LEGO relaunching its limited-edition VIP Collectible Coins, here’s how to score them

The LEGO Group announced today that it would be giving builders another find to score the limited-edition VIP Collectible Coins. For those who missed out on the singular releases throughout last year, tomorrow will see another chance to bring home all five of the coins inspired by authoritative LEGO themes. Head below for all of the details .

LEGO relaunching its VIP Collectible Coins

The LEGO Group first launched the singular VIP Collectible Coins approximately a year ago – back in January of 2021. slowly releasing over the course of the year, we saw five different installments in the series introduction, each of which sold out about immediately as the demand for the latest lego promotion far exceeded the actual sprout. And now, to kick off 2022, builders will have a second prospect to score them.

As a promptly refresher, the LEGO VIP Collectible Coins arrive in five different designs inspired by classic themes. There ’ south a standard gold LEGO coin at the center of the collection, which pairs with versions based around authoritative Space, Pirates, Octan, and Castle. A crystalline display case is besides going to be available for showcasing them as a unmarried unit .

Each of the collectible Coins launched with a 1,150 VIP point cost, though there ’ s no telling if the LEGO Group will be changing that up or not. even so, you ’ ll have to head over to the LEGO VIP Rewards page in order to redeem your points for them. The companion display case will probably sell for its original 700-points as well .
Starting tomorrow, on January 11, builders are now going to have a second probability to score the LEGO VIP Collectible Coins. These will begin going live at unlike times based on where you live, though here in the US it ’ s worth highlighting the 9 ante meridiem EST launching. otherwise, here ’ s the full breakdown.

  • In Australian and New Zealand: Midnight Sydney time
  • In Japan: Midnight local time
  • In Korea: Midnight local time
  • Europe: 11 a.m. CET/10 a.m. GMT
  • United States and Canada: 9 a.m. EST

In any case, this is surely something you ’ re going to want to mark in your calendar and set an alarm for. Just like the first fourth dimension around, we ’ re expecting each of the LEGO VIP Collectible Coins to sell out immediately. It ’ south besides worth noting that this will likely be the last probability to score them, as it ’ second shocking that the LEGO Group brought them back for a moment run in the first position. And considering the steep prices via sites like eBay, scoring them directly from LEGO is surely the better bet – if you can .
To help combat any scalpers hoping to score a moment set, this offer will be limited to those who haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate already redeemed the LEGO VIP Collectible Coins. Though the LEGO Group notes it may open the coins up to anyone depending on demand.

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