Hushmail secure email review

Hushmail has a few features that make it an interest choice for healthcare companies and lawyers, but it ’ south in a bad privacy legal power and collects personal data. Canadian-based Hushmail is one of the oldest providers in the impregnable e-mail service industry, offering private, impregnable e-mail for over 20 years. Hushmail uses standard encoding algorithm, like OpenPGP and TLA/SSL, and focuses on offering fasten emails for modest businesses, checkup companies, and lawyers. Could it be the best electronic mail supplier for your needs ? In our Hushmail review, we look at the pros and cons of this secret electronic mail serve.

Hushmail: Plans and pricing

Hushmail offers a single personal design and a range of business plans. There ’ randomness no free tier, but you can get a 14-day test of the personal plan Hushmail Premium. At $ 49.98/year, this includes 10 GB of repositing, two secure electronic mail forms, outright e-mail aliases, and support for two-step authentication. Hushmail for Small Business costs $ 5.99/month/user with a $ 9.99 frame-up fee. Each user gets the same features as the Premium plan. You can use your own domain name and create up to 100 e-mail addresses that are automatically forwarded to one of your accounts. The Small Business Plus plan adds electronic mail archiving for an excess $ 2/month/user. If you need HIPPA-compliant emails and web forms, there ’ south Hushmail for Healthcare. You can send guarantee messages to traditional electronic mail services like Gmail and Hotmail. One e-mail account with two procure web forms and 10 GB of repositing costs $ 9.99/month. Five electronic mail accounts with five fasten web forms, 15 GB of repositing, and support for electronic signatures costs $ 19.99/month. You can choose larger plans excessively, with more e-mail accounts and world wide web forms, starting at $ 39.99/month. There ’ second besides a $ 9.99/month Hushmail for Law design that includes a sign agreement to support attorney-client prerogative in the US, UK, and canadian courts. A $ 3.99/month plan is available for nonprofits, and enterprise plans are available on a bespoke footing. Hushmail secure email review Hushmail has plans specifically designed to meet HIPAA submission ( double credit : Hushmail )

Hushmail: Features

Hush plug Forms allow customers to contact you to start secure conversations and send you files securely. This can be peculiarly utilitarian for healthcare companies, as they can ask clients to fill in a questionnaire before visiting or complete a self-reporting assessment to help doctors diagnose a aesculapian issue. even if your recipient role doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use Hushmail, your emails to them can be encrypted. rather of sending your message directly to the recipient, they ’ rhenium rather sent a link to log into Hushmail to read the message securely there. You can build your own secure forms from the templates provided by Hushmail ( image credit : Hushmail )

Hushmail: Interface and in use

Signing up for Hushmail entails giving them your current electronic mail address. You ’ re besides forced to confirm a call number. Compared to other private electronic mail services that let you sign up 100 % anonymously, this feels intrusive.

The Hushmail network interface is businesslike and pro forma. You can create folders for your electronic mail, set an automatic pistol reply, create electronic mail aliases, block senders, and set up two-factor authentication. Hushmail can be set to email you at your primary e-mail address whenever you receive an e-mail. IMAP, POP, and SMTP clients are supported, so you can use your favorite electronic mail node. But if you email through SMTP to a recipient role that isn ’ thymine a Hushmail customer and they haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate previously set a passphrase for receiving code mail, the electronic mail will be sent as non-encrypted. We ’ five hundred besides like to see more modern functionality from the user interface, such as the ability to drag and drop e-mail messages and a multi-panel reading paneling. Hushmail has a basic drug user interface without many customization options ( persona accredit : Hushmail )

Hushmail: Support

support for Hushmail is available over the earphone from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM PST. You can besides contact Hushmail by e-mail. note that support international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate available if you ’ re distillery using the dislodge trial. There are around 100 support articles on the Hushmail web site, covering topics from setting up third-party electronic mail clients to verifying Hushmail ‘s digital signature. If you have a particular question about the military service, there ’ s a good chance that you can find it here. Hushmail support is available through phone or electronic mail ( effigy credit : Hushmail )

Hushmail: Security

Hushmail offers throughout encoding using open-source OpenPGP. While this is strong encoding for the body of your electronic mail, it means recipients and subject lines aren ’ thymine encrypted. In passage, emails are protected by an SSL/TLS tunnel and HSTS. Your password is besides hashed, and Hushmail uses a zero-knowledge exemplary, so they can ’ t decrypt your emails without your password. But Hushmail is far from a no-logging avail. IP addresses of visitors to the web site are recorded, and when you make a purchase, your IP address, electronic mail, billing address, and credit card details are logged and sent to third parties. tied reading or moving emails in the user interface creates a log. Records of activities are kept for 18 months. If the company received an enforceable club under the laws of British Columbia, Canada, they may disclose data in an unencrypted format to governments, including the US. Hushmail supports two-factor authentication by e-mail, textbook, or smartphone app ( image credit : Hushmail )

The competition

Hushmail is entirely focused on e-mail. If you ’ five hundred prefer a impregnable office suite, there ’ south not only does it offer batten individual electronic mail on par with Hushmail, but it besides includes an address script, spreadsheet, bible central processing unit, calendar, and defile repositing.

For an even more private and secure service, we suggest Tutanota. You don ’ t need to give up so much personal information when you sign up, and there ’ s about no log of your activities. furthermore, Tutanota encrypts your electronic mail capable lines, while Hushmail leaves them in knit text on the server .

Final verdict

Hushmail is a competent product with good security features. Its guarantee Forms and HIPAA complaisance make it a crown choice for companies that must communicate securely with customers regarding sensitive medical data. But it ’ s based in Canada and a subordinate of a US company, meaning your data can be decrypted at the request of the government. Because encoding is applied on the server rather than on your computer, Hushmail can decrypt your impregnable messages. This reduces the measure of the privacy services on volunteer, so unless you need the specific business features of this product, we suggest that you look elsewhere for your fasten e-mail provider .

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