This is just the most corruptible broker I have ever had in 30 years of trade. This broker cheated me on a trade, by filling my holy order 40 pips below current price. When the market opens gap up on a Monday dawn in Australia, if the price is 1.7165 on EURAUD when the market opens, if you fill me after the market opens at a price of 1.7125 ( WHEN CURRENT PRICE is 1.7165 ) you cheated me !

its no different than if I had a arrest loss set at 1.7125 into fridays close, if the market opens on monday at 1.7165 ! then my period loss will trigger and CLOSE my trade 40 pips higher ! the broker can not honestly close your arrest loss at 1.7125 as set Friday, because after the opening gap, the price is 1.7165 so that is the best they can do ( at the stream fourth dimension ) so your shining path closes AND YOU LOSE 40 PIPS MORE THAN YOU PLANNED.

So after calling this agent out, it took them 3 days to analyze the craft even after I sent them respective images showing the col up, and how it is cheating to fill orders WAY LOWER, after a gap up. rather of being honest they said they did n’t cheat me ! ( lies ) well they did, and I have all the images and the proof, and the exist account numbers. I can edit the review and add them if these scammers want to come explain to us what they did, and then the whole world can not only see they are cheaters and liars, but besides barely ignorant for trying to claim I should learn how open col study.

SO I sure welcome them to come and explain to us, how it isnt cheating to do what they did. I have all the records, and will file a CFTC complaint, as they are soliciting US persons for accounts and then cheating them. If they have LP ‘s in the USA, it will be easy to put the squeeze on.

Cheating your clients is bad enough ! But when they catch you the thing to do is, fez up, get honest, and fix your errors, not continue on lying about them. There is no way this broker can be a ignorant as they claim, not knowing how to process gap ups in an good equitable bazaar way.

Avoid this broke at all costs, they admitted to me in electronic mail that they cheat everyone ! not barely me ! I can besides post all the emails if motivation be … .where is the button to add images and attachments.

After this review I will be adding reviews for LDQFX all over the internet with images proving they are cheaters and liars !

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