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Since it has landed in our homes, in our jobs, in our pockets or, in short, in our lives, the internet has facilitated a ten thousand of aspects. Thanks to him we do practically everything with an rest impossible just a decade ago, american samoa well as The doors are open to a whole new range of possibilities.

information and communication have found an huge channel in the networks and wholly at their disposal. Users browse to find out about stream events, to be able to chat with friends, family, acquaintances or even strangers ; but besides for tell the world their vision of this, to dump their passions for certain themes and express themselves ampere freely as possible. All this thanks to blogs .
Blogs became, and continue to be, the vehicle of choice for this. Platforms like Blogger, a giant star that for a few years stood on the shoulders of Google, provide all the necessity tools to write and build a blog with all the facilities in the world. Hence what to know how to log in to Blogger is something so significant to many whose curiosity about the platform has aroused and is growing more and more.

How to login to Blogger.com step by step ?

In this little guide that we bring you, you will find all the information you need to enter Blogger step by step easily and just. Using your e-mail report, you can access and start using it in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, we also help solve some of the most frequent questions that users present to us, particularly those relate to problems when trying to login ascribable to forgetfulness or mishaps that may appear with our Blogspot account .
If you have one Google account and this has already been previously started on the chopine you are on when entering, either from the web or mobile browser, this web portal will detect and log you in automatically. You will not have to do any extra process or anything foreign. however, if not, you will have to perform a modest routine. We explain below how to log into Blogger.com correctly with your Google account.

1 – Enter the Blogger.com web site

Login page Blogger.com

first, open web browser that you normally use. Go to the address prevention at the top and enter the follow url : https://www.blogger.com. In this room, you will enter the main page for the login .

2 – Login begins

once in the Blogger.com cover, you must go to the upper right and click on “LOG IN”. With this simple footfall, the login process with your report begins .

3 – Enter your account data

In order to log in, the page that now appears will ask you to enter a series of data related to your exploiter. First of all, you must enter email or phone number that you have linked to your Google bill. Do it and click on “ NEXT ” .
Login to Blogger with Google account
The adjacent step is do the same with your password. record it in the field that has equitable appeared on the filmdom ( remembering to respect upper berth and lower case if there are any ) and, again, imperativeness or cluck on “ NEXT ” .

4 – Logged in to Blogger !

You have already done everything necessary to start your session on Blogger.com. From here you can start editing entries, prepare new posts and manage all the parameters of your drug user account and, besides, configure and edit dozens of aspects of the web log you have created .

FAQ : Problems with accessing or logging in to Blogger

It is common to run into some inconveniences when trying enter the Blogger account. As with any early chopine, failures due to technical problems or flush the homo divisor are always there, flying overhead. then, we will review the most frequent questions and solve them.

I forgot my username to log into Blogger

If you have forgotten your username on Blogger, you don ’ t have to worry. The usual thing is to go to your Google account using the linked electronic mail. Start, first, by accessing this URL in your browser : https://accounts.google.com/signin/usernamerecovery.
Problems with login Blogger recover user

  • The page that appears on the screen is intended to recover your username. Therefore, you must enter either your e-mail connected to Google or the number of your assigned mobile phone. Once you have chosen one of these two options, enter it and click on “Next”.
  • The next step is write both the first and last names of the Google account in question. Fill in both fields and click the button again to continue.
  • Doing so will prompt you sending an email to your account with a one-time verification code. Choose “Send”And you will automatically receive the mail in your e-mail inbox. * Do not forget to check the Spam folder in case it has reached you there.
  • Copy that 6-digit code (omitting the letter G), entering your email first, and return to the account recovery window. Enter this small password and continue with the user recovery process.
  • Now, the accounts linked for recovery will appear. Click on the one you want to recover and continue with the login process as described in the previous section. Ready! Account recovered.

I have forgotten my password to access Blogger

In case of having forgotten your password to access Blogger, which for a while is the same as that of access to your Google account You precisely have to perform a small operation to restart it and enter a completely newly one. Starts with enter account recovery URL of the company in the address barroom of your browser : https://accounts.google.com/signin/v2/recoveryidentifier.

Google Account Recovery for Blogger

  • On this page you just accessed, you only have one field available. As indicated, you must enter email or phone number linked to the Google account that is assigned to your Blogger profile. Choose, write and click on “NEXT”.
  • Now, what you must do is enter the last password that you remember having used with your account. Proceed or, otherwise, click on “Try another way” for the option to be enabled use your phone as a confirmer of identity. Returning to the original procedure, once you have written the password that you remember, press the blue button again.
  • Google It will ask you if the mobile model that appears is the one that corresponds to the one you have, confirm by clicking on “YES”So that the cell phone receives a small notification on the screen in which you must also confirm.
  • Now, you just have to write the new user password that you want to have, confirming it with a second writing. We remember that it must be something personal and non-transferable, since its purpose is to limit access to your accounts, and that, in addition, it is easy to memorize or keep it in a safe place so you do not forget it again.

I can ’ t remember the e-mail address I used for my Blogger blog

This case is reasonably more building complex, but it besides has an effective solution. Blogger has a part dedicated to users who have this disadvantage of not remembering the email used for your blog. Thanks to this, you can get a agile remedy to this site .
Recover email account linked to Blogger.com

  • First, access the following website through your browser: https://www.blogger.com/forgot.g. This page is prepared for those who, like you, have forgotten their e-mail connected to Blogger.
  • Now, of the two options that are available, you must choose the first “What is the URL of your blog?”, since the second one asks, precisely, the data that we need to find out. In the field that is available first, you must write only the central part of the address, the text that is between “https: //” Y “.blogspot.com”. Fill in this section and click on “Search for”.
  • The support will send an email to the email account that you linked at the time. Access your inbox and search for the message from “Blogger Support”. Once opened, you will see how the email address linked to the blog in question and, in addition, you will be invited to proceed with the password restoration in case you have forgotten it.

With this end measure, you already have the information you needed. nowadays you can reuse Blogger with complete peace of mind and enter your web log to continue writing new posts, editing or improving its appearance thanks to its customization empanel .
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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