AppleInsider is supported by its hearing and may earn perpetration as an Amazon Associate and affiliate spouse on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content. You can remove your entire Safari browsing history, just yesterday ‘s, or if you know precisely where to look, even one individual item, besides. here ‘s what you can do, where you can do it, and how. As track goes, Safari keeping your browsing history is less about privacy-busting security and more about just being utilitarian. It ‘s your history that means Safari remembers where to go to when you choose forward and back within a site, for case.

It ‘s besides how Safari is able to offer you a tilt of sites that you regularly go to, on report of how handy it is to be able to back to them with a snap. History besides does keep things you may not expect, though, such as a tilt of items you ‘ve downloaded. If you do n’t want that, though, or you ‘re just fed up of Safari going to site addresses you have n’t looked at in years, you can wipe the wholly browse history. On a Mac, you can besides wipe, for exemplify, barely the stopping point hour ‘s browse history. so if you partake Safari and it ‘s person ‘s special birthday coming up, you can avoid them unwittingly finding out you plan to surprise them with dance lessons .Go to History, Clear History, and then choose how far back you want your browsing cleared

How to clear search history on Safari on Mac

  1. In Safari, choose the History menu
  2. Select Clear History from the very bottom of the menu
  3. In the dialog box that appears, choose from clearing the last hour, today, today and yesterday, or all history
  4. Click on Clear History

alternatively, within Safari you can press Command-Y and the current page will be replaced by a history list. There ‘s a Clear History… button toward the circus tent right. Clicking on that gives you precisely the lapp dialogue about choosing how far back you want to clear your browsing history. But this page does besides give you one extra option — the ability to delete one specific token.

How to clear one item from Safari search history on Mac

  1. In Safari, press Command-Y
  2. From the long list, click once on a history item to select it
  3. Right-click to bring up a menu, then choose Delete

alternatively, if you select one, two, or more items in the history list, you can then press the Delete key to remove them all .You can remove your takeaway habits from Safari, we're not judging you.

That kind of preciseness removal is lone possible on your Mac, not on io. however, whether it ‘s preciseness or sweeping clear of your history, though, there is a way to replicate it on io. If you have set iCloud to share your Safari history, then precisely doing this on your Mac besides removes the history from your iPhone, and iPad. otherwise, you ‘re stuck with going to your io device. And then with clearing the entire history.

How to clear search history on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings on your iOS device
  2. Tap on Safari
  3. Scroll down to Clear History and Website Data
  4. Tap that, then tap Clear History and Data to confirm

One significant thing to note is that you ca n’t selectively remove, say, today ‘s browsing history on the iPhone or iPad. It ‘s all or nothing, with io .Clearing your Safari history is all or nothing on iOS

What you leave behind

Clearing your history like this does remove the number of sites and pages you ‘ve visited. It does mean you ca n’t go back to that web site you read concluding Tuesday, not without remembering what it was and going there yourself. What it does n’t remove, though, is the information that gets used by something like AutoFill. If you have your address, for case, and you ‘re used to online forms being filled out with it, you ‘ve inactive got that feature.

You ‘ve besides silent got anything you downloaded. It ‘s strictly that Safari wo n’t keep the list of downloads. Keep up with AppleInsider by downloading the AppleInsider app for io, and follow us on YouTube, Twitter @ appleinsider and Facebook for live, late-breaking coverage. You can besides check out our official Instagram report for exclusive photos .

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