Getting logged out from your account on Google Chrome is a common problem experienced by hundreds of thousands of users. Re-entering the credentials can be pretty annoying, specially if Google Chrome is your default browser and you use it frequently. With Google accounts and Chrome being tied hand-in-hand, it can make finding the reason behind constant logouts unmanageable, but that doesn ’ t mean it ’ south impossible. here are a few fast fixes that might help you resolve this topic. Using an outdated Chrome interpretation makes you vulnerable to malware. To see if that is the issue, press the three dots located on the right upper corner of Google Chrome, then Help, and then About Chrome. You will know that your browser is updated if you see the message “ Google Chrome is up to date. ”

You can besides follow our lead for all devices hera .

Disable Sync

google chrome syncScreenshot: KnowTechie When the Sync option is enabled, it syncs login information for auto-fill data, different websites, history, and so on. As a result, the exploiter can access the synced data from any device that uses the like account. The issue here is that for some reason, Chrome might be failing to sync your login information or fails to do it systematically across the devices logged on that explanation. To solve this, you need to go to Settings, from where you can turn off Sync on the main screen. then, restart the browser to see if this fixed the issue or you need to be looking at other fixes .

Check sign-in settings

Google Chrome comes with a feature that doesn ’ t allow you to sign in to your browser when you turn it on. To check whether this is the case, navigate to Settings, Sync, and then Google Services. then you need to drag the toggle to the correct side to enable Google Chrome to sign you in.

again, if this doesn ’ metric ton resolve things, move on to the adjacent fix .

Disable Chrome extensions

google chrome extensionsScreenshot: KnowTechie even though it is pretty rare, some extensions can mess with your browser ’ sulfur processes. To check if that ’ s the lawsuit, navigate to Settings > More tools > Extensions. If you need extra context, please check out our usher for removing Chrome extensions here. then you need to disable all extensions to check if they are the campaign of the issue. If that ’ s the case, you need to start enabling one extension after another to find the one that causes the problem .

Enable Cookies

If you have disabled cookies, that might be why Google Chrome doesn ’ t remember your login information. To check and enable cookies, open Cookies and other site data, which you can find in Settings. While you are at it, you need to make certain that the succeed options are not turned on :

  • Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows.
  • Always clear cookies when you are closing windows.

Reset Google Chrome

If none of the indicate fix oeuvre, you can always reset Google Chrome to its default settings. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings, where you can find Restore settings to their original defaults.

Almost constantly, this gets the job done, and Chrome will start storing your login information. The downside to this fix is that it will erase all of your bookmarks, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as your history. so, unless you back up that datum, you risk losing all that. Have any thoughts on this ? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook .

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