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Crafting screen “ Token ” redirects here. For the item used to level up the Duck Journal, see Duck Token

— Crafting promotion endorsement
For years you have been able to create weapons with your bare hands, using bare-assed steel, in real life. What if we were to tell you there ’ randomness now a way to SIMULATE that in-game ? Because we just did !

Crafting is an in-game system that allows players to create any specific items for use in Team Fortress 2. Crafting was introduced with the WAR ! update in the December 17, 2009 Patch. Items that can be created include weapons, cosmetics, and materials that can be used in far craftings, such as Scrap Metal or Class Tokens. Crafting is normally conducted by utilizing unwanted or duplicate items gained through the item drop system. In orderliness to create items, the actor must follow the blueprints, all of which are initially available to players with a Premium Team Fortress 2 explanation. After following a valid blueprint recipe, the musician will gain the detail specified by the blueprint. Non-Premium users can not craft Rare or special items [ 1 ], and tools can not be crafted under any circumstances. Crafting allows to craft 156 singular weapons ( including 19 reskins ) and 428 unique cosmetic items .


Craft icon Materials.png Crafting items


Blueprint Requires Produces Example cost
Smelt Class Weapons Any 2 weapons wielded by the same class 1 × Scrap Metal Brass Beast + Killing Gloves of BoxingScrap Metal 2
Combine Scrap Metal 3 × Scrap Metal 1 × Reclaimed Metal Scrap Metal + Scrap Metal + Scrap MetalReclaimed Metal 6
Combine Reclaimed Metal 3 × Reclaimed Metal 1 × Refined Metal Reclaimed Metal + Reclaimed Metal + Reclaimed MetalRefined Metal 18
Smelt Refined Metal 1 × Refined Metal 3 × Reclaimed Metal Refined MetalReclaimed Metal + Reclaimed Metal + Reclaimed Metal 18
Smelt Reclaimed Metal 1 × Reclaimed Metal 3 × Scrap Metal Reclaimed MetalScrap Metal + Scrap Metal + Scrap Metal 6


Blueprint Requires Produces Example price
Fabricate Class Token[2] Any 3 weapons wielded by the same class 1 × Class Token Disciplinary Action + Direct Hit + EqualizerClass Token - Soldier 3
Rebuild Class Token[2] Any 1 Class Token and any 1 weapon belonging to an alternative class 1 × New Class Token Class Token - Sniper + JagClass Token - Engineer 4
Fabricate Slot Token[3] Any 3 weapons equipped in the same slot 1 × Slot Token Natascha + Huntsman + ShortstopSlot Token - Primary 3
Rebuild Slot Token[3] Any 1 Slot Token and any 1 weapon equipped to an alternative slot 1 × New Slot Token Slot Token - Melee + SandvichSlot Token - Secondary 4
Smelt Tokens Any 3 tokens 1 × Reclaimed Metal Slot Token - Primary + Class Token - Scout + Class Token - MedicReclaimed Metal 9

Craft icon Common.png Standard items


Blueprint Requires Produces Example price
Fabricate Class Weapons 1 × Scrap Metal + 1 × Class Token and 1 × Slot Token 1 × Class and slot specific weapon Scrap Metal + Class Token - Demoman + Slot Token - SecondarySticky JumperorScottish ResistanceorSplendid ScreenorChargin' TargeorTide TurnerorQuickiebomb Launcher 8
Fabricate SpaceChem Pin 3 x Moustachium Bar + Spacemetal Scrap SpaceChem Pin 0 + special crafting ingredients
Blueprint Requires Produces cost
Fabricate Flying Guillotine Reclaimed Metal + 3 x Mad Milk Flying Guillotine 9
Fabricate Baby Face’s Blaster Reclaimed Metal + 2 x Shortstop Baby Face's Blaster 8
Fabricate Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol Reclaimed Metal + Mad Milk + Winger Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol 8
Fabricate Wrap Assassin Reclaimed Metal + Southern Hospitality Wrap Assassin 7
Fabricate Soda Popper Reclaimed Metal + Bonk! Atomic Punch + Force-a-Nature Soda Popper 8
Fabricate Winger Reclaimed Metal + Shortstop Winger 7
Fabricate Atomizer Reclaimed Metal + Bonk! Atomic Punch + Sandman Atomizer 8
Fabricate Fan O’War Scrap Metal + Mad Milk Fan O'War 3
Fabricate Sun-on-a-Stick 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Boston Basher Sun-on-a-Stick 13
Fabricate Boston Basher Sandman + Tribalman's Shiv Boston Basher 2
Fabricate Candy Cane Kritzkrieg + Pain Train Candy Cane 2
Fabricate Shortstop Reclaimed Metal + Force-a-Nature Shortstop 7
Fabricate Mad Milk Reclaimed Metal + Jarate Mad Milk 7
Fabricate Holy Mackerel Reclaimed Metal + Sandman Holy Mackerel 7
Fabricate Crit-a-Cola Kritzkrieg + Bonk! Atomic Punch Crit-a-Cola 2
Fabricate Back Scatter Reclaimed Metal + Shortstop + Crit-a-Cola Back Scatter 8
Blueprint Requires Produces monetary value
Fabricate Beggar’s Bazooka Reclaimed Metal + 3 x Direct Hit Beggar's Bazooka 9
Fabricate Escape Plan Scrap Metal + Disciplinary Action Escape Plan 3
Fabricate Original 2 x Scrap Metal + Reclaimed Metal Original 10
Fabricate Cow Mangler 5000 Reclaimed Metal + Black Box Cow Mangler 5000 7
Fabricate Righteous Bison Reclaimed Metal + Battalion's Backup Righteous Bison 7
Fabricate Liberty Launcher 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Black Box Liberty Launcher 13
Fabricate Mantreads Refined Metal + Gunboats Mantreads 19
Fabricate Reserve Shooter 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Frontier Justice Reserve Shooter 13
Fabricate Disciplinary Action 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Pain Train Disciplinary Action 13
Fabricate Market Gardener Reclaimed Metal + Gunboats + Pain Train Market Gardener 8
Fabricate Half-Zatoichi Reclaimed Metal + 2 x Eyelander Half-Zatoichi 8
Fabricate Concheror Scrap Metal + Battalion's Backup Concheror 3
Fabricate Black Box Reclaimed Metal + Direct Hit Black Box 7
Fabricate Battalion’s Backup Reclaimed Metal + Buff Banner Battalion's Backup 7
Fabricate Gunboats Razorback + Chargin' Targe Gunboats 2
Fabricate Pain Train Scrap Metal + Sandman Pain Train 3
Fabricate Rocket Jumper Reclaimed Metal + 3 x Mantreads Rocket Jumper 9
Fabricate Air Strike Reclaimed Metal + Beggar's Bazooka + Gunboats Air Strike 8
Fabricate B.A.S.E. Jumper Reclaimed Metal + Buff Banner + Sticky Jumper B.A.S.E. Jumper 8
Fabricate Panic Attack 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Back Scatter Panic Attack 13
Blueprint Requires Produces monetary value
Fabricate Neon Annihilator Reclaimed Metal + 2 x Third Degree Neon Annihilator 8
Fabricate Scorch Shot Reclaimed Metal + Flare Gun + Degreaser Scorch Shot 8
Fabricate Phlogistinator Reclaimed Metal + Soda Popper + Backburner Phlogistinator 8
Fabricate Manmelter Reclaimed Metal + Detonator Manmelter 7
Fabricate Third Degree Reclaimed Metal + Axtinguisher + Powerjack Third Degree 8
Fabricate Reserve Shooter 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Frontier Justice Reserve Shooter 13
Fabricate Detonator 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Flare Gun Detonator 13
Fabricate Sharpened Volcano Fragment 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Axtinguisher Sharpened Volcano Fragment 13
Fabricate Back Scratcher Scotsman's Skullcutter + Axtinguisher Back Scratcher 2
Fabricate Degreaser Reclaimed Metal + Backburner Degreaser 7
Fabricate Powerjack Reclaimed Metal + Axtinguisher Powerjack 7
Fabricate Homewrecker Scrap Metal + Equalizer Homewrecker 3
Fabricate Panic Attack 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Back Scatter Panic Attack 13
Blueprint Requires Produces cost
Fabricate Huo-Long Heater Reclaimed Metal + 3 x Family Business Huo-Long Heater 9
Fabricate Holiday Punch Reclaimed Metal + Holy Mackerel + Gloves of Running Urgently Holiday Punch 8
Fabricate Tomislav 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Brass Beast Tomislav 13
Fabricate Family Business Reclaimed Metal + Frontier Justice + Homewrecker Family Business 8
Fabricate Eviction Notice 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Fists of Steel Eviction Notice 13
Fabricate Fishcake 3 x Moustachium Bar + 'Fish' Fishcake 0 + special crafting ingredients
Fabricate Brass Beast Reclaimed Metal + Natascha Brass Beast 7
Fabricate Buffalo Steak Sandvich Reclaimed Metal + Sandvich Buffalo Steak Sandvich 7
Fabricate Warrior’s Spirit Scrap Metal + Gloves of Running Urgently Warrior's Spirit 3
Fabricate Fists of Steel Reclaimed Metal + Killing Gloves of Boxing Fists of Steel 7
Fabricate Gloves of Running Urgently 2 x Scrap Metal + Killing Gloves of Boxing Gloves of Running Urgently 5
Fabricate Dalokohs Bar Scrap Metal + Sandvich Dalokohs Bar 3
Fabricate Panic Attack 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Back Scatter Panic Attack 13
Blueprint Requires Produces monetary value
Fabricate Pomson 6000 Reclaimed Metal + Righteous Bison + Short Circuit Pomson 6000 8
Fabricate Eureka Effect Reclaimed Metal + 2 x Jag Eureka Effect 8
Fabricate Widowmaker 2 x Reclaimed Metal + L'Etranger Widowmaker 13
Fabricate Short Circuit Reclaimed Metal + Scrap Metal + Gunslinger Short Circuit 9
Fabricate Jag Scrap Metal + Southern Hospitality Jag 3
Fabricate Southern Hospitality Scrap Metal + Ambassador Southern Hospitality 3
Fabricate Rescue Ranger Reclaimed Metal + 3 x Eureka Effect Rescue Ranger 9
Fabricate Panic Attack 2 x Reclaimed Metal + Back Scatter Panic Attack 13
Blueprint Requires Produces monetary value
Fabricate Overdose Reclaimed Metal + Gloves of Running Urgently + Crusader's Crossbow Overdose 8
Fabricate Quick-Fix Reclaimed Metal + Mad Milk + Kritzkrieg Quick-Fix 8
Fabricate Solemn Vow Reclaimed Metal + 8 x Jarate Solemn Vow 14
Fabricate Crusader’s Crossbow 2 x Scrap Metal + Huntsman Crusader's Crossbow 5
Fabricate Amputator Scrap Metal + Vita-Saw Amputator 3
Fabricate Vita-Saw 2 x Scrap Metal + Übersaw Vita-Saw 5
Fabricate Vaccinator Reclaimed Metal + 3 xQuick-Fix Vaccinator 9
Blueprint Requires Produces cost
Fabricate Hitman’s Heatmaker Reclaimed metal + Machina + Bazaar Bargain Hitman's Heatmaker 8
Fabricate Cleaner’s Carbine Reclaimed Metal + 3 x Bushwacka Cleaner's Carbine 9
Fabricate Cozy Camper Reclaimed Metal + Jarate + Razorback Cozy Camper 8
Fabricate Machina Reclaimed Metal + Righteous Bison + Sydney Sleeper Machina 8
Fabricate Bazaar Bargain Reclaimed Metal + Sydney Sleeper + Eyelander Bazaar Bargain 8
Fabricate Shahanshah Reclaimed Metal + Amputator + Bushwacka Shahanshah 8
Fabricate Sydney Sleeper Reclaimed Metal + Huntsman Sydney Sleeper 7
Fabricate Darwin’s Danger Shield Reclaimed Metal + Razorback Darwin's Danger Shield 7
Fabricate Bushwacka Reclaimed Metal + Eyelander Bushwacka 7
Fabricate Tribalman’s Shiv Dead Ringer + Huntsman Tribalman's Shiv 2
Fabricate Classic Reclaimed Metal + Huntsman + Bazaar Bargain Classic 8
Blueprint Requires Produces price
Fabricate Red Tape Recorder Reclaimed Metal + 3 x Spy-cicle Red Tape Recorder 9
Fabricate Spy-cicle Reclaimed Metal + Your Eternal Reward Spy-cicle 7
Fabricate Diamondback Reclaimed Metal + Frontier Justice + Dead Ringer Diamondback 8
Fabricate Enforcer Reclaimed Metal + Scrap Metal + L'Etranger Enforcer 9
Fabricate Big Earner Reclaimed Metal + Conniver's Kunai + L'Etranger Big Earner 8
Fabricate Conniver’s Kunai Scrap Metal + Your Eternal Reward Conniver's Kunai 3
Fabricate L’Etranger Reclaimed Metal + Dead Ringer L'Etranger 7
Fabricate Your Eternal Reward Reclaimed Metal + Cloak and Dagger Your Eternal Reward 7

Craft icon Rare.png Rare items

note : These blueprints are alone available to agio players .

Blueprint Requires Produces cost
Fabricate Headgear 3 × Refined Metal 1 × Random Headgear 54
Rebuild Headgear 2 × Headgear 1 × Random Headgear 108
Fabricate Class Headgear 4 × Refined Metal + 1 × Class Token 1 × Class specific random Headgear 75
Fabricate Bonk Helm[4] Batter's Helmet + Bonk! Atomic Punch + Bonk! Atomic Punch Bonk Helm 2 + Headgear
Fabricate Set Headgear 4 × Refined Metal + 1 × Item set weapon 1 × Set specific random Headgear 73

The follow list shows what is accepted in the Fabricate Set Headgear blueprint and their results :

Craft icon Special.png Special items

note : These blueprints are lone available to premium players.

Blueprint Requires Produces monetary value
Fabricate Saxton Hale Halloween Mask[5] Scout Mask + Soldier Mask + Pyro Mask + Demoman Mask + Heavy Mask + Engineer Mask + Medic Mask + Sniper Mask + Spy Mask Saxton Hale Mask 0 + 9 Headgear
Fabricate Horseless Headless Horsemann’s Headtaker[5] 2 × Refined Metal + Haunted Metal Scrap + Scotsman's Skullcutter Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker 37 + Haunted Metal
Fabricate Haunted Headgear[5] 4 × Refined Metal + Haunted Metal Scrap Spine-Tingling SkullorSpine-Cooling SkullorSpine-Twisting Skull 72 + Haunted Metal
Fabricate Pile of Ash 4 × Mysterious Treasure Pile of Ash 5
Fabricate Power Up Canteen 4 × Scrap Metal Power Up Canteen 8
Fabricate Pile of Curses 7 x Voodoo-Cursed Bag of Quicklime or Voodoo-Cursed Nail or Voodoo-Cursed Novelty Bass or Voodoo-Cursed Old Boot or Voodoo-Cursed Robot Arm or Voodoo-Cursed Skeleton or Voodoo-Cursed Sticky-Bomb Pile of Curses 7
Fabricate Bread Box 3 x Headgear Bread Box 162
Custom Blueprint[6] Matches items from existing blueprints Result for matched blueprint n/a

Crafting weapon classifications

In contrast with the weapon slots presented in-game, the craft system classifies some weapons in unlike slots. For exemplar, the Spy ‘s Revolver is classified as a secondary weapon despite how it is equipped in the first base item slot in-game. Below is a list of all the available weapons and slots that the craft system uses. note that the table does not include the Stock weapons for the classes, such as the Scattergun, as these are not functional in crafting. however, if one has a stock weapon that has been renamed or described, it can be used to craft into bit .


Some items which are obtained by special means, such as promotions and weapons bought from the Mann Co. Store, can not be crafted either as an ingredient or as a resultant role .


cosmetic items

Item number

Backpack Brain Bucket.png

Brain Bucket #1

Level 1 Hat

Zombie tested, braaaains approved.

Crafting numbers are a cosmetic measure attached to any crafted weapon or cosmetic item introduced during the May 5, 2011 Patch, ampere good as most items added in any later update. This phone number represents the order that a given item was crafted in ; for exercise, a “ Brain Bucket # 1 ” would be the very first gear Brain Bucket to have ever been crafted. While the trade issue goes into the thousands on third-party backpack viewers, # 100 is the maximum prize displayed in-game. For exemplar, a “ Brain Bucket # 101 ” would only appear in-game as “ Brain Bucket ” .

Golden twist

  • From July 5 to July 9, 2010, players crafting any items in-game had a chance of finding an extremely rare item, the Golden Wrench, of which only 100 were made available. Valve used a list of specified times to help smooth the frequency with which Golden Wrenches were found. When a player crafted an item after one of the times specified, a random drop could occur giving the player their crafted item and a Golden Wrench. When a Golden Wrench was found, it would be announced to all online Team Fortress 2 servers at once in the form of a dialog box in the center of the screen and an accompanying sound bite. This was only available before and leading up to the Engineer Update until all 100 wrenches were found. An announcement is also shown when one of these Golden Wrenches was destroyed.
  • Smelt, Reclaimed, and Refined Metal blueprints were temporarily disabled due to this event until all of the 100 Golden Wrenches had been acquired in order to stop people from endlessly smelting and re-crafting their Metal until they got one. These blueprints were disabled up until the Mann-Conomy Update, even though the Engineer Update had completed and no more Golden Wrenches could be found.

relate achievements

Sackston Hale Sackston Hale
Craft the Saxton Hale Mask.


  • As of the May 5, 2011 Patch any hat or weapon crafted displays “Crafted by PLAYERNAME” in the description of the item. Additionally, using the Restore button in the backpack gives an option to remove this feature from the item.
  • Smelting refined or reclaimed metal only partially made from untradable reclaimed or scrap metal causes all metal produced to be untradable.


  • Some cases have been reported of players “finding” Scrap Metal. This is most often caused by player losing connection to Steam after clicking the craft button. This means the items are used in the craft recipe, yet the result of the craft remains uncollected until the player dies in a server: giving the “PLAYERNAME has found: METALTYPE” alert.
  • Untradable metal, and items made with untradable metal, were reverted to tradable due to a glitch until a subsequent patch was released. This behavior was observed during the Scream Fortress Update event with the Voodoo Jujus and Spine-Chilling Skulls crafted using untradable Haunted Metal Scrap. Halloween cosmetics crafted prior to the November 10, 2010 Patch became tradable after the update, but cosmetics crafted after that have reportedly remained untradable, suggesting Valve has fixed the glitch.
  • When viewing the entire backpack while selecting an item to craft, an empty slot is shown first followed by everything else in proper order, resulting in the rightmost column being displayed on the left side, the bottom-right item being displayed on the top-right of the next page, and the last item in the backpack being inaccessible.
  • Sometimes, when using a Strange weapon as a crafting ingredient, the result shows “No matching blueprint”.


Notes and references

  1. Team Fortress 2: Free-to-Play FAQ
  2. a b If the player uses a multiple Class weapon with a class Token, or 3 multiple Class weapon and chooses to create a Class Token, it will always result in the keepsake of the first classify that can equip the weapons those using in crafting ( e.g. 3x Pain Train will result in Soldier Token or 3x Freedom Staff will result in Scout nominal ) .
  3. a b Weapons only ; cosmetic items can not be used to create a “ cosmetic Token ” .
  4. The Batter ‘s Helmet consumed with this blueprint will not retain its properties. This includes level, rarity, applied key, customized identify and customize description. The degree will be randomized.
  5. a b c These blueprints require specific items not gettable through craft .
  6. This blueprint allows the exploiter to craft items in the manner before the Uber Update, by simply placing items in the craft window .
  7. Ellis ‘ Cap was not actually changed to be used as a craft ingredient. Ellis ‘ Cap was updated to be craftable on January 12 .

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