Official Harry Potter Coin Collection

The Official Harry Potter Coin Collection is an officially licensed protection to the much-loved Harry Potter series, featuring 24 coins, expertly plated in arrant eloquent. All coins are official legal tender and have been struck to Prooflike quality. Subscribe today and be among the first in the world to collect these coins !

Your subscription begins with a FREE ‘ Harry, Ron & Hermione Commemorative ’ ( valued at $ 19.95 ) angstrom well as the ‘ Harry Potter Coin ’ – a superb depiction of The Boy Who Lived, complete with full-colour embellishment. It ’ second now available at the special, subscriber-only price of $ 39.95 – you immediately SAVE $ 30 !
far releases in the series will showcase Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and more, one coin per calendar month for only $ 69.95. You ’ ll be able to house and admire your 24 coins in two custom-designed presentation folders, absolutely FREE for Macquarie Mint subscribers.

Future Deliveries

Delivery 2 Delivery 3 Delivery 4 Delivery 5 Delivery 6 Delivery 7
Dobby Hagrid Rebeus Hermione Snape moody luna lovegood
Dobby Hagrid Rubeus Hermione Granger Severus Snape Mad-Eye Moody Luna Lovegood
Delivery 8 Delivery 9 Delivery 10 Delivery 11 Delivery 12 Delivery 13
voldemort malfoy slytherin ravenclaw hogwarts dumbeldore
Voldemort Draco Malfoy Slytherin Ravenclaw Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore
Delivery 14 Delivery 15 Delivery 16 Delivery 17 Delivery 18 Delivery 19
ron weasley minerva sirius black lupin and tonks neville longbottom bellatrix
Ron Weasley Minerva McGonagall Sirius Black Lupin & Tonks Neville Longbottom Bellatrix Lestrange
Delivery 20 Delivery 21 Delivery 22 Delivery 23 Delivery 24  
gryffindor hufflepuff fawkes hogwarts express quidditch  
Gryffindor Hufflepuff Fawkes Hogwarts Express Quidditch  

*Order of deliveries is subject to change

Smart Collecting with Macquarie Mint

When you order the Official Harry Potter Coin Collection with us, you will immediately SAVE $30 on your first base mint, and receive a FREE Commemorative, PLUS two custom presentation folders as complimentary gifts throughout your solicitation – only for Macquarie Mint subscribers.

Never miss out on a new release! Each silverplate mint will be shipped to you at a convenient monthly pace. You don ’ t need to do anything except sit spinal column and enjoy regular and authentic deliveries .
No risk collecting! You can be assured that each publish in your collection is the highest quality and has been individually inspected before being shipped to you. You may besides return any dismissal within 14 days of receipt for a wide refund of the purchase price, or cancel this collection at any time.

What is a Subscription? We make it easy for you to complete any solicitation by signing up for our commodious and low-cost subscription plan. This means with your even payments, you ’ ll receive your future releases in authentic monthly deliveries, so you can be assured of a dispatch solicitation. And you have the exemption to pause or cancel your subscription at any prison term, barely call us Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm and we will arrange it for you .

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