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A Google account gives you a wide access to about all Google products like Gmail, Google Ads, and YouTube. It is protect by a username and password that is chosen by you .
If you feel like you forgot to log out of Gmail on person else ‘s computer, Google has made it easier to see all of the devices, like laptop, phone, postpone, and more, logged into your Google account .
You can besides view the list of IP addresses that have accessed your account, and a list of devices that have actively used your report in the last 28 days.

These are not a necessarily complete list. Google only shows devices that have recently accessed your report, not every device that may have access. It besides does not show devices that have accessed your explanation through connected apps .
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View Devices That Have Recently Accessed Your Account

Google offers its users a “ recently Used Devices ” feature that shows you where the specific device have accessed your score. This features can be seen in the Sign-in and Security account part of your Google account settings page, according to How to Geek .
You will see a list of recently used devices together with their locations, associated with their IP addresses, and when they were actively using your Google explanation .
Click one of the devices and you will see more information, including the name of the device, what browser was used on it, and the placement that the device was used in .
Hopefully, all of these are devices that you expect to see. If you see one that you do not recognize, click the “ Secure Your account ” push button at the crown of the page, according to Republic Wireless .

See IP Addresses Signed Into Gmail

Google ‘s Gmail has a unlike account natural process feature of speech. It shows you which IP addresses have recently accessed your Gmail inbox, according to PocketLint .
In arrange to access this feature, you need to head to Gmail on the vane and select the “ Details ” connect at the bottom right corner of the page .
The page will tell you if you are signed into your bill from multiple locations at once. You will besides see which character of device it was accessed from, the IP address where the report was accessed from, and when the entree happened.

If you see a “ picture Details ” connect, you can click it to see more data about the device and lotion that accessed the account .
If you see one that is leery looking, like an IP address from another nation or another state, you may need to check into it more. It could just be an app that you have given Gmail entree a well, or it could be that person else has access to your report .
In fact, Google will warn you about any suspicious-looking access to your score. The “ Show an alert for unusual activeness ” option will cause Google to show you an alert if it looks like something is wrong .
If you want to make certain that no one authorized is signed into your report, and you think that person might be, you may want to change your account ‘s password. This will close any clear sessions and prevent people that may have your password from signing back in .
If you ‘ve unintentionally deleted files, Google Accounts has made it potential to recover them .
besides, if you find the need to change your YouTube mention, you no long have to change your Google account name .

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