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User ( 03/09/2017 07:45 )
We very appreciate everyone ‘s solitaire over the months while we deal with Dann ‘s health. We are calm open for specify hours by appointee only. The best direction to contact us if you ‘d like to set up an appointment or ask any questions is to message us here or email us at sales @ Thank you.

User ( 23/04/2017 02:26 )
open 2-4 today ( 4/22 ) !

User ( 15/04/2017 01:44 )
We will be open 2-4 today, Friday April 14th.

User ( 02/04/2017 01:58 )
We will be open 2:15-4 !

User ( 27/03/2017 11:39 )
If you know any age-old gun or muzzleloader people, please have them contact us. We had a Kentucky longrifle/plainsgun come in. The lock is R. W. Booth from Cincinnati, OH, and the barrel is possibly much older and marked G. Wareham. We found records of Wareham moving to Indiana in the 1850 ‘s, so having an Ohio marked gun, we know it was at least 1850 ‘s, if not earlier. We are going to take some decent pics soon and will post. It is a very heavy artillery, 11.5lbs ! It’s a 32 quality … but the strange thing it the octangular barrel is identical, very dense. The digest is 0.32 ” and the barrel is another 0.4 ” on either english. It’s around a 1.1 ” thick barrel, identical heavy. It is percussion cap fired, but may have been modified. It is besides rifled. If it was n’t modified, it ‘s 1820-1850 ‘s production. If it was retrofitted and was previously flintlock, it ‘s 1760-1840. It’s an amazing while of history. It was more than likely used in the civil war as guns were sparse. It could have evening been used in the revolutionist war ! We are presently collaborating with historians at the Ohio longrifle collectors company to try and narrow down the age and if there is anything particular about it that would make it peculiarly valuable. The malcolm stock butt of the gun is curved so it sits in the criminal of your elbow/bicep sphere, because if you shot a full load from your shoulder, it would dislocate your shoulder ! The best function is that it is shootable. It came in break, we have been able to repair it and will be shooting it angstrom soon as I can cast round ball bullets for it. We will post videos of us shooting the gunman. We will besides post us shooting the sawed off stagecoach accelerator soon. That artillery had n’t been fired in over 100 years and worked big ! This one has possibly been unfired evening longer than that ! We are experience firearm professionals and do all of this safely. We do not suggest you go out and fire old guns as there are a number of factors, that if not met, will make the artillery explode and kill/maim you and/or your spectators. Safety first ! Keep an eye out for pics and videos soon ! And as constantly we pay a set more !
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User ( 26/03/2017 02:15 )
open 2-4 today, 3/25/17

User ( 25/03/2017 11:30 )
We ‘ve had all kinds of very clean collectibles come in this workweek. We had 2 Sycamore, IL civil war tokens come in. A very singular Kentucky Longrifle. The 1928 “ Dixonian ” high school annual from Dixon, IL with Ronald Reagan in it ( this lapp edition book was featured on an episode of pawn stars ! ). very very unique early 1900 ‘s 10k gold ruby set in camphor glass ring and chandelier set. A queen ‘s carriage guard helmet with crimson dye horse hair’s-breadth and sword from same unit. A late 1800 ‘s degree fahrenheit … amily bible from Maple Park IL. several gold John Deere service award pins and cufflinks. 1914 Kaiser porcelain from Germany a well as some Nazi Germany patches and such. 1739 spanish 8 reales, besides known as a nibble of eight and was a very important mint in the early days of our country before we minted our own money. Assortment of erstwhile 50’s-60 ‘s fischer price toys. Antique baby buggy with crazy suspension. Old arrest sign. so much stuff ! excessively much to list. Some is very local and historically relevant. And of course there are coins, coins, and more coins ! And why do we have all this stuff ? Because we pay more ! And not just more, we pay A LOT MORE ! We ‘ve been brainsick busy due to this, so if you would like to meet with us without waiting or being worked with while we help other people as well, feel free to contact us for a private appointment/showing, or even a family call if it ‘s besides a lot to bring in. And as always thank you for supporting a local anesthetic syndicate owned and operated occupation ( our contest comes into town everyday to take your money back to the subburbs and out of the residential district, we live here ! ). Stop by soon ! Been receptive wed/fri/sat 2-4.
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User ( 25/03/2017 02:09 )
open 2-4 today, 3/24/17

User ( 23/03/2017 01:57 )
open 2-4 today !

User ( 19/03/2017 02:52 )
open 2:15-4 !

User ( 18/03/2017 02:02 )
unfold 2-4 today !

User ( 16/03/2017 01:51 )
We are candid 1:45-4 today !

User ( 02/03/2017 10:18 )
Along with line of syco ash grey, we will be doing some gold pieces a well. here is our first 1/10 oz 999 gold “ mint ” refined, mold, and struck right here in Sycamore IL !

User ( 01/03/2017 12:06 )
Introducing Syco Silver, our own personal wrinkle of silver refined and cast right here in Sycamore Illinois ! If you have any matter to in purchasing any of our base grow organic cage free silver ( lol ) stop by and let us know. Quantities will be identical very limited. We are besides taking custom orders on argent pieces.

User ( 26/02/2017 03:15 )
We ‘re afford 2:10-4 today ! hope to see everyone nowadays !

User ( 18/02/2017 10:19 )
The first JP Coins ash grey legal profession, cast right field here in little ol ‘ Sycamore IL ! This little guy is merely under half an ounce of silver.

User ( 12/02/2017 02:48 )
We ‘re open from 1pm to 4pm today.

Great Couple very adept Prices

Nice products better than any other in Dekalb or Sycamore Thank You

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