How to Organize and Inventory Your Coin Collection

Having to organize and inventory your coin collection may be something you never thought you would have to do…..especially if you never set out to collect coins as a hobby.

For many folks, once the coin collecting tease bites them, they set down a path of collecting, and accumulating mint after coin after coin. finally all of these coins are going to need to be organized and inventoried .
By the way, did you know that individuals have been collecting coins as a hobby since about the mid-1800s. They collected based on coin designs, metal type, denominations, date of write out, mintmarks, and finally condition. As the hobby became more popular, face values for coins went up exponentially, to the point where a silver dollar coin sold for $ 10 million in 2013. Coins began to be valued for their rarity and condition .
Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez from shares these 5 reasons you need to inventory your coins collection. You need to organize and inventory your mint collection so that you will :

  • Know which coins you already have
  • Know which coins you still need
  • Determine the value of your coin collection quickly and easily
  • Get an at a glance look at the many coins in your collection
  • Document your collection for coin insurance purposes

now that you know why you need to organize and inventory your mint collection, the adjacent challenge becomes “ where do I start ? ? ? ”

Coins expert James Bucki shares 4 ways in which you can organize and inventory your coin collection :
#1. If you are precisely getting started, or have a little collection, a simple three ring binder, newspaper, rule and pen may be all you need. You will want to create some column ( which is why you need that rule ) to enter the information you want to track. Since these are your coins, your binder and your inventory log, you get to be arsenic creative as you wish to be, angstrom well arsenic track as much information as you want. however some of the criteria you may want to consider would be :

  • Country
  • Year
  • Mintmark
  • Variety
  • Denomination or type
  • Grade
  • Quantity
  • Your purchase price
  • Date you sold coin
  • Amount coin sold for
  • Notes/Comments on the coin
  • Updates on value of the coin

Image result for create a 3 ring binder to catalog my coinsImage result for create a 3 ring binder to catalog my coins
# 2. Another big way to organize and inventory your mint collection, equally well as construct plans for future purchases is to use a checklist. Using a checklist has both advantages a well as disadvantages. One advantage is that it will already be organized by type, denomination, year and mint mark, unlike the notebook mentioned above. One of the disadvantages would be that a checklist won ’ thyroxine contain all the information you need, particularly if you pass the coins along to family members or the IRS comes knocking on your door looking for far information on your mint sales .
If you like the theme of a checklist, you can just add more information to it for each mint in your solicitation, to protect both you and your heirs .
Whitman, which produces the annual Guide Book to United States Coins ( popularly called “ The Red Book ” ), besides publishes a corkscrew bounce coin armory log book .

Coin Collectors Inventory book

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# 3. Another way to organize and inventory your coin solicitation, particularly if you are a ace with Excel, is to create a childlike spreadsheet that will meet your needs. You can add lines and column, or delete lines and column. You can sort, calculate and racetrack every coin in your solicitation .
There are many release templates on online to get you started. Simply google “ Excel Spreadsheet Coin Inventory Templates ” and find matchless that works best for you .

# 4. If you have an extensive coin solicitation, then you may decide to purchase calculator software to organize and inventory your mint solicitation. You can purchase a mint inventory software course of study to get you started for about $ 30 and up. When deciding which software to choose consider the come : how easy it is to use, how much ability does it allow you to organize your collection the way you want to organize it, does it download current pricing information deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as revalue your mint collection at stream market prices .
Organize and Inventory your coin collectionOrganize and Inventory your coin collection
Following the above ideas will put you on the way to having a wholly organized and inventoried coin collection. The information is certain to help you when it comes to future purchases, sales or passing your coins along to your heirs .

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