2022 Full Ways to Fix No Location Found Find My Friends

My Find My Friends application having issues. I ’ m can not locate my friends FIND MY localization after he closes the lotion. He can see my localization clearly after I close my app. For me, it states ‘ no location found. ’ How can I solve this ?

find my friends no location found
Apple released a handy app named “ Find My Friends ” for iPhone users to connect with friends. Being a location based app, it allows users to efficiently settle friends and syndicate from any Apple device ( iPhone, iPad, or Apple watch ). But if you encounter issues concerning no location found on find my friends, this article will answer all the queries .
Since the latest io 13 acquitted in 2019, the “ Find My Friends app ” got combined with the “ Find My iPhone app. ” now due to the io 15 exhaust, unite of these both applications called “ Find My. ”

The newfangled Find My application has a theme of grey background compiled with a green circle and in the center, a blue-tinted placement traffic circle. It mechanically doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate position on the phone ’ s base screen door. thus, free the tension about discover my friends no location found as you got your solution .

What Does No Location Found Mean on Find My Friends

If the Find My Friends app continuously showing no localization found, there is decidedly some publish appearing. It ’ second credibly because the placement service is not working appropriately. The application runs depending upon GPS arsenic well as the earphone ’ sulfur location service. In that contrast, if any publish occurs, the app might address a few tweaks .
Besides, if the call ’ s internal operation has any trouble, the GPS and placement tracking system may not work sufficiently. A simpleton error or severe business can necessarily cause something terribly wrong. consequently, the app won ’ triiodothyronine be able to track any location of your friends or family .

Why Does Find My Friends Say No Location Found

many of you may think that your friend may block you from the earphone or disable the placement for you concerning – ‘ Why does find my friends say no placement found ? ’ however, this is not the case. It can be their earphone is switched off, or credibly your device has some serious issue. There can besides be few more possibilities of this indication, such as

  • Your friend needs to correct the date and time on the device.
  • Both phones are not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • Presumably, the person turned on the ‘Hide My Location.’
  • Or, the person has not sign-in to Find My Friends.

How to Fix No Location Found Find My Friends

The message “ no location found on find my friends ” in the app will appear if the person is out of network coverage. Or he/she turned off GPS, or possibly the person ’ s earphone ran out of barrage. Whatever the reason be, hera are some of the resolutions you can opt for. Make surely you follow the downstairs steps to ensure your app works flawlessly .
1. Confirm the GPS is on and working
Turning off GPS saves battery life. Hence, many people turn off GPS when they don ’ t require it. however, Find My Friends can still track the location using cell data even if GPS is away. But the data international relations and security network ’ thymine constantly demand or reliable. meanwhile, it ’ ll argue ‘ location not available ’ if you ’ re anyhow out of coverage. so, make sure to open “ Settings ” > “ Privacy ” > “ Location Services ” > turn it on .
no location found find my friends
2. Restart & login binding on the app
When you notice any trouble regarding “ no location found on find my friends ” try on to restart the application and log in immediately. It is the simplest fixate solution for about every app issue. But logging in to the app is a must to enable the track sport .
3. Check & correct the date and time
You know even the slightest inaccuracy on date and time on your device can obstruct Find My Friends from operating well. constantly set your call to automatic date & time shape from the net. So the app can work accurately again .
find my friends no location found
3. Turn on “ Share my placement ”
No placement found find my friends can besides occur if Share My Location is disabled. And therefore, make sure to check this sport and turn it on. For this, merely go to “ Settings ” > “ iCloud Setting ” > Location Services ” > “ Share My Location ”. Turn it on now .
find my friends no location found

Find My Friends Still No Location? Try iToolab FixGo

If you have tried above ways to fix, and your Find My Friends placement calm no find. It ’ s highly possible there have something problems with your ios system. therefore, you can try a professional Tool – iToolab FixGo to fix your iPhone. If you are facing iPhone update issues, iToolab FixGo can help you to solve them easily. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry about not knowing how to use this software as it is super easy for everyone .
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Video Tutorial

The Standard Mode of iToolab FixGo will fix most io system issues without data loss. only 3 Steps to fix your io issues like a professional. It will help you get all the troubles done. To get started, download and install FixGo and fasten find my friends still no placement easily !

Extra Tips: How to Fake Location on Find My Friends

Don ’ metric ton you wish to show your native location to anyone ? Simple, use iToolab AnyGo which is a great spoofer cock works like a miracle for io devices. You can show your friends or family a talk through one’s hat location as your LIVE location without letting them know anything. As is called spoofer, you can simulate a fake GPS route with extremely still by importing a GPX file. Or teleport. And guess what ? cipher will ever identify or realize that you are not using your original placement at all .

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  • Works well with LBS games and apps such as Pokémon GO.
  • Multiple modes to fake GPS movement.
  • Simulate walking, cycling or driving at a variable speed.
  • Spoof location of multiple iPhones simultaneously.

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now, how can you use iToolab AnyGo ? Follow these accomplishable steps below .
tone 1 : Connect your iPhone or iPad with the personal computer. Click on the “ Start ” option displaying in the independent window of the application .
why does find my friends say no location found
step 2 : You will start seeing your stream location on the map appearing on the following page. Hit on the picture named “ Centre On ” to receive the stream position ; in case the display placement is wrong .
what does no location found mean on find my friends
step 3 : In the upper-right corner of the screen, you will see “ Teleport, ” tap the symbol. Next, enter the localization you will like to teleport to and then click “ search. ”
what does no location found mean on find my friends 2
step 4 : last, the system mechanically will register the current favored location. Hit on the “ Go ” option to teleport .
what does no location found mean on find my friends 3


Find My Friends is a relatively condom app for locating the placement of each early. Through a strong account password, you can secure your on-line privacy. however, you can accept or remove people from your list, assuming you don ’ thymine want to continue them to locate your localization anymore. Or you can use talk through one’s hat location apps for hand brake usage. It ’ s dependable to attempt. What ’ s more, we highly recommend you can use iToolab FixGo to fix io problems ! That will not let you defeated ! We hope we could help you solving your all queries like ‘ what does no location found mean on find my friends ’ nicely .

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  • Fix common iPhone/iPad errors.
  • Support all iOS devices and versions.

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