THIS is how to buy crypto on the Webull crypto platform [2022]

Updated on April 26, 2022

Webull is a brokerage firm that is known to offer cryptocurrency trade among other features. The thing that users love about it is the commission-free deal feature, which allows them to save some funds in the action .
If you ’ re looking to diversify your portfolio by trading crypto or you ’ re plainly looking for a way to gather some cryptocurrency, Webull may be the right platform for you. If you ’ re merely starting with the app, though, you credibly don ’ t know how to buy crypto on Webull, in which lawsuit you should keep reading this article .

Can You Buy Crypto on Webull?

Cryptocurrencies have grown a set in popularity over the years. As a solution, different coins were born, with some of the most popular ones being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, and Tether .
Bitcoin was, in fact, the inaugural cryptocurrency in the worldly concern, being founded in 2009. It has a $ 1.2 trillion sum grocery store value, and it is still on top when it comes to the most exploited cryptos. now, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies traded all across the globe.

indeed, it only makes smell that people needed more platforms to allow them to buy and trade their cryptos, and Webull was created along with many others for this aim. At first, Webull was made for ETFs, breed, and options trade, but because crypto was growing in popularity then much, they decided to launch Crypto in 2020 .
so, you can now use Webull Crypto in order to buy, sell and trade different cryptocurrencies online. The alone downside is the fact that you have alone four cryptocurrency options available, respectively Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum .
still, with Webull, you can get crypto data and stats in real-time, so you can constantly have the latest information regarding your front-runner cryptocurrencies. What ’ s more, the platform is safe, having a built-in 2-factor authentication among other features .
You can trade cryptos 24/7, and trades are free of deputation. The minimum deposit is very gloomy, being only $ 1. Although you can buy crypto on Webull, it is not possible to transfer your amount to another chopine. rather, you would have to liquidate or sell your crypto assets .
Webull besides operates a bite differently from other platforms. You don ’ t have to buy a whole coin – you can get fractional coins as well. therefore, let ’ s say that Ethereum is trading for $ 40 and all you have available is $ 15 – you can use that small sum to buy a divide of that coin .
It is a very big advantage, particularly if you are a founder when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and you want to trade or diversify your portfolio. It besides helps you limit the risk, particularly when you think about the eminent excitability of crypto trade. All in all, buying crypto on Webull is possible and very advantageous .

How to Buy Crypto on Webull

If you want to know how to buy crypto on Webull, here are the steps you will have to go through :

Open an Account

First things first, you need to make sure you have an report on Webull. If you don ’ thyroxine and you are a new user, you will have to create an report. In order to do it, you need to provide certain details about yourself. normally, you will besides have to add your KYC ( know your customer/client ) information .

Request Crypto Trading Permission

When your score is ready for consumption, you have to request license to be able to buy crypto and trade it in your Webull application. The app has to be updated to the very death version if you want to make certain you get the approval. You will have to do these things to request permission :

  • Click on the Webull icon. You will find it on the bottom row as the middle icon
  • Click on “More”
  • Next, request permission by clicking “Crypto Trading”.

When your bribe and sell crypto request is accepted, you can start trade. The aplomb thing is that you can trade on the Webull app at any fourth dimension. besides, there is no commission for crypto regulation, unlike the stock market .

Deposit Money

If you want to start trade, you need to buy crypto. To do that, you must fund your bill. You have multiple options available that allow you to do it. You can either do an electronic transfer or a cable transportation. What ’ s bang-up is that you can do electronic transfers for free on Webull. At the lapp prison term, you will have to wait improving to 5 days until the down payment settles and is ready for use. In club to make an electronic transfer, you have to enter your routing number and savings bank score act .
You can besides decide to make a wire transmit if you don ’ t want to wait so long. Funds are settled within 1 clientele day, so you can start trade sooner. however, the wire transmit will bring charges from both Webull and your depository financial institution .

Choose the Cryptos You Wish to Buy

When your account is funded, you can select what cryptos you want to buy. Under the “ market ” tab, tap on crypto. You can then perform a terminus ad quem order or a market decree .
limit orders allow you to specify the total you want to pay to make the leverage. When that price is reached, the arrange is executed. On the other hand, marketplace orders allow you to buy crypto instantaneously, and at the salute marketplace price .
Webull doesn ’ t let you transfer your cryptocurrency assets, but you can transfer the coins to a hardware wallet for dependable repositing. Keeping all your crypto assets on Webull is not recommend, as there is constantly the possibility of getting hacked .

Keep an Eye on Your Cryptos

You have the option to set a price transfer alarm or add crypto to a watchlist. All you have to do is go to the currency ’ mho profile and tap the star icon. then, tap on “ alert ”. To entree key stats, you can besides check the currency visibility.

Webull Commissions and Fees

Crypto trade comes with no committee, so you can do it for loose. This way, you can enjoy some of the best cryptocurrencies without worrying about commissions .

Webull Buying FAQ

here are some very frequently asked questions regarding Webull crypto :

Can you transfer crypto on Webull?

At the consequence, you can not transfer your crypto assets to a different platform. It is not allowed by Webull. besides, it isn ’ thymine clear whether things may change in the future .

Is Webull really free?

Webull is free. It offers commission-free deal, and besides free U.S. market data access .

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The Bottom Line

It is not difficult to buy crypto on Webull, but you have to follow all the proper steps. once you deposit money into your Webull account, you will have the find to buy the cryptocurrency you want. When you have the sum, you can start trade crypto .
If you are newly to Webull, make sure to follow the steering here so your crypto buy process on Webull goes smoothly and you get the cryptocurrency you desire so much .

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