club placed ! Your personal computer is in our hands. now what ? We ’ ll walk you through every stage of order work and shipping, so you know what to expect from hera.

The Beginning

Congratulations and thank you for placing your support in us ! once you ’ ve clicked that order button we ’ ll be sending you an order confirmation e-mail to confirm we ’ ve received your orderliness on our conclusion. now, your order gets sent through a confirmation process to ensure we funnel out imposter, verify your embark address, and do a final check for incompatible parts. During this time you MAY receive an address verification e-mail from us – be sure to reach out to our back team if you do get an electronic mail from us.

Patience is Key

once your decree is processed and is gain, your order will be handed off to our fabrication team to start gathering all of the sweet components you ’ ve chosen. As a note, iBUYPOWER does have its high volume seasons during the holidays which can delay the time it takes from completed process to gathering part. Once the parts have been gathered by the assembly team you ’ ll, it ’ s the home stretch of the process.

Burn-in Time

Time to check to ensure the system works before it leaves our hands ! Your personal computer is nowadays heading towards the burn-in station where it is put through a stress test and most importantly your personal computer turns on. This step should be the final step before the personal computer is shipped to the boxing place to have your personal computer box and quick for the ship department.


There have been a bunch of questions regarding how we hera at iBUYPOWER ship our PCs. As one of the largest and top system integrators in North America, we get thousands of orders which require us to bundle early orders onto a pallet. We use many types of carriers for shipping services but the majority of our orders will go through FedEx. The pallets will be loaded onto a hand truck bed and be taken to a distribution hub by FedEx to tear down the pallets of PCs to be sort.

Additional Notes

We do our best to ship out your PCs with a much slog as potential to mitigate the bumps and shaking your personal computer can go through from transportation system. We always highly recommend optioning in the extra iBUYPOWER SafeGuard Packaging to secure the inside hardware of your personal computer.

Support Channels

Hopefully this helps fill the curiosity on how your personal computer travels from beginning to end. If you do have questions regarding your personal computer we highly recommend checking out our documentation page or join our iBUYPOWER Discord for extra information .

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