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Sharing and Reviewing

Balsamiq Wireframes is designed for collaboration and offers many ways for you to get feedback on your designs. This document outlines a few different ways so that you can pick the right one to fit each situation .
To learn how to work on the like wireframes together, see our article on collaborative Editing .
The “ Review and Comment ” mode is a great option for anyone who does not need to edit the wireframes. You can easily switch to this modality from the top-right option in the toolbar .

Notice how the border tinge around the profile movie switches from green to orange .
The comments jury allows you to collaborate on your designs by sharing feedback asynchronously or, if you prefer, making notes for yourself as you work. A raw comment will generate a notification in the toolbar .


You can add Callout markers to indicate specific places in the wireframe where the comments applies. See the image below to learn how .

Linking to an Alternate Version

You can besides add a connect to an alternate version by using the “ Add Link to Alternate ” drop-down at the penetrate of the comments panel .


Comments allow you to mention any Jira users. They will trigger a notification or not, depending on the Atlassian Jira presentment settings .
To mention person, plainly start typing @. The list will show the stream watchers, reporter and assignee of the publish. If you want to mention person else starting signal type the name of the user you would like to notify and select it from the list .

Note: @ -mentions besides work in the Project Description and in your Wireframe notes .
once a comment is added, each reviewer can reply to it and like it. You can besides edit and delete your own comments .

Sharing an persona Link is a bang-up way to parcel your wireframes with folks .
You can embed the Image Link in other Jira issues, Confluence pages, external webpages, or applications that support direct picture links, and keep your clients or party updated on the advancement of a project .

To create an Image Link, select the dedicate choice available in the navigator jury ‘s context menu for any wireframe and pawl on “ Create Image Link for this Wireframe ” .
Note: You can either right-click or click the small arrow that appears when you hover the wireframe .

From there, you will be able to copy the newly created Image Link to your clipboard and parcel it anywhere you want. What ‘s more, the image will mechanically update if you make changes to the wireframe and close the editor .
Note: You can besides update the Image manually at any time from the navigator panel ‘s context menu ( see below ) .

You can besides create an Image Link outside of the Balsamiq editor. To create it, open a Jira issue that has a Balsamiq visualize on it and grab the link from the Balsamiq Wireframes Panel .

Embedding Your Image on Another Jira Issue

once created, you can use the Image Link to well embed a wireframe to another Jira offspring by using the consecrated option in the Balsamiq Wireframes Panel.

once the wireframe is linked, you can review and comment it in full riddle, edit the wireframe or remove it from the Jira issue .

This Image Link will be mechanically updated with any changes made to the master wireframe .

You can delete an image Link at any time from the dialogue available in the navigator control panel ‘s context menu. Deleting it will generate an error message for anyone that tries to use/share the Image Link .

Note: Creating Image Links will skip the Atlassian authentication. The make URL is hard to guess but you should know that if person has the URL, they can have access to the image, the name of the wireframe and the identify of the associate project .

Sharing a Wireframe in Trello

Using the Balsamiq Trello Integration ( Power-Up ) is an easy direction to parcel a wireframe if your team works in Trello .
You can add it immediately from Trello ‘s Menu > Power-ups, or from any Trello Card, as shown below .

Note: The Power-Up is included with any Balsamiq Wireframes subscription .
once the Power-up is installed, hera are the three steps for adding a wireframe to a Trello menu :

  1. Create an Image link in Balsamiq and copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Click on the Balsamiq Wireframes Power-Up button in the Trello Card.
  3. Paste your Image Link and click on “Add”.

The Trello Card immediately includes an double of your wireframe, used as your Card cover charge .

Note: The visualize will automatically update if you make changes to the wireframe and close the Balsamiq editor .
From the Trello Card, people can directly entree your Balsamiq project by clicking on your stick out name next to the wireframe image, depending on their Jira permissions .

Full Screen Presentation Mode

The Full Screen Presentation Mode is big for sharing your wireframes with stakeholders or for serviceability test. If you have created links between your wireframes, the links will be clickable .
To enter it, click on the Full Screen icon in the top-right corner of your toolbar. alternatively, you can select “ Full Screen Presentation ” from the View menu, or use the CTRL/⌘+f keyboard shortcut .

The application will expand to take up your unharmed riddle, with your wireframe centered on it .
You can besides partake a direct link to this horizon by allowing it from the settings dialog box and copying the beget link .

Note: Sharing a conduct link will skip the Atlassian authentication. The create URL is unvoiced to guess but you should know that if person has the URL, they can access the project in Full Screen Presentation mode .
You can learn more about this sport in Full Screen Presentation Mode.

Sharing an Interactive PDF Document

PDFs generated in Balsamiq Wireframes are wholly synergistic. That means that they not alone display your undertaking as you have designed it, they will besides respect any links you have added to the project. This is one of the best ways to plowshare your project with collaborators and clients who do n’t need to make changes .
The PDF will be created in high resolution and with selectable textbook ( good for the reviewers to copy/paste from ). More details about exporting to PDF can be found here .

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