There are many concealed iMessage features that not excessively many people know about, one of which is the “ Mentions ” have. In a group conversation, you can grab the attention of a especial person by mentioning them in your text .
Mentioning people in an iMessage group chat comes with respective benefits. For one, the recipient gets notified about the message, even if they muted the group chat. It besides ensures that group members never miss out on individual-specific information in the dateless stream of generic messages .
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    This usher covers everything you need to know about mentioning people in iMessage group chats on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

    Mention Someone in an iMessage Chat on iPhone

    Open the group conversation in the Messages app and type the appoint of the person or contact you want to mention. You can type either the first or last name—as it appears in the Contacts app .
    alternatively, type the at ( @ ) symbol followed by the contact ’ south diagnose. The name you typed should immediately turn grey if there ’ s a match submission in your contacts list .
    Tap the greyed-out textbook or anywhere within the text box to continue and select the contact card containing the person ’ s name and profile photograph .

    The person ’ s identify should immediately turn blue in the text box. note that you can mention multiple people in the same message .
    The Mention feature doesn ’ t sour with text alone. You can tag or mention people while sending multimedia messages like images, screenshots, videos, etc .
    Select the media from your device, add the person ’ mho name to the caption, select the person ’ second contact card and send the message .
    When you send the text tagging a group penis, the person will receive a presentment that they were mentioned in a group message .
    If you ’ re mentioned in multiple textbook in a group conversation, note that your mention might appear differently. That ’ second because iMessage displays your name as saved on the sender ’ sulfur device .

    Mention Someone in iMessage on Mac

    Mentioning a contact in iMessage on io and macOS devices follows the like logic. All there is to do is add the person ’ mho contact tease to your text .
    Open the group conversation, compose your message, and type the person ’ s name in the text box. Tap the name when the text turns grey and select the contact menu that pops up .
    The person ’ randomness name will be in blue text, meaning that they ’ ll be tagged in the message. The member you mentioned will receive an alert when you send the message. When they open the message, their name will appear in blue textbook .
    When a member of the group mentions another member, the individual ’ second name is highlighted in a black, boldface text .

    Muting Alerts and Mentions in iMessage

    You can mute iMessage notifications from individual and group conversations on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. For group chats, however, you ’ ll hush get notifications for mentions when you mute the conversations .

    Allow Notifications for Mentions (on iPhone and iPad)

    If you don ’ t want to receive notifications for generic messages in a group chew the fat, question to the group ’ s settings and mute alerts for all messages except direct mentions .

    1. Open the conversation in the Messages app and tap the group picture (or the right-facing arrow icon).

    1. Select the info icon.

    [ 12-mute-imessage-group-alerts ]

    1. Toggle on the Hide Alerts option.

    With this choice enabled, iMessage will mute all regular textbook and entirely send notifications for direct mentions .

    Allow Notifications for Mentions Only (in macOS)

    Changes you make to an iMessage group chat are device-specific. If you mute alerts for generic messages on your iPhone, the shape won ’ thymine synchronize across your iCloud devices. then, if you want to restrict a group ’ s telling to mentions merely, make the adjustment in the Messages settings menu .
    Open the group conversation, tap the info icon at the top-right corner, and check Hide Alerts. A half-moon icon will appear next to the group ’ s display picture .
    note that your device ’ mho notification settings will override iMessage sound configurations. That means you won ’ thymine get notifications for Mentions if Do not Disturb or “ Do not Disturb While Driving ” is active on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac .

    Disable Notifications for Mentions

    If you no longer want to receive alerts when tagged or mentioned in a group or individual old world chat, turn off alerts for iMessages mentions in the Messages settings menu .
    On iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Messages, scroll to the “ Mentions ” incision, and toggle off Notify Me .
    For Mac, open the Messages app, blue-ribbon Messages on the menu bar, choice Preferences, go to the General pill and uncheck Notify me when my name is mentioned .

    iMessage Mentions Not Working? 3 Fixes to Try

    If you can ’ t mention person in an iMessage group chat, that could be ascribable to factors like software bugs, outdated OS, or temp system glitches. Try the trouble-shoot steps below to resolve the problem .

    1. Update Your Device

    The iMessage Mention functionality works on iPhone and iPad running at least io 14 and iPadOS 14, respectively. For Mac desktops and notebooks, having macOS Big Sur is a prerequisite. Update your device ’ s operating system if you can ’ metric ton mention person in a group old world chat. You should besides inform other group members to update their devices to iOS 14. Else, they won ’ metric ton receive mention notifications .
    Open your iPhone or iPad ’ south Settings menu, go to General > Software Update and make sure you ’ ra running io 14 or iPadOS 14—or newer versions .
    To update your Mac or check its OS version, launch System Preferences, and blue-ribbon Software Update .
    Installing a software update can besides squash software bugs causing iMessage mentions to malfunction .

    2. Type the Contact Name Correctly

    iMessage will only bring up a contact trace if you input all letters of the first or last name. If you can ’ triiodothyronine mention person in a group conversation, type the person ’ s first or last name in wide ( with no letter omitted ). additionally, ensure you spell the name correctly—exactly as saved in the Contacts app .

    3. Force Close the Messages App

    Terminating and restarting the Messages app on your device can restore some features of the instant messaging service .
    Swipe up from the bottomland of your iPhone ’ mho screen door and swipe up the Messages preview to close the app. If your iPhone or iPad has a forcible Home push button, double-click the Home push button and swipe up the Messages card to force quit the app. establish Messages again and check if you ’ re able to mention person in an iMessage group chat.

    To force-quit Messages in macOS, launch the app and iron Shift + Command + Option + Escape. Or, press Command + Option + Escape, choose Messages, and choice Force Quit .
    Reopen Messages again and check if you can now mention people in an iMessage group chat. If the problem persists, restart your device and check again .

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