Nuxt 3 – Vue.js Development

Vue.js Development

Nuxt uses Vue as a frontend framework and adds features such as part auto-imports and file-based rout. Nuxt 3 integrates Vue 3, the new major passing of Vue that enables new patterns for Nuxt users.

While an in-depth cognition of Vue is not required to use Nuxt, we recommend that you read the documentation and go through some of the examples on

Nuxt has always used Vue as a frontend model. We chose to build Nuxt on top of Vue for these reasons :

  • The reactivity model of Vue, where a change in data automatically triggers a change in the interface.
  • The component-based templating, while keeping HTML as the common language of the web, enables intuitive patterns to keep your interface consistent, yet powerful.
  • From small projects to large web applications, Vue keeps performing well at scale to ensure that your application keeps delivering value to your users.

Vue ’ s single-file components ( SFC, or *.vue files ) encapsulate the markup ( ), logic (

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