Do you want to use Conversations in your company and want aid in setting up a suitable XMPP server or are you having problems getting started with Conversations ? If you have a general question about Conversations that has not been answered by our FAQ, you can join the Conversations group chat on : conversations @ This is a light excerpt of the stallion, much more detail FAQ that can be found in the at our GitHub depository .

How do I install Conversations?

Conversations is entirely overt source and licensed under GPLv3. so if you are a software developer, you can check out the sources from GitHub and use gradle to build your APK file.

The more commodious room — which not entirely gives you automatic rifle updates but besides supports the far exploitation of Conversations — is to buy the App in the Google Play Store .
Buying the App from the Play Store will besides give you access to our beta examination .

How do I create an account?

XMPP, like e-mail, is a federate protocol, which means that there is not one company you can create an official XMPP explanation with. alternatively there are hundreds, or even thousands, of providers out there. One of those providers is our identical own If you don ’ thymine like to use use a web search engine of your option to find another provider. Or possibly your university has one. Or you can run your own. Or ask a friend to run one. Once you ‘ve found one, you can use Conversations to create an report. Just select register new explanation on server within the create report dialogue .

Domain hosting

Using your own sphere not alone gives you a more recognizable Jabber ID, it besides gives you the flexibility to migrate your account between different XMPP providers. This is a good compromise between the responsibilities of having to operate your own waiter and the downsides of being dependant on a individual supplier.

Learn more about Jabber/XMPP domain host .

Running your own

If you already have a server somewhere and are volition and able to put the necessity work in, one alternative-in the spirit of federation-is to run your own. We recommend either prosody or ejabberd. Both of which have their own strengths. Ejabberd is slightly more mature nowadays but Prosody is arguably easier to set up .
For Prosody you need a pair of so called community modules most of which are maintained by the same people that develop Prosody.

If you pick ejabberd make certain you use the latest interpretation. Linux Distributions might bundle some very old versions of it .

How can I set up a custom hostname and port?

Conversations will mechanically look up the SRV records for your sphere name, which can point to any hostname port combination. If your server doesn ’ thyroxine provide those, please contact your admin and have them read this document on the prosody wiki. If your server hustler is unwilling to fix this you can enable advance waiter settings in the adept settings of Conversations .

How does the address book integration work?

The address book integration was designed to protect your privacy. Conversations neither upload contacts from your savoir-faire record to your server nor fills your address book with unnecessary contacts from your on-line roll. If you manually add a Jabber ID to your phones address reserve, Conversations will use the name and the profile picture of this contact. To make the process of adding Jabber IDs to your address book easier, you can click on the profile photograph in the contact details within Conversations. This will start an attention deficit disorder to address book captive with the JID as the cargo. This doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate command Conversations to have write permissions on your address reserve, but besides does n’t require you to copy/paste a JID from one app to another .

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