What is the opposite of obligate?

Opposite of to bind, compel, constrain, or oblige by a sociable, legal, or moral tie
Opposite of to compel person by wedge to do something
Opposite of to obligate to do something
“ I leaned off from him to deter him from doing anything drastic. ”

Opposite of to commit or set apart for a particular determination
Opposite of to require ( something ) as rightfully due or appropriate in the circumstances
“ Mr. Secretary, I confirm your objectives, but I think we need to optionalize contingencies. ”
Opposite of to effectively force ( person ) to do something

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“ After some failed attempts to coax Charlie into testifying, they would leave alone their entirely witness and lament their lose shell. ”
Opposite of to pledge or enter into a contract to do something
“ There may be consequences if you break your narrow with the company. ”

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