Pokémon Go guide: PokéCoins and the shop

If you want to upgrade your Pokémon Go memory or bag, you ’ ll need PokéCoins. In our Pokémon Go scout, we ’ ll explain how to get PokéCoins for free using gymnasium and what bundles to look out for in the shop .

How to get PokéCoins for free

The merely way to get free PokéCoins is by occupying gymnasium. Up to six Pokémon can be put in a gymnasium, if it ’ s for your team. bolshevik gymnasium are owned by Team Valor, yellow gymnasium are run by Team Instinct, and bluing gymnasium are occupied by Team Mystic. You can change the color and team of a gymnasium by battling in it and knocking out the Pokémon. It takes multiple rounds of battling to do this .
You will get six PokéCoins per hour while your Pokémon is in a gymnasium, but you ’ ll lone get the coins when your Pokémon gets knocked out. You can besides only get 50 PokéCoins per day, adding a cap to how many freebies you can grab. even if you have multiple Pokémon in gymnasium, you can still only get 50 PokéCoins per day .

Buying PokéCoins

If you ’ re in necessitate for more coins, you can always buy some for real money. The prices vary a piece by region, but in the U.S, the prices are as follows :

  • 100 PokéCoins: $0.99
  • 550 PokéCoins: $4.99
  • 1,200 PokéCoins: $9.99
  • 2,500 PokéCoins: $19.99
  • 5,200 PokéCoins: $39.99
  • 14,500 PokéCoins: $99.99

As you can see, the more PokéCoins you buy, the better manage you get, but don ’ t let that persuade you to spend lots of money on the game. Spend responsibly !

What to buy in the Pokémon Go shop

If you plan on playing Pokémon Go longterm, you ’ ll need repositing upgrades and bag upgrades. These allow you to hold more Pokémon and more items, respectively. Both promote cost 200 PokéCoins each.

Lucky Eggs are a full purchase, particularly if you ’ re trying to speed up the rate you ’ re flush. One Lucky egg costs 80 PokéCoins and a set of eight costs 500 PokéCoins.

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You ’ ll besides need to buy Premium Raid Passes if you want to do more than one raid a day. While spinning a photograph phonograph record at a gymnasium will give one free Raid Pass, those hunting for a Shiny Legendary or looking to collect an army of potent Pokémon will credibly need more .
We don ’ thymine recommend buying Poké Balls, as you can get them very easily for dislodge from spinning Poké Stops. Incubators are besides a identical optional detail, since you have a free permanent wave Incubator. sol unless you need to hatch many eggs at once or cursorily, you won ’ t need extra .
Community Day bundles normally do offer beneficial deals for lots of items at a discount price, but it depends on what ’ sulfur in the pile. Buying loads of Lucky Eggs in a bundle tends to be reasonably worth it, but sometimes buying besides many bundles can result in having lots of surfeit Premium Raid Passes. ( Yes, we are speaking from experience. )

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