Google Home’s killer feature reminds you where you left your keys

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Google Home ‘s best feature of speech ? Remembering where your stuff …
naturally, you only ever misplace the most crucial things in your life sentence — and normally when you need them the most. If you ‘re prone to losing important items or documents, worry no more. Google Home ( ) can remember where you stored your recommendation or where you put your fifth wheel keys. All you have to do is ask. here ‘s how it works .

OK Google, remember everything

Google Home ‘s “ remember ” feature works best for remembering something about specific items, like where you put it or what it is. The more simpleton you make it, the easier it will be to recall belated. Just say something like :

  • “OK Google, remember that I put my passport in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet.”
  • “OK Google, remember that my spare key to the truck is hidden outside.”
  • “OK Google, remember that Alex has my wallet.”
  • “OK Google, remember that my password is money.”

Google Home will confirm that it will remember what you told it by speaking it back to you. sadly, this sport is specific to Google Home and wo n’t work with Google Assistant in early places, like Allo or on Pixel phones.

Recalling remembered items

When you want to recall where you death put something, just ask Google where that item is or what you said about it. For exemplify, say something like :

  • “OK Google, where is my passport?”
  • “OK Google, what did I tell you about my wallet?”
  • “OK Google, what is my password?”

The commemorate feature of Google Home works best for items. however, if you get creative, you can use it to remember other things, such as when you last did something. For exemplar :

  • “OK Google, remember that I watered the hermit crabs this morning.”
  • “OK Google, remember that I called mom today.”

Recalling these remembered items is the catchy separate. You have to pay limited attention to how you phrase your control. To recall when I called my ma last, I had to say, “ OK Google, what did I tell you about ‘called ma ‘ ? ” It ‘s identical abnormal to say and, grammatically, it makes no feel. But it works. For the anchorite cancer, it ‘s much more natural. Just say, “ OK Google, what did I tell you about the anchorite crab ? ” Recalling the items you ‘ve told Google Home to remember can be finicky at times, particularly if you ca n’t remember how you in the first place phrased the commands. To recall everything you ‘ve told Google Home to remember, say “ o Google, what did I tell you to remember ? ”

Forgetting remembered items

security is pretty low on a device like Google Home, indeed if you ‘ve told Google to remember something medium, you may besides want it to forget that information at some point.

unfortunately, managing everything you ‘ve told Google Home to remember is clunky at best. The entirely way to find out everything you ‘ve had Google remember is to ask. There ‘s no direction to manage it in the Google Home app. You besides have to delete the reminders for each commend item individually, so it may take some time. Say, “ OK Google, forget what I told you about my password. ” Google will stop storing anything you ‘ve told it to remember about that detail .

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