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Usage examples of tallow.

Stirred by towers that poke above the horde of city lightintense white carbide lamps, smoke-burnished loss of light grease, tallow twinkling, frantic clamber flatulence flare, all anarchic guards against the darkthe winds exuberate and play .
somewhere, a great read ledger lay afford atop a rat-gnawed dais beside a gutter tallow candle .
The portal vein creaked inbound and faces peered out, sallow in the glow of cheap tallow dips, or brosy with drink in and primed to proffer lewd gossip .
A bill being formed accordingly, passed through both houses without opposition, though in the precede session a placard to the same determination had miscarried among the peers : a spontaneous abortion credibly owing to their being unacquainted with the sentiments of his stateliness, as some of the duties upon tallow constituted part of one of the branches appropriated for the civil list tax income.

I remembered the tire faces of a missionary and two priests, the books piled up on the lectern, the flames of the tallow candles by which the debaters traced text in the heavy folios to back up their arguments, the blush faces of the schismatists and the church conformists who met with a lot cry every fathom expostulation to their views .
several of them carried lanterns for the walk back, though the tallow candles within were unlighted at the moment .
There only toward end, which means : tossed in layers, with a few leaves and hole beechnuts on top, lest the crows, or if foxes should come, the fore, diviners, vultures, care for seekers, witches, if there are any, gather fetuses, make tallow candles out of them or powder to strew across thresholds ointments for everything and nothing .
The name of an argument was curtailed as the Bullnose Morris reached the junction of Tallow Dock Lane and Westferry Road.

Brian Tate and the white cat, melting like tallow in the fetid heat of the Faraday cage : but now he saw them increasingly in situations that made no sense .
By the light of a brassy tallow candle, I could see two landsmen, both rather scruffy-looking, seated at a table with Frankenstein and Saville, while Walton stood by with fold arms .
xylomelum pyriforme or native pear trees with their wooden fruit and unpleasant smell, and the Goodenia ovata with its iniquity serrated leaves and yellow flowers and the Pittosporum and Sassafras were all clasped together and held airless by native jasmine, and up through it all the pilfer and bangalow palms and the Eucalyptus microcorys or tallow forest and the Swamp Mahogany or robusta of the eucalyptus genus stood into the humid breeze .
They are at least once a workweek to examine the guns and all the iron workplace of the carriages, and see that they are preserve free from rust, and specially the bizarre axles, elevating screws, and pivot-bolts, which must be protected by a concoction of tallow and white-lead, or early similar coating.

Whenever guns are to be struck below, or prepared for transportation, the artilleryman will see that the bores are washed with fresh water system, cautiously sponged, thoroughly dried, and coated with melted tallow, and a chew dipped in the lapp material inserted, and connected with a tampion by a lanyard .
lone after Hesione came in did he, or she, light one of her own candles, tallow preferably than wax, and whatever they talked about for the ten minutes or so the candle burned, it was then interesting that neither of them thought about trimming the wick .
Foot, Dappa, Monsieur Arlanc, Padraig Tallow, Vrej Esphahnian, Surendranath, and Gabriel Goto, with avant-garde Hoek as their captain and Moseh as their designated Prophet .

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