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The images provided of this intersection are stock photos. The mint you receive will be from the like issue and will have the lapp specifications. Some modern UK coins naturally develop toning or milk spots over clock time and these features may be salute on the coin you receive. We can not exchange coins displaying tone or milkspots. 35,000 of these ash grey proof 2018 Peter Rabbit coins have been struck by The Royal Mint. This one comes in a color printed acrylic lawsuit with its original card box and total security of authenticity. Steeped in more than 1,100 years of history, The Royal Mint supplies all of the United Kingdom ‘s neologism vitamin a well as currency for nations around the universe. Renown for craft and thoughtful design, The Royal Mint besides produces commemorative coins, favoured by investors and collectors .

A Millennia of Minting

Founded in the reign of Alfred the Great, around the year 886, The Royal Mint was originally one of several mints which were centralised to London in 1279. For more than 800 years the Mint was based at the Tower of London before moving to Royal Mint Court where it remained until the 1960s.

The Royal Mint has always been on the forefront of economic, technical and aesthetic invention. Its skilled craftsmen minted coins that would reach the far corners of the british Empire, establishing the trope and reputation of Britain for all whose pockets they ended up in .
In 2010 The Royal Mint became a express company owned by Her Majesty ’ s Treasury. In late years the Mint has struck medals for the 2012 London Olympic Games and opened a visitor center, The Royal Mint Experience, in Llantrisant, Wales : the current home of The Royal Mint.

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Collecting and Investing

The Royal Mint ‘s commemorative and bullion coins – much minted to mark crucial home events and anniversaries – are not intended for circulation. They might look like ordinary coins but they are broadly worth much more, thanks to their scarcity, finish and composition.

Most commemorative coins produced by The Royal Mint are available in a range of hit standards including Gold Proof, Silver Proof, Brilliant Uncirculated and Bullion. Some are besides available in collectors sets. Gold and Silver Proof coins are minted in small numbers, making them rare and desirable .
The Royal Mint ‘s commemorative coins are both VAT -free and Capital Gains Tax ( CGT ) exempt, making them an attractive and valuable investment. Whether you are diversifying your investments or plainly appreciate first design, commemorative coins from The Royal Mint are a great bribe .

The Royal Mint at The Britannia Coin Company

The Britannia Coin Company is proud to stock official commemorative coins from The Royal Mint a well as a wide range of historic Royal Mint neologism. We offer invincible value on The Royal Mint coins, backed by our reputation for honesty and integrity, built over more than a decade of trade.

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