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Cryptography practises of the USA ‘s National Security Agency
The huge majority of the National Security Agency ‘s influence on encoding is classified, but from clock time to time NSA participates in standards processes or otherwise publish information about its cryptanalytic algorithm. The NSA has categorized encoding items into four merchandise types, and algorithm into two suites. The follow is a brief and incomplete compendious of public cognition about NSA algorithm and protocols .

type 1 product [edit ]

A type 1 product refers to an NSA endorsed classified or controlled cryptanalytic item for classify or sensible U.S. politics information, including cryptanalytic equipment, assembly or component classified or certified by NSA for encrypting and decrypting classified and sensitive national security information when appropriately keyed. [ 1 ]

type 2 product [edit ]

A character 2 product refers to an NSA endorsed unclassified cryptanalytic equipment, assemblies or components for medium but unclassified U.S. government information.

type 3 intersection [edit ]

Unclassified cryptanalytic equipment, assembly, or component used, when appropriately keyed, for encrypting or decrypting unclassified sensitive U.S. Government or commercial information, and to protect systems requiring protection mechanisms reproducible with standard commercial practices. A type 3 Algorithm refers to NIST endorsed algorithm, registered and FIPS published, for sensitive but unclassified U.S. government and commercial information .

type 4 product [edit ]

A Type 4 Algorithm refers to algorithms that are registered by the NIST but are not FIPS published. Unevaluated commercial cryptanalytic equipment, assemblies, or components that are neither NSA nor NIST certified for any Government usage .

Algorithm Suites [edit ]

Suite adenine [edit ]

A arrange of NSA unpublished algorithm that is intended for highly sensitive communication and critical authentication systems.

Suite B [edit ]

A set of NSA endorsed cryptanalytic algorithm for habit as an interoperable cryptanalytic free-base for both unclassified information and most classify data. Suite B was announced on 16 February 2005, and phased out in 2016. [ 3 ]

commercial National Security Algorithm Suite [edit ]

A set of cryptanalytic algorithms promulgated by the National Security Agency as a substitution for NSA Suite B Cryptography until post-quantum cryptanalysis standards are promulgated.

Quantum resistant suite [edit ]

In August 2015, NSA announced that it is planning to transition “ in the not distant future ” to a newly cipher suite that is repellent to quantum attacks. “ unfortunately, the growth of elliptic curve consumption has bumped up against the fact of continue advance in the inquiry on quantum calculation, necessitating a re-evaluation of our cryptanalytic scheme. ” national security agency advised : “ For those partners and vendors that have not however made the transition to Suite B algorithm, we recommend not making a significant expending to do therefore at this point but rather to prepare for the approaching quantum repellent algorithm transition. ” [ 4 ]

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