2 Ways to Locate Lost or Stolen iPhone Even When It’s Turned Off

If you are an iPhone exploiter, you might already know about its “ Find My ” app that helps you locate lost or stolen devices. With the io 15 update, Apple has added more serviceability to this app. now, you can find a device even if it ’ s completely offline. so, in encase your iPhone has run out of barrage and you misplaced it, you even have chances to find it. In this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps of locating a stolen iPhone when it ’ s turned off. Also, read | Govt will now help you track your lost phone; Here’s how

Locate Stolen iPhone When Turned Off

Earlier, the app could locate a device only when it is turned on or find the localization where it was last on-line. But with the new features, Apple will be adding the functionality of tracking lost devices flush when they ’ ra offline .

Supported Devices

First lets, find out which iPhones support these latest io 15 features. You can locate an iPhone even if it ’ randomness offline if you are using one of the pursue models :

  • All models of the iPhone 13 series, and
  • iPhone 12 series and iPhone 11 series.

The best room to find out if the feature of speech is supported on your iPhone is when you shut down your call, you ’ ll see “ iPhone Findable After Power Off ” under the power luger .

Enable the Find My iPhone Feature

If you ’ re new to the iPhone or have never set up the Find My app so far, here ’ s how you start : 1. Go to “ Settings ” and tap on your name at the top. 2. now tap on “ Find My ” from the next menu and on the next foliate tap “ Find My iPhone ”. 3. now, enable the toggle next to “ Find My iPhone ”. 4. With io 15, you ’ ll see two more options here- i ) Find My network- To let you find your iPhone even if it ’ randomness offline, and two ) Send last Location- To send the last placement of your iPhone to your Apple account when the battery is critical. 5. Tap the toggles next to these options to turn them on. And that ’ s all for Find My features in io 15. After enabling these, someday, unfortunately, if you can ’ triiodothyronine find your iPhone, you can track it either by using the Find My app or iCloud .

How to locate your lost iPhone?

If you have misplaced your iPhone or it is stolen, you can track it using iCloud on the web or using the Find My app on another iPhone .

On Web

1. Open any browser and go to iCloud.com/find. 2. signboard in using the like Apple ID that is logged in on your iPhone. 3. once you ’ re logged in, you ’ ll see a green scatter on the map which is showing the placement of your iPhone. 4. Click on the green dot and then on the “ i ” button.

5. now, you ’ ll see three options to do on your iPhone- Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase It. i ) When you tap on Play Sound, it will play a healthy on your call so you can locate it. This feature is for when you misplace your phone in a nearby area. two ) If you choose Lost Mode, you can enter a phone number where you can be called and drop a message besides. once you do this, the call will be locked until its passcode is entered. three ) last, if you want to remote erase your iPhone ’ second data, choose the third choice .

On App

If you want to use the Find My app to locate your call, you can use person else ’ s iPhone to do therefore.
1. open Find My App on your friend ’ s iPhone. 2. now tap on Me and then scroll up to see the “ Help a acquaintance ” option. 3. Tap on it and it will open the iCloud login page on Safari, embark your Apple ID and password.

That ’ s it. After this, all the features are the like as the web along with function directions to get to the final localization of your iPhone. phonograph needle to say, if your iPhone is running on io 15 and eligible for the latest feature, you can be able to track it even if it ’ s switched off .

Alternate method: Use Tracker Device

If you want to foolproof your iPhone with some things so that it can not be stolen or lost, there are a few more ways to do so. Well, you can use an iPhone case that comes with a chase device built-in. These cases come with a built-in GPS chip and you either have an app for tracking or a control. so when your iPhone is separated from you, either the restrainer will let you know or you can later track it using the respective app. sol this is how you can locate your steal or lost iPhone even when it ’ s turned off or offline due to network. We know losing your iPhone is actually very unpleasant experience, so

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