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When you visit Google ‘s chief web site and many other the ship’s company operates in a web browser that is not Google Chrome, Google displays an sheathing on the screen that advertises the ship’s company ‘s own Chrome browser. It is a simpleton ad that is placed in the top right recess of the sieve .

Google recommends using Chrome
Built for Windows. Easily search on Google with the fast, secure browser .

There is an option to select “ do n’t switch ” and another that merely states “ yes ”. Do n’t switch dismisses the doodad, but it may be displayed again on the next appliance.


google recommends using chrome
If you have made up your heed and do n’t want to switch, or ca n’t, then you may prefer if the ad is no longer displayed as it serves no real purposes in that case and may be distracting .
Chrome is surely fast and secure, but the lack of privacy may deter privacy-conscious users from using the browser. There are enough of alternatives available that offer better privacy, including Chromium, which is like Chrome but without many Google-bits, or the third-party browsers Vivaldi and Brave .

How to remove Google recommends using Chrome

ublock origin block chrome ad ublock origin block chrome ad ad

subject blockers such as uBlock Origin may hide the ad on Google websites, but if you use the chemical element picker to hide it, you wo n’t hide it permanently because of the way it is designed .
There is another option, one that works very well. If you are using uBlock Origin, hera is what you need to do :

  1. Activate the uBlock Origin icon in the browser’s main toolbar and select Go To Dashboard.
  2. Switch to Filter Lists.
  3. Expand Annoyances.
  4. Check AdGuard Annoyances.
  5. Select Apply Changes at the top.

AdGuard Annoyances includes more than 44k entries, which hide annoyances on the Internet. One of the entries hides Google ‘s Chrome recommendation, others hide other ads by Google on its properties that advertise Chrome when you open the web site with another world wide web browser .

Manual option


ublock manual filter ublock manual filter
If you do n’t use uBlock Origin, or do n’t want to subscribe to the full number blocking annoyances on the world wide web, then you may add the take after trickle as a customs filter to your content blocker to block the Google recommends using Chrome appliance on Google properties .

google.com, google.de # # iframe [ src^= ” hypertext transfer protocol : //ogs.google. “ ] [ src*= ” /widget/callout ? prid= ” ]

You may need to edit the URLs, e.g. add a local Google site to the list or remove one. If you use google.fr, you need to add it, e.g. by replacing google.de, which you credibly do n’t use .
note that the manual choice has the disadvantage of not being updated if Google changes code. The annoyances trickle list is updated regularly to reflect code changes and to add new entries to the list to get these blocked. Google could change the address the streamer is loaded from and the percolate would stop working. You ‘d have to analyze the new code and create a raw trickle to block the appliance again .
Now You : which web browser do you prefer ?

summaryHide Google recommends using Chrome advertisement on Google websites article name

Hide Google recommends using Chrome advertisement on Google websites


Find out how to hide the “Google recommends using Chrome” advertisement that Google displays on many of its properties, including google.com.


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