I hate my Mac – Here’s why I’m moving to Windows

I hate my Mac – Here’s why I’m moving to Windows

As introductions go, this is decidedly one of the more dissentious ways to introduce myself. But where ’ s the playfulness in being prudent ? After a ten of worshiping the glazed Apple logo on my Mac, I ’ ve ultimately seen the light and will be switching to my first Windows OS since Windows XP .
Considering I merely used the words “ worship ” and “ Apple ” in the same sentence, you ’ vitamin d be forgiven for thinking that I ’ m besides a suppliant to the iPhone. fortunately, however, that ship sailed a long clock time ago, making it even more storm that despite owning Android phones for the past eight years, I ’ ve so far to give up my Mac in favor of Windows .

What has Mac ever done to me?

That ’ second fair it ; Mac hasn ’ t ever done anything for me. Despite wanting to love Mac with every character of my being, every time I bite the bullet train and get a newer model, the price has gone up while the timbre has gone polish. Once the honeymoon period of owning a decent, bright new Mac is over, I ’ molarity always left wondering what it is I ’ ve actually paid for – was it the glistening Apple logo, or was it the specification inside ?
Apple Mac Logo Lit by Red Light Configuring your Mac on the Apple Website is like doing a dance between getting a device that can actually do what you need it to do and unintentionally bankrupting yourself. As a yet-to-be millionaire, I ’ ve frequently had to stay on the side of affordability, meaning I ’ m paying above the odds for a Mac with deficient spectacles.

Stop being poor and buy a better model

I can hear it now, the distant blare of the keyboard warriors coming to defend Mac with the argument that if I plainly bought a better exemplar, there ’ five hundred be no return .
Do I in truth need to explain how requiring person to buy the top-tier interpretation of your merchandise to make it worth the money international relations and security network ’ t a good brand scheme ? surely, any device coming with a four-figure price tag should be able to handle a couple of open tabs and a connection to the internet, and yet hera I am with a Mac that sounds like it ’ sulfur about to give Ryanair a range for its money .

Things about my Mac that infuriate me

If you ’ re silent here, then you ’ re intelligibly in this for the Mac aspersion, and I ’ ll try not to disappoint. Despite using both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for the majority of my digital life, they never fail to surprise me with something new to get annoyed about .
Do you enjoy your charger constantly disconnecting from your laptop ? then the MacBook Air 2008, complete with an L-Style connection, is the Mac for you .
Or do you prefer to type without using your spacebar ? In which case, about any MacBook after the 2016 shift from scissor switches to the new butterfly-style connectors should tick all your boxes .
Joking digression, most of these issues have been fixed in the more holocene MacBook Air and MacBook Pro iterations, so what ’ s my gripe with my Mac model ? unfortunately, I don ’ t have the luxury of saving up for a new Mac every year, so I ’ meter stick with the 2018 MacBook Air and besides occasionally use a 2018 MacBook Pro .
Besides struggling to handle a couple of open tabs while playing Spotify in the backdrop, my MacBook Air has the reasoned quality of an submerged potato, making it useless for using streaming services unless hooked up to headphones. It besides likes to disable my trackpad at the most inconvenient times, and, since day one, whenever I try to watch a video in full-screen, the display randomly flickers .
If that ’ s not adequate, one of its very generous two USB-C ports stopped working after a few months, leaving me with a single USB-C release, and I had to go on a edit spree before I had enough space to download Mac OS Monterey.

While I ’ five hundred sexual love to say that the 2018 MacBook Pro came without demerit, it excessively falls manner below the legal profession for its tied crazier price tag. Its keys calm like to stick for no apparent rationality, and I ’ ve besides experienced the trackpad getting stuck in click-mode. Considering I primarily use the MacBook Pro for my creative pursuits, it ’ s a pain to be stuck with four USB-C connections and no traditional USB port or an SD tease reviewer, which forces me to use a converter which Apple was happy to provide at a meaning cost .
Grey Macbook Pro and USB-C adaptor

What I’m going to miss about Mac

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get me incorrect, while this column international relations and security network ’ t precisely screaming in Mac ’ s favor ; there are a few things about Mac that I ’ m going to miss .
While the internal build timbre of my MacBook Air leaves a distribute to be desired for the price tag, the external human body quality is second to none. I love the way Apple products look and feel ; they may be costly, but they besides feel expensive, and I ’ m not indisputable I could ever go bet on to a device without a alloy body .
My MacBook Air is besides alight as a feather and handily slides into the smallest spaces, which constantly makes me the envy of my friends while traveling .
I besides dread relearning the fresh Windows OS after so retentive in the world of Mac, though possibly this won ’ thymine be excessively unmanageable given the purpose changes in Windows 11. Like their products, Mac has constantly had a blank, beautiful, and fashionable OS, and while it may not be to the sample of Windows users, I ’ ve always quite liked it .
Screnshot of Windows 11 search box

So what Windows laptop am I switching to?

hera ’ s the thing, Mac limits you to barely a few options, the MacBook Air, Pro, or iMac. As for Windows, there ’ sulfur about besides a lot to choose from !
I ’ ve barely dipped my toe into the waters of Windows and am already drowning under a sea of recommendations. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Business is a probably rival for my Macbook Air, but the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is besides in competition. While having besides much choice is a good problem to have, it does mean that I ’ thousand even to decide which Windows laptop will be the one to usurp Mac from my family.

Call me a traitor, but I’ve seen the light

Switching from Mac to Windows has been a long time coming. I meant it when I said I wanted to keep loving Mac, but it ’ mho becoming increasingly apparent that I ’ m not going to get the operation I want without paying above the odds. so, for now, it ’ second adieu Mac, and hello to the universe of Windows – Don ’ t come at me !

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