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The official parole is in .
promote Features now needs to be requested by support. The fix is no longer available on the world wide web web site .
Quickest way is to chat them up good inside ToS .
*Rumored* ( ongoing ) list of what this place setting does :

  1. Enables yearly fee viewing
  2. Adds additional sorting and grouping modes for positions in monitor tab
  3. Adds full book drop down in Level II gadget
  4. Adds ability to select an account (if linked) directly in ToS
  5. Better syncing of P&L from ToS to Web
  6. Futures and forex access for qualified accounts
  7. The ability to flatten and reverse positions from the Active Trader ladder (manually add buttons)
  8. Ability to see trades on chart
  9. Stop Loss as a %

If anyone knows any other obscure settings that this changes, let me know .
u/holding4moonpies shared a great tilt from TDA, comment below, copied here in full. In order for us to enable Advance Features, please be aware of some of the major differences which I have listed below :
The following features will be enabled :
• Advanced Orders, such as the ability to set stops on options and complex options orders and position trailing stops on options
• Advanced conditional orders, such as “ Blast All ” and “ Order-Cancels-Order ” relationships extending out to eight legs
• Commissions and buying power effects shown on trade tickets
• The ability to flatten positions and reverse positions from the Active Trader ladder
• Show trades on the charts
• Futures and forex access for stipulate accounts
• Auto deal automated trade avail available for Trade Wise and other third-party newsletter trade recommendations
• Strategy Roller
While it ‘s in march to enable Advanced Features, please be aware of the following deoxyadenosine monophosphate good :
• You should not place any trades during this clock time, it can interfere with the promote procedure.

• Any current clear market, Limit, Stop and Stop Limit orders will be migrated to the thinkorswim system .
• Any current Trade Triggers, Trailing Stops, and Saved Orders will be deleted and not re-created in the thinkorswim explanation .
• Account history will reset on the software. Statements on the web site will continue to show past history .
• IVR Self Service is unavailable to clients on the thinkorswim platform .
The play along features will no long be available :
• special arrange instructions ( AON, DNR, FOK ) and direct route for stock orders
• Courtesy fill notices for orders placed will not be sent
The following tools/features will be available :
• Conditional orders on the Web site
• Market Motion Detector
• Pattern Matcher
• Saved orders on the Web web site

• Trade Triggers
• Partner tools
• Exchange orders for reciprocal funds on the Web locate ( must be called in to a broke )

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