is firm set about, which means that your Facebook feed is probably an dateless scroll of, well, unpleasant political stress. It ’ second dear to stay informed about what ’ s going on, but if you want that stuff off your fertilize, there ’ s a way to do it. The Remove All Politics From Facebook extension scans Facebook for political buzzwords and hides any posts that contain them. Ah, sweet relief .

5. Mustachio

Mustachio credit : mustachio
If you ’ ve ever wished that everyone on the internet had a mustache, you ’ re in luck— Mustachio applies a black, twirly mustache to every boldness in every photograph you view in your browser. Simple in concept, but therein lies the smasher .

6. Downworthy

Downworthy credit : Downworthy
Clickbait got you down ? Why not grab an propagation that changes buzzy headlines into something a moment more naturalistic ? Downworthy does just that, replacing “ literally ” with “ figuratively ” and “ will blow your judgment ” with “ might possibly gently entertain you for a moment, ” among early things. It won ’ t make your life comfortable, but it might make the internet slenderly less annoying. And that, lamb reviewer, is invaluable .

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