While the crash of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is awful news for investors, it ’ south besides a unreassuring development for Matt Damon and his repute as a nice-guy movie star topology .
“ The martian ” actor is getting roasted on Twitter for a now ill-famed 60-second television receiver ad featured during NFL playoff games and the Super Bowl earlier this class, encouraging people to invest in cryptocurrency. Damon hailed people ’ mho investment in cryptocurrency as the future capital homo endeavor, as historically game changing as the Wright Brothers inventing human flight or astronauts landing on the moon .
“ Fortune favors the brave, ” Damon loftily said in the ad, while strolling down a minimalist hallway straight out of a science fiction movie, with visions of some of the global ’ s capital explorers appearing on each side .
As when the ad first ran, Damon was getting ripped on Twitter Thursday for being a multimillionaire who tried to sell regular people on the estimate of risking their savings with investments in “ wholly artificial assets. ”

then and now, Intercept investigative reporter Ken Klippenstein tore into Damon for probably earning millions to make the ad. Klippenstein tweeted in January :

Klippenstein followed up on Wednesday :

Another Intercept writer, Jon Schwarz, pointed out how much money people potentially lost if they were moved by Damon ’ sulfur television ad, which premiered in late October .

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier said that Damon used his reputation as a smart, adequate, relatable star topology to basically promise that induct in cryptocurrency would lead to riches. rather, “ billions and billions of dollars ” have been “ going fagot ” in recent weeks .

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies crashed overnight Thursday, dropping to levels not seen since the crypto market began surging in recently 2020, Forbes, CNBC and other outlets reported. The doss erased $ 200 billion in a single day and about $ 1 trillion deserving of prize in a calendar month .
CNBC said investors have been fleeing from cryptocurrencies in holocene months, at a time when stock markets besides have dropped on fears over inflation and a devolve economic mentality in the United Sates .
Amid such excitability, the company Crypto.com apparently thought people would take fiscal advice from a sympathetic star like Damon. Crypto.com makes an app that facilitates the purchase and sales of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies .
The “ Bourne Identity ” star international relations and security network ’ t alone among celebrities to hawk digital currency. then own Kim Kardashian, Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, Spike Lee, Alec Baldwin and Neil Patrick Harris, among others.

But Damon ’ s widely promoted — and mocked — “ Fortune favors the audacious ” ad prompted discussion among commercial enterprise journalists and other experts about the deepening connection between celebrity and cryptocurrency. In an episode of Slate ’ s “ What Next : TBD ” podcast, authors Jacob Silverman and Ben McKenzie talked about how they looked into the growing practice of hiring celebrities to promote cryptocurrency for an approaching koran .
They said they discovered that some stars may not wholly understand what they are promoting. however, the celebrities took the money, which Silverman and McKenzie found both “ disappoint ” and surprise, considering that stars are normally pretty protective of their brands and images when it comes to attaching their names to a intersection .
McKenzie said that celebrities should be obligated to reflect on what they are doing when touting cryptocurrency. “ Wouldn ’ t you feel bad if your fans lost money because you gave them badly fiscal advice ? ” McKenzie said .
People on social media Thursday were surely wondering if Damon feels bad about pushing cryptocurrency. One person tweeted that the crypto crash international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate amusing because some people might have been seriously hurt by following Damon ’ s leave .

But some speculated that possibly Damon doesn ’ thymine find that bad .

Others still joked .

calm others suggested that the situation offers some important lessons on the riskiness of certain markets and on why people should never take fiscal advice from celebrities :

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