Google Chrome, I love ya but…

It ‘s true that I love Google ‘s open source Chrome browser but I ‘m not in sleep together with it — at least not anymore. I use Chrome entirely except when I have to use Firefox or Internet Explorer for something that Chrome merely wo n’t do, which is n’t frequently. Chrome has an impressive list of features going for it including Incognito mode, in-browser linguistic process translation, travel rapidly, plugins, cross-platform support and bookmark synchronism to name a few but, for all of Chrome ‘s awesomeness, it has its problems.

One of those problems is that it seems to use a lot of memory on my Windows 7 system ( AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70 2.00GHz, 4GB RAM, 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate ). For example, in the screenshot below, you ‘ll see that there are ten Chrome instances running on my calculator, although, in reality there is a one browser open with three tabs . When using Chrome for my identical hanker days, frequently exceeding 12 hours, Chrome will crash at least once. In fact, Chrome crashed during the write of this article. I stepped away for dinner while writing it and came back to the following one message on my screen. My day by day greeting from Chrome. It ‘s identical thwart. I thought I had lost most of this military post but thank good for browser history. I still, stupidly, often write these articles in Chrome while logged into our content management system. One of Chrome ‘s tout features is stability :

Tabs and Stability Chrome is built for constancy. If an person tab freezes or crashes, the other tabs are insensible. You can besides arrange your tabs however you wish — promptly and well. Learn more on how to organize your tabs .

Yeah, I ‘m wholly on board with that stability instruction. not. In fact, I ‘ve never had a Tab fail that did n’t take down the browser or browsers that I had open. Often enough, the Shockwave plugin is the perpetrator but not constantly. For case, the failure during dinner. An excellent recipe for indigestion, I must say.

Chrome ‘s bookmarking and bookmark management besides leaves much to be desired. I hate messing with bookmarks in Chrome. But, bookmark management is minor compared to my stability problem. In encase you ‘re curious, I ‘m using version 16.0.912.77. The latest according to Chrome ‘s Help- > About page. then, my first think is to move to Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera for my default browser. On second base think, possibly I should equitable deal with the crashes as I have for the by class or so and hope for a more stable version that is constantly “ in the adjacent rewrite. ” I think I ‘ll give Opera a try and report back on my advancement with it. I do n’t very want to change but I feel that I have to change for the sake of my productivity and my sanity. It ‘s dainty that Chrome “ recovers ” and restarts my most recently used pages when I relaunch it but badly I ‘m banal of doing it. I love Chrome. I love the mind of Chrome. I love Chrome ‘s features, in hypothesis at least. Yes, ours is a dysfunctional kinship of love, hate, happiness and frustration. Chrome is a harsh mistress and one that I ‘m tire of stringing along. I wo n’t completely sever my ties with Chrome but I ‘m putting it “ on notice ” with the argument, “ Chrome, you had better hope that I do n’t like Opera better. ” Firefox irritates me. Internet Explorer is about useless to me, since I upgraded it to version 9. And, now Chrome is failing me. My opera download ( interpretation 11.61 ) has finished and it ‘s clock time to install it and to close out this array of Chrome ‘s that I immediately have open. ( Yes, I ‘m silent composing this in Chrome, although I know better. Some people just do n’t learn. ) so long for now, Chrome. I ‘ll miss you but not the problems. Do you have like problems with Chrome on Windows ? Talk back and let me know. [ note : I have never had any problems with Chrome on Linux. ] Related Articles: Google shares Chrome browser security principles

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