Cops hate encryption but the NSA loves it when you use PGP

Usenix Enigma Although the cops and Feds wont stop consonant bang on and on about encoding – the spies have a different remove on the use of crypto .
To be viciously blunt, they love it. Why ? Because using detectable encoding engineering like PGP, Tor, VPNs and so on, lights you up on the intelligence agencies ‘ dashboards. Agents and analysts do n’t even have to see the contents of the communications – the metadata is enough for g-men to start making your life unmanageable .
“ To be honest, the spooks love PGP, ” Nicholas Weaver, a research worker at the International Computer Science Institute, told the Usenix Enigma conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. “ It ‘s truly chatty and it gives them a distribute of metadata and communication records. PGP is the NSA ‘s supporter. ”
Weaver, who has spent much of the stopping point decade investigating NSA techniques, said that all PGP traffic, including who sent it and to whom, is automatically stored and backed up onto tape. This can then be searched as needed when matched with other surveillance data.

Given that the NSA has taps on about all of the internet ‘s major trunk routes, the PGP records can be incredibly useful. It ‘s a dim-witted matter to build a handwriting that can identify one PGP drug user and then track all their contacts to build a journal of their activities .
even better is the Mujahedeen Secrets encoding system, which was released by the Global Islamic Media Front to allow Al Qaeda supporters to communicate in individual. Weaver said that not only was it even harder to use than PGP, but it was a blessing for metadata – since about anyone using it identify themselves as a potential terrorist.

“ It ‘s bright ! ” enthused Weaver. “ Whoever it was at the NSA or GCHQ who invented it give them a big Christmas bonus. ”
Given all the tools available to the intelligence agencies there ‘s in truth no need for an encoding back door, he explained. With the NSA ‘s toolkit of zero-day exploits, and old-day exploits, it ‘s much easier to root a target ‘s calculator after identifying them from metadata traffic.

With all these tools it ‘s not hard to see why the news community is n’t pushing hard for an encoding back door, or actively opposing it. last week, the NSA emboss Mike Rogers came out against plans to bork encoding for the police :
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“ encoding is foundational to the future, so spend meter arguing about, ‘Hey, encoding is bad and we ought to do away with it, ‘ that ‘s a neutralize of time to me, ” he said. “ Encryption is foundational to the future, so what we ‘ve got to ask ourselves is, given that foundation, what ‘s the best room for us to deal with it ? ” ® Get our Tech Resources

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