Heavy-Duty Swing Set Anchor Kit | Provides Extra Support & Stability


Eastern Jungle GymⓇ ( “ EJG ” ) warrants all wooden components of its swing sets, under normal practice and conditions, for a prorate time period of 10 ( TEN ) years from the date of buy. The guarantee applies to the original buyer at the original address on sales receipt for the Classic, Dreamscape, Dream, Supreme ( Oct 2015 and after ), Supremescape, Ultimate, Extreme, Sky, Sky Tree House, Fantasy, Fantasy Tree House and Imagination swing sets. It warrants against morphologic bankruptcy from insect infestation or wood decompose. It does not cover waste or decay that occurs as a result of the initiation of a golf stroke set in an area with poor people drain .
seasonal checks, minor cracking, knots, nautical mile holes, peeling, warping, splintering, etc. are all considered natural characteristics and cosmetic imperfections of any wooden outdoor bring equipment. They do not result in structural failure, and they are not covered under this guarantee. Discoloration, mold growth and faded stain on the wooden components, arsenic well as coat rust on hardware, are not considered defects and are not covered under the guarantee .
Any components returned to EJG under this limit 10-year guarantee must be sent freight prepay and will be replaced or repaired at Eastern Jungle Gym ’ s option. Returned components will be sent freight collect. eastern Jungle Gym® reserves the right to examine photograph and/or forcible evidence of merchandise claimed to be bad and to recover merchandise prior to any guarantee claims. Any other costs associated with the work that must be performed on-site are not covered. Any travel and undertaking or shipping and manage expenses will be the responsibility of the original buyer. The guarantee described frankincense far is the original buyer ’ randomness sole and single remedy. It lasts for 15 years, or until the original customer sells or otherwise transfers the unit .
In summation to and separate from the above, all chains, lasso, canopy tent tops, seats, hardware, metal braces, handles, rungs, and all accessories will be free from defects in material and craft for a period of 1 ( ONE ) year from the date of purchase. Cracks in plastic components, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as chips and imperfections in the powder-coated finishes, are not considered defects in craft or material if they do not affect the functionality of the component or the dangle set, and as such will not be covered under this guarantee. Any components returned to EJG under this restrict annual guarantee will be replaced or repaired at Eastern Jungle Gym ’ sulfur option. Any costs associated with study that must be performed on-site is not covered, and neither are locomotion and labor or ship and treat expenses. Those will be the province of the original buyer. The guarantee described in this paragraph is the original buyer ’ mho sole and exclusive rectify. It lasts for 1 year, or until the master customer sells or differently transfers the unit.

Non-residential use of swing set up or any swing set parts ( including but not limited to chains, ropes, canopy camp tops, handles, etc. ) is prohibited and will not be covered under any guarantee, as Eastern Jungle Gym swing sets are designed for residential function ONLY. EJG reserves the mighty to examine photograph and/or physical evidence of trade claimed to be defective and to recover trade anterior to any guarantee claims. Any merchandise returned for inspection must be sent freight prepay, and will be returned freight-collect unless a return key authority number is issued.

These warranties do not apply to any swing set or swing set separate that has been subjected to abuse, vandalism, improper installation, negligence or acts of God. Warranties are void if any alterations or additions have been made to the swing set, or if it has been relocated by the customer or a third party .
These warranties are capable to the limitations stated herein. These warranties are expressly in stead of all other warranties. They exclude all consequential damages. Some states do not allow the limitation or exclusion of consequential damages, so the above may not apply to you. eastern Jungle GymⓇ does not authorize any individual or representative to express or imply any other guarantee .
notice : failure to maintain your equipment properly may cause the warranties described herein not to apply in certain circumstances. It is the owner ’ s province to perform care on the swing stage set, which includes but is not limited to hardware checks and regular restaining/resealing .

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