How to know the last location of your iPhone without battery

Search my Iphone

The hypothesis of locate our mobile Using the Find my iPhone affair can get us out of more than one perturb. In case of larceny, loss or to know the put of another device, having access to its position will help us to recover it and know its approximate location .
To know the demand placement of the io device, it is necessary that it has a battery to be able to send the placement in real time. obviously, if you are running out of battery, using the Find My iPhone function will only aggravate the situation even more, therefore, io offers the possibility to send the last location of the device so that it is always accessible, even with the terminal already off .

turn on sending the last iPhone localization

Natively, every time we buy a new iPhone or restore our device to install a fresh interpretation of io, our device turn on Find My iPhone, a officiate that we can deactivate at any clock according to our needs .
however, the serve that allows us to know the location of our iPhone when it is running out of battery not activated by default despite being located in the same section as the one that allows us to locate it at any time .
If we want our iPhone to Submit your location before your battery runs out We must follow the following steps :

Activate sending last iPhone location

  • First, we go to the iOS configuration options through Settings.
  • Within Settings, click on our iCloud account, appears at the top of the menu.
  • Then we look for the option Search my Iphone and we activated the switch    Send last location.

How to see the last side of the iPhone

In order to access both the current localization of our device and the last one registered before running out of barrage, if we have activated this function, explained in the previous segment, we have at our disposal two options .

With the Apple Search app

Find my iPhone from an iPhone
The Search application available in the App Store allows us, once we have entered the data of our iCloud account know the location of our device at that moment where it is on or know the last placement if the battery has run out .

If the device does not have the Find my iPhone function activated, only the list of the device will be displayed together with the text Without connection. If it is without battery, it will show us the text Last location future to the device name .
Find my iPhone (AppStore Link) Search my Iphone loose Find my iPhone iOS 13
If your device is managed by io 13 , no need to download the Find My iPhone application Since Apple has included it natively on all devices that are compatible with the thirteenth version of io. rather of being called Find My iPhone it ‘s called Search.


Find my iPhone from
If we do not have another Apple device on hand, be it an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Apple makes the web site available to us. Through this web site, we can access the location of all our devices making manipulation of the Find function .
This function will show us all devices associated with our account along with your stream or last record location before running out of barrage or being turned off by a witness / steal device .

Limitations of this have

In order to enjoy this antic io routine that allows us to know the placement of our device if we have lost track of it, there is lone one prerequisite : have Find My iPhone enabled on the device .
If we have not activated this serve, impossible to track of the location of our terminal, since it can not be activated remotely, a limitation that should be available to give a hand to the most clueless users .

Can you see the concluding location of a powered off iPhone ?

View last iPhone off location
If our iPhone has run out of battery or has been turned off manually, Apple ‘s localization service considers it the lapp way, sol if possible know the location of the terminal before it has been switched off. But of course, it all depends on where we have lost chase of him .
If we have left it forgotten in a restaurant or a store, it is more than likely that the managers have turned it off waiting for the true owner to return, since being blocked no one but us can access it.

Can I locate my iPhone even when it is turned off ? With io 13 if possible

Find offline
First of all, we must take into account the adaptation of the engage organization that our device is managing to know if we can make use of this choice. iOS 13 is not compatible with iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, indeed if you have one of these devices, you will not be able to use it .
With the release of io 13, Apple has introduced a new feature called “ Find My Offline ”, which It will allow us to locate at all times what is the location of our device even if it is without an internet connection or turned off completely, since it does not depend on the GPS sign or triangulation with Wi-Fi networks or mobile networks, but is based on an choice of the Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE ) protocol .
In order to make practice of this engineering, which since it was available in small accessories called Tiles that have been on the market for more than 5 years, it is necessary to have at least two devices with iOS 13, or an iPhone or iPad with io 13 and a Mac managed by macOS Catalina, we will not be able to locate our device if we entirely have an Apple device .

How “ Find Offline ” influence

How Find Offline works

When we configure both devices, generate private keys that are shared between both devices through encrypted communication. Next, a public cardinal is created, besides called a radio beacon, which is the identification of your devices, a beacon that is transmitted via bluetooth to other iPhone, iPad or Mac devices in our environment .
If we have the misfortune of losing or having our iPhone stolen, all the iPhones that are passed near your device they will receive the signal and offer us the location of the device. During all this process, Apple has not had access at any time to the location of the device, in addition, the exploiter who has helped to locate it will not know either .
Throughout this process of shape and mathematical process, the user does not have to do anything at all. If we lose our device and we want to know its location, we merely have to follow the steps mentioned above .

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